Gallery of Famous Cartoon Dog Characters Over The Years

A little intro first… It goes without saying that as we grow older, we tend to reflect back on those things in our lives that influenced and shaped us in our childhood and adolescence – movies, music, television, advertisements, books, games and toys, and of course our family, friends, school and the people around us. Over the years  most of us were exposed to a sensory overload of images – a lot of which kept us entertained , especially when we were bored, for hours on end. Case in point here are those childhood memories of those cartoons  we watched on Saturday mornings and after-school – and it’s kind of amazing how many of these stuck in our sub-conscience minds over long periods of time.

So with that being said… The focus on this particular post is on our beloved,  faithful canine companions and  friends that we welcomed into our homes each week. There should be quite a few familiar faces here that all generations can relate to, at least to American TV audiences, from the 1940’s through the present. I’m sure there are some of these that you may still enjoy from time to time as you catch them in reruns, syndication or special programs that feature “a look back into pop culture”. I’m sure you’ll recognize some favorites here. The following gallery captures the majority of those that really stood out over the years. Many of these can be traced back to the early days of television (1940’s), (a few are even currently on the air). Some evolved from movies, others from the comic strips and funny pages (with many of these dating back to the 1920’s-1930’s). Many classic Disney, Hanna-Barbera, Warner Brothers, MGM, Terrytunes, Nicktoons, Looney Tunes, etc.

More often than not, when a cartoon character is in it’s concept and design stages, there usually is a sidekick, many of which are the ever loving and faithful canine companion. Many of these concepts are inspired by “reality” and past real-life experiences. Few adventures in the animation industry are ever complete without these fictional dogs, who have been around for nearly a century. Several of these famous cartoon dogs are legends because they personify the most important characteristics of a loyal, trustworthy and affectionate friend, which is what most dogs tend to be. Some of them are actually heroes themselves and battle evil elements to save the world or at least their unsuspecting master. Quite a few of these famous canine cartoon critters simply make us laugh with their irreverent, unique styles, which we never seem to tire of as the years go by. Hopefully, this will be a ‘refresher course’ of many of your (sometimes forgotten) favorites over the years. I’m quite sure you have your own favorites throughout the years. 

See how many of these bring back fond childhood memories…..

How many of these do you remember?

Which ones are your favorites?

Who did I miss that you remember?

Let me know at the bottom of this post!


* This post is still being updated as time permits…

Lots of new pics added 2/26/10

Even more new pics added 1/12/12


Gallery of Famous Cartoon Dogs

…And here they are in no particular order other than alphabetically to make it easier for reference.

"101 Dalmation" featuring Pongo, Perdita and some of their 101 pups

"All Dogs Go To Heaven" featuring Anne-Marie with Charlie B. Barkin, "Itchy" Dachshund, Carface Caruthers, Killer & Flo

Astro from "The Jetsons"

Auggie Doggie & Doggie Daddy

Balto from the movie "Balto"

Bandit from "Jonny Quest"

Barfy from comic "The Family Circus"

Barky Marky from Tiny Toon Adventures

Barky Marky from "Tiny Toon Adventures"

Beegle Beagle & The Great Grape Ape

Beethoven from the animated cartoon series

Belvedere - from the popular comic strip

Bingo from the Cracker Jack box (ads)

Bitsy from the "Marvin" comic strip

"Blondie" from the long running comic strip featuring Daisy the dog

Blue from "Blue's Clues"

Bolivar (Bornworthy) - Donald Duck's dog

Bolt - from the recent Disney film "Bolt"

Boule & Bill (the dog) from the comic strip

Brain the dog from "Inspector Gadget"

Brandy the dog from "Brandy & Mr. Whiskers"

Brian Griffin from "Family Guy"

Buckles from the comic strip

Bumper the dog from "The Middletons" comic strip

Buttons & Mindy from "The Animaniacs"

Charlie B. Barkin & Anne-Marie from "All Dogs Go To Heaven"

Charlie Dog from "Looney Tunes"

Chief from "The Fox & The Hound"

Chopper & Yakky Doodle

Cleo from "Clifford The Big Red Dog"

Clifford The Big Red Dog & Emily

Clifford The Big Red Dog with Emily Elizabeth, T-Bone & Cleo

Copper (the pup) & Tod from "The Fox & The Hound"

Courage The Cowardly Dog

Deputy Dawg

Dinky Dog

Dogbert from the comic strip "Dilbert"

Dollar The 'Dollarmation' from the comic strip "Richie Rich"

Droopy Dog & Dribble

Dug the Dog from the recent Disney Movie "Up"

Duke the dog from the cartoon "Captain N: The Gamemaster"

Dynomutt - Dog Wonder

Family Dog (from the TV series)

Fifi from "The Rugrats"

Goofy (Disney)

Hector The Bulldog from "Looney Tunes"

Hong Kong Phooey is the secret alter ego of Penrod "Penry" Pooch

Huckleberry Hound

Itchiford "Itchy" Dachshund from "All Dogs Go To Heaven"

"Johnny Test" featuring Dukey the talkative dog

Marvin The Martian and his loyal companion, K9 the dog

Kyrpto The Superdog

Lady & The Tramp (in reverse order :P)

Manfred the Wonder Dog from 'Tom Terrific'

Marmaduke from comic strip fame

Martha from "Martha Speaks"

Max the dog from "How The Grinch Stole Christmas"

McGruff the Crime Dog

Mr. Peabody (the dog) & Sherman


Muttley from "Dastardly & Muttley"

Odie from "Garfield" fame

"Oliver & Company" featuring Dodger, Tito, Einstein, Francis, Rita, Georgette & Oliver (the kitten)

Otto the dog, from the legendary comic strip "Beetle Bailey"

Pluto (Disney)

Precious Pupp - from "The Atom Ant/Secret Squirrel Show"

Puff the dog from "The Proud Family"

Ren & Stimpy

Ruff Ruffman, the host of the kids reality show, "Fetch"

Runt from "The Animaniacs"

Santa's Little Helper from "The Simpsons"

Scooby Doo

Scrappy Doo

Snoopy (aka Joe Cool) 😛

Snoopy in pursuit of The Red Baron

Snowy the dog from comics "The Adventures of Tintin"

Snuffles from "Quick Draw McGraw"

Sparky from "South Park"

Spike The Bulldog & Chester The Terrier from "Looney Tunes"

Spike & Tyke from "Tom & Jerry"

Sprocket from "Fraggle Rock"

Rocko & Spunky from "Rocko's Modern Life"

"Tige the dog" from the old Buster Brown Shoes ads

Touché Turtle & Dum Dum (the dog)

"2 Stupid Dogs" (Big Dog & Little Dog)


Wallace & Gromit

Woofer & Wimper, Dog Detectives

Yippee, Yappee & Yahooey

Yowp Yowp from "Yogi Bear"

45 Responses

  1. You missed Manfred the Wonder Dog

    • Thanks so much… I overlooked that one… and just added it today 🙂

    • What was the cartoon where there were 2 sheep dogs who would clock on and clock off at the start/finish of each shift? They protected the flock from a wolf or other predator.

      • The two I’m trying to remember we’re from th 50’s ! The bigger dog reminded me of a boxer and a mutt was always close by. They ware always cautious and at the same time getting in trouble
        I believe one cartoon involved a Jamaican with a spear on a hunting mission.

  2. what about huckleberry hound?

    its missing

    • Nope, he’s there, Huckleberry Hound was one of my all-time favorites as a child… with all dogs pictured in the gallery, you probably simply overlooked him

      • Wasn’t there a dog in a 1960s cartoon who when something made him really happy he floated in the sir on his back? The name Smedly comes to my mind?

  3. I’m lookin 4 a cartoon whit one kid that trip around the world withe his dog!

  4. Lisa, snuffles from Quick Draw Mcgraw would do that when given his favorite snack.

  5. There was a cartoon dog that tended sheep and protected them from wolfs. This was a cartoon in the 50s or early 60s. I don’t think it was a sheep dog, all we can remember is the dog sitting on a hill watching the sheep and it seems like he looked a little like a poodle.

  6. Fred Basset in his own cartoon and Ruff in Denis the Menace. They might be British cartoons, I am not sure.

  7. barnyard dawg aka george p dawg, the nemisis of Foghorn Leghorn

  8. great job i love it keep up with the good work

  9. Great job! I’m looking for the name of a little white dog that stands perfectly still except for waving a tiny flag while he says, “Yay.”

  10. Hi. Would you consider adding Sam Sheepdog from Looney Toons? He was favorite of mine growing up. Here’s a link to the Wikipedia page about him:

  11. Don’t forget the RCA dogs!

  12. I can’t remember the name but the dog had scrggly blond bangs and a blond mustache. Does anyone remember this character?

  13. Another Chuck Jones creation: Marc Anthony (who was featured with Claude Cat and Pussyfoot).

  14. How about Satchel from Get Fuzzy?

  15. what about the one detective dog he wore a hat had a pipe and over coat?

  16. Im looking for a blue dog. Can you please name all blue dogs you know as possible.

    • That could be a challenge although a number of them appear in pics above on this post. Huckleberry Hound and Blue (Blue’s Clues) come to mind off the top of my head. scan through the photos above and check ’em out yourself

  17. you missed indefix, obelix dog from asterx and ran tan plan from lucky luke

  18. I don’t wasn’t to be a stickler, but the picture you have of Balto is actually his daughter from the second movie. Can’t remember her name. But there’s a lot of dogs in that movie too. Also the dog from Fifal goes west, or the dog in rockadoodle… You got fifi but you forgot spike from the rugrats lol.

  19. Trying to find the name of a dog in an old cartoon, I believe he was white. The setting was always snowy and he carried a first aid (beryl) or brandy beryl around his neck.

  20. How about Hotdog? Owned by Jughead Jones (and, briefly, Archie himself)

  21. What about dooger dog..not sure on spelling, or dugger dog

  22. Where’s “Jake” the dog? of Adventure time?

  23. […] PTB: I really appreciate that my web search for “cartoon dog with bangs” successfully returned a top hit featuring multiple canines that Mick was channeling with that look. […]

  24. What was the cartoon where there were 2 sheep dogs who would clock on and clock off at the start/finish of each shift? They protected the flock from a wolf or other predator.

  25. What about Snowy from Tin Tin, and Toto from the Wizard of Oz!

  26. Catdog

  27. Does anyone remember a TV cartoon that used to play back in the 70’s, of a group of detective dogs? They drove a 30’s car and wore rain coats. I recall the end of the intro had the dogs riding away the old car over the hills….
    Perhaps I’m the only one who remembers that…

  28. What was the name of the cartoon dog that ran on ” Twinkle Toes ? ” The Xylophone was used for sound effect.

  29. Where is Ralph Gallager??\

  30. whats the name of that dog in the jury picture? the yellow one with big round black nose

  31. Does anyone remember Q.T. Hush and his dog Shamus?
    Also, there’s a live action commercial out right now with a little white dog in a bicycle seat. The dog looks exactly like a little white cartoon dog with white bangs. I can picture the cartoon dog in my head, but don’t remember where I’ve seen him. The real dog on the commercial looks so much like the cartoon dog, it’s driving me crazy!!

  32. Looking for a dog I think…always talks very cool…and I think he’s constantly talking….always calm demeanor…been racking my brain trying to figure this out…thought he was Huckleberry…think he is a white dog…maybe with a hat…may even have straw in his mouth..please help.

  33. Marc Anthony?

  34. Marc Anthony

  35. You missed Dogtanian and the Three Muskethounds

  36. I have a question….I’m trying to find a cartoon character that had a dog in it. The dog was a white sheep dog / st.bernard , and there was a little boy that was always with him. He was lost, and looking for his family or maybe looking for his grandfather….I was very young, not sure on the Exact details….I think it was an Anime. This cartoon was popular in the early 80’s…..I think I watched it on Nickelodeon…again not sure. If you could help on my search, I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks, Chantel

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