You’ll Know The Current Recession Is Over When…

You’ll Know The Current Recession Is Over…..

  • When lines at the unemployment office are shorter than the lines at the gas station.
  • When you don’t have 100 or more people competing for one open job position.
  • When your mailbox gathers more unsolicited credit card offers than payday loan offers..
  • When the amount you make on commission at work is more than you pay your baby-sitter.
  • When you can no longer count mail-in rebates as income.
  • When you stop bringing your own drinks, candy and munchies to the “bargain matinee” movies.
  • When you get that empty room back again after your college-aged (or older) son or daughter find a job and move out.
  • When you have a retail or online business and you no longer need more storage space to put things that you can’t sell.
  • When there are more car ads on television than ads for depression meds.
  • When you can finally put your house back on the market for more than it’s actually worth.
  • When family or friends stop calling for a “small favor”… which actually turns out to mean a “small loan”.
  • When patients at their psychiatrist appointment go back to talking about how much they hate their mother-in-law, rather than how much they hate the government for getting them into this financial mess.
  • When people stop trying to cram their lives/possessions into a single “carry-on” tote to avoid that $20+ checked baggage fee.
  • When you can afford the fuel to fill your lawnmower again and put the goat back to pasture.

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