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welcome-come-insideHowever you have come across this site, please know that I’m glad to make your acquaintance and hope to offer you a helpful, insightful and memorable glimpse into our crazy and sometimes upside down world in which we live in….. and hope to give you a few amusing and humorous thoughts, pictures, and/or stories along the way. Please come on inside and visit awhile as there are lots of things to check out.

Welcome to my little corner of the web – Here you will find a huge, sometimes random, assortment of just about everything – some serious – some light-hearted – some fascinating – lots of useful information – movie lists and reviews, songs listed by subject or theme, travel destinations, health and well-being, trivia, childhood favorites, etc… which basically covers quite a bit of … Reflections on Pop Culture & Life’s Challenges, humorous insights on day-to-day living, and lists galore… covering several different topics.

I love photography (especially of nature and wildlife), graphics, pictures, clipart, drawings, etc. so this site is loaded with images of all sorts, graphics and pictures for more enjoyment and variety. Besides – It keeps things interesting. Right now you are on the HOME PAGE of this blog – with all posts listed alphabetically or numerically as LINKS below.

The tabs at the top of this page will steer you to some of the inside FEATURED PAGESor to make things even easier yet simply click on the logos below to take you right to that particular page – each page loaded with more posts to check out…….




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New posts are also added from time to time


Comments and/or suggestions are always welcome… and check back often for recent updates, new links, and fresh content.

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The following 10 posts are generally older posts that may be of interest to you about a popular web-searched topic, subject or theme. Also included here are posts associated with a current event, celebration or holiday – sometimes focusing on a news event or happening.

This section will be updated as new posts are added & when time permits

Creative Cooking Ideas – Video Recipes

Gallery of Famous Cartoon Cat Characters Over The Years

Gallery of Famous Cartoon Dog Characters Over The Years

Gone But Not Forgotten… Lost Roadside Attractions

Impressive Young Singers From Around The World: TV & Video Performances

In Memoriam: 2016 Celebrity Deaths

Inspiring Videos With Motivational Messages

Most Forgotten Old Cartoon Characters

Songs About Home

Song List of Irish Favorites For St. Patrick’s Day

The Magical Food That Cures Many Ailments Without Side Effects



Here you will find a COMPLETE LIST as well as a DIRECT LINK to each and every post on this website – listed by title — from A to Z — Simply click on the title and you’ll be whisked directly there  >:)

This section is routinely updated as new content is created and added – as well as images and design changes – once in awhile a new poll is even added – Enjoy!!

PS – Since I love nature pictures so much I’ve included some of my very favorite pics in-between post listings to break things up a little bit – some of them are natural, others enhanced – either way I hope you likewise will enjoy them…


09/09/09: The Numbers Game

3E Songs: Songs About The Earth Ecology & The Environment

9/11: Songs of Remembrance & Tribute For Patriot’s Day

1969-2009: Events That Changed Our Lives 40 Years Ago

5 Good Reasons For Fiber

5 Summer Food Mysteries Revealed

8 Common Grammar & Spelling Mistakes

10 Alternate Uses For Brand Name Products

10 Alternate Uses For Car Wax

10 Best Foods For Healthy Eating

10 Fast Facts About Indian Casinos & Tribal Land

10 More Ideas or Thoughts To Ponder Over 

10 Most Popular New Year’s Resolutions  dastardly-muttley-small

10 Most Unusual Foods In The World For Adventurous Appetites

10 Things You Should Know About The H1N1 Virus This Season

12 Not-So-Deep Thoughts

13 Tips For Saving Money On Groceries At The Supermarket  tmnt

15 Driving Tips For Better Fuel Economy

20 Things A Burglar Won’t Tell You

20 Incredible Edible Fair Foods – If You Dare

25 Most Remembered Events in Modern US History – Where Were You & What Were You Doing? Tom & Jerry

25 Priceless Lessons On Life Learned From Mom

40 Best Road Trip Movies of All Time

40+ Annoying Expressions & Stupid Sayings

50 Most Popular Tourist Attractions In The World

100 Most Loved Children’s Books

101 Break Up Songs To Stew Over

A Funny Story About Teaching Your Kids Morals  jetsons-in-spacecar

A Video Retrospect: Never A Year Like 2009

Accolades From A Viewer

Adorable Pups Live Stream Feed

All Things Halloween

Amazing Ability of The Human Mind

American Pride & Patriotic Songs

Amusing Animal Antics Picture Gallery

Amusing Oxymorons

Amusing Stats About Santa & His Flying Reindeer

Amusing Signs That Make You Wonder

Amusingly Clever License Plates

April Fool’s Day Fun & Traditions

Back To School Days: Songs About School

Benefits of Milk – What’s In A Glass?

Best Baseball Movies Of All Time – “A Tribute To The Boys Of Summer”

Best Fiber Foods For Colon Cleansing – Nutrition Basics

Best Football Movies of All Time – Gridiron Action

Best Halloween Movies For Kids

Best Immune Boosting Foods For Your Body To Fight The Flu

Best National & State Parks in The USA

Best of The Web

Best Times To Get Things Done


Best TV Game Shows of All Time

Bid Online For Your Healthcare Needs & Medical Services

Big Wheel & Game Boy Finally Get Their Overdue Place In The Toy Hall of Fame

Bizarre Culinary Choices From Around The Globe

Bizarre Strange & Unusual Phobias

Boredom Busters: Fun Websites To Checkout When Boredom Strikes

Brain Teaser Color Test

Brain Teasers: Questions of Logic

Brand Names That We Call Generic Products

Can You Pass A Gullibility Test?

Catchphrases, Expressions & Slogans of the 50’s – 60’s – 70’s – 80’s

Celebrating The Year of The Tiger In 2010

Cell Phone Plans: Should You Go PrePaid or Contract?

Cell Phone Secrets You May Want To Know

Charities Accepting Donations For Haiti Earthquake Relief

Chimpanzees Rescued From Research Labs – Update

Christmas Fun

Christmas Novelty Songs: A Large Collection

Christmas Themed Mazes, Coloring Pages & Word Search Fun

Common Diet Myths & Reality  

Cool New FREE Flag Counter For Your Blog or Website

Cool Optical Illusions & Visual Effects

Cool Tools! – Handy Online Gadgets

Creative Cooking Ideas – Video Recipes

Creative Funny & Unusual Signs hokey-wolf

Creative Ice Cold Thirst Quenching Drink Ideas For Your Summer Holiday Celebrations

Cuckoo Clock

Customer Service: I Wanna Speak To A Human Being! 

Deer Hunter’s Log: A Day In The Life Of A Deer Hunter

Did You Know? – Strange But True Facts & Trivia huckleberry-hound2

Does Your State Have Money That Belongs To You?

Drinking Songs – I’ll Drink To That!

Earth Day 2010: The 40th Anniversary

eBay Alternatives – Online Auctions & Marketplaces

Emergency & Survival Preparation Guide

Fake Ad Contest Highlights

Famous Movie Quotes We’ve Often Repeated

Famous Toys Enshrined at the National Toy Hall of Fame

Fascinating Facts Legends & Myths About Halloween

Father’s Day Songs & Facts – A Tribute To Dad

Favorite TV Dads Over The Years

Fed Up With eBay? Look Where Else You Can Sell Online!

Fight Fatigue & Boost Energy With Exercise

Find The Hidden Images

Flags of the World taz

Freaky Fried Fair Foods

FREE 411 Directory Assistance – Now More Choices!

Fun Family Attractions In Arizona

Fun Family Attractions In British Columbia jiminy-cricket

Fun Family Attractions In California

Fun Family Attractions In The Pacific Northwest

Fun Sound Effects … In An Instant

Funny of the Day

Funny Stories – Just For Laughs  ruff-reddy2

Gallery of Famous Cartoon Cats Over The Years

Gallery of Famous Cartoon Dogs Over The Years


H1N1 Fears Lead To Rush On Tamiflu

H1N1 Symptoms Plus Protection & Prevention

H1N1 Virus – Swine Flu Resources & Tips

Halloween Themed Songs: The Ultimate Playlist

Halloween Traditions Around The World

“Having Guts” vs “Having Balls”: Do You Know The Difference?

Healthy Eating & Nutrition Guide

Healthy Snacks With Less Than 200 Calories

Hidden Keyboard Symbols Using ALT Key Codes

Hidden Supermarket Dangers That Can Make Your Family Sick

Home Fire Prevention & Safety Tips

How Do You Rank Among The World’s Richest People?

How Much Do You Really Know About Earthquakes?

How To Eliminate Unwanted Odors Around The House

How To Get A Real Human On The Phone When You Need Customer Service

How To Prepare Your Own Emergency Survival Kit  

How To Reduce Your Risk of Getting The Flu

How To Use Math Logic To Succeed

Humorous Headlines In The News

Humorous Observations of Real Life Experiences 

Idiot Awards – Here’s Your Sign! ren-stimpy

Images That Say A Lot

Impressive Young Singers From Around The World: TV & Video Performances

In Loving Memory… A Tribute to the Children & Families of the Connecticut School Tragedy

In Memoriam: 2016 Celebrity Deaths

Incredible Hoax Websites For The Gullibly Challenged

Indian Casinos of California  pink_panther

Inspiring Videos With Motivational Messages

Is Life Really Measured By Numbers?

Islands In The Sun – Songs With A Tropical Theme

Job Hunting Online? Job Scams Abound – BEWARE!

Just For Laughs: Feature Page

Key Facts About Swine Flu – H1N1 Virus ricochet-rabbit


Labor Day Songs About Work

Lessons Learned Living By The Rules of Life


Let The Good Times Roll With Pop Culture

Liquor Mascots: Do You Remember These?

Look! More Amusing Funny & Stupid Signs

Lose Weight & Boost Energy With The Super Nutrients Known As The Fat-Fighting 4

Love Songs For Valentine’s Day & More

Magical Food That Cures Many Ailments Without Side Effects  mighty-mouse

Making The Right Fruit & Vegetable Choices

Maze Craze

Medical Problem

Memorial Day Songs As A Tribute

Memories of Favorite Music Artists Who Have Died in 2012  tweety2

Mind Boggling Stats About Internet Usage In 2009

Money Saving Ideas Tips & Suggestions

Money Saving Tips At The Checkout Counter: Are You Coupon Savvy?

Most Forgotten Old Cartoon Characters

Most Popular Board & Action Games of All Time Beany_300

Most Popular Brand Advertising Mascots of All Time

Most Popular Breeds of Dogs In The USA

Most Popular Subjects People Will Search & Pay For

Most Popular US Attractions: State By State

Most Underrated Rock Bands of All Time

Mother’s Day Songs For Mom

Movie Lists By Subject To Enjoy At Home

Murphy’s Law – With Some New Insight

Mystery Search: New Yorker Searches for Owner of Remarkable Blizzard Photos

Need A Quick Energy Boost – The Natural Way?

New Years Eve Songs

Nostalgic Songs That Mention Specific People Places Things or Events of the Past

Nutritional Benefits of The 10 Most Important Vegetables

Optical Illusions: Seeing Is Not Always Believing

Plastic Bottles: Are They Safe & What Do The Numbers Mean?

Proper Hand Washing Tips To Prevent Infection

Proud Dads’ Discovery At Golf


Purina Diet

Questionable Thought Process

Quick Summer Grillin’ Ideas For Fresh Fruit & Veggies

Random Thoughts To Make You Think

Recent Poll Shows Many Parents Oppose H1N1 Vaccine For Their Kids

Remembering Lost & Forgotten Roadside Tourist Attractions & Amusement Parks On The West Coast

Remembering Michael Jackson

Remote Control Fantasy

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Roll Call – Who’s Next?

Saga of The 7 Dwarves In The 21st Century

Sarcastic Burglar

Saying Goodbye To Google

Sharpen Your Visual Skills With These Optical Illusions

Smart Snack Attack – 10 Calorie Magic!

Song List of Irish Favorites For St. Patrick’s Day

Song Lists By Subject or Theme

Songs About Airplanes & Flying

Songs About Animals & Pets

Songs About Autumn & Fall

Songs About Baseball

Songs About Boats Ships & Sailing

Songs About Cars & Driving

Songs About Children

Songs About Cities & States

Songs About Clouds

Songs About Colors

Songs About Days of The Week

Songs About Dreams

Songs About Feeling Lazy or Wasting Time

Songs About Fire

Songs About Food


Songs About Football – American Style

Songs About Friends & Friendships

Songs About Gambling & Luck

Songs About Grief & Loss of A Loved One

Songs About Home

Songs About Magic & Mystery

Songs About Money & Riches

Songs About Olympic Sporting Events

Songs About The Moon

Songs About Rain & Storms

Songs About Religion & Spirituality Featuring God & Jesus

Songs About Spring & Springtime

Songs About Summer & Summertime

Songs About Sun & Sunshine

Songs About The Apocalypse Doomsday & The End of the World

Songs About Toys

Songs About Trains – All Aboard!

Songs About Winter & Wintertime

Songs For Dad

Songs For Easter

Songs For Graduation Moraine Lake, Banff National Park /Lac Moraine, parc national Banff, Alberta

Songs For Leap Day

Songs For Thanksgiving

Songs To Celebrate America’s 4th of July

Songs To Celebrate Canada Day

Songs With A Mardi Gras Theme

Songs With Catchy Hooks From Modern TV Commercial Ads

Songs With Girl’s/Women’s Names In The Title

Sound F/X … In An Instant – 1000’s of Listings

Sports Anthems: 100 Songs That Get Fans Pumped Up

Steps You Can Take To Be Fire Safe At Home

Strange & Obscure Words To Expand Your Vocabulary With

Strange, Funny & Stupid Laws That Make You Wonder Why: State By State

Stupid Criminals Across America

Stupid Questions or Stupid People?

Stupid Warning Labels

Stuttering Cat

Super Bowl’s Greatest TV Commercials of All-Time: A Look Back Over 50 Years

Sure Fire Ways of Making Money Online


Tamiflu – What You Need To Know

Tamiflu Strongly Urged by CDC For Pregnant Women Who Get Swine Flu

Thanksgiving Facts Legends Myths & Traditions

Thanksgiving Mazes & Word Search Games

The Death of the Hobby Shop (via Wax Heaven)

Thought For The Day #1

Tired of eBay? Look Where Else You Can Sell Online!

Top 10 Most Intelligent Breeds of Dogs

Top 10 Unusual Top 10 Lists

Track Santa’s Christmas Eve Journey Online

Tribute To Toys: Toy Museums Around The USA

TV Commercial Advertising: Greatest Slogans Jingles Taglines & Catchphrases of All Time

TV’s Greatest Variety Shows of All Time

Ultimate Web Resource Directory – 200+ Listings

Valentines Day Fun & Games For Kids

Veterans Day Tribute: Songs Honoring Soldiers & Veterans

Video Game Consoles: A Visual History

Voter Poll Results: 2010 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Winners

Weight Loss Plan

What Modern Conveniences Could You NOT Live Without?

What Really Scares People: Top 10 Fears

What’s In Your Snack Stash? – Healthier Alternatives

Wheels of Life

Wildfire Dangers: What You Can Do To Reduce The Risk

Winter Wonderland Picture Gallery

Woodstock Turns 40: What Might Have Been

World Health Organization (WHO) Declares Swine Flu Pandemic As It Raises Alert To Level 6 – First Pandemic In 41 Years

Worst Corporate Slogan Translations Ever Made

You Can Tell You’re Getting Old When…

You Know You’re Over The Hill If…

You Know You’ve Made It Through 2009 When…

You’ll Know The Current Recession Is Over When…




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  1. I love your tribute for Sandy Hook…But it should say the ‘Principal’s’ with us.

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