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Since music and song is the universal bonding medium, that transcends all ages, genders, races, religions and nationalities, this page is dedicated to everyone out their that appreciates good music, no matter what kind of music their preference is. This page will continue to grow with songs listed by a “unified theme”, so to speak. Songs identified with similar themes such as tropical islands, road songs, songs about summer, songs about rain, songs about trains, songs about money, songs with a holiday theme, the list goes on and on. With today’s mp3, mp4 devices, music download programs like i-tunes, cell phones with all sorts of music apps , cd-rom burners, and so on, everyone seems to be looking to put together a song playlist of some type. Maybe for a best friends birthday, graduation, anniversary, wedding … maybe getting ready to take that Mediterranean cruise, cross country road trip by car or van, that RV vacation around the United States, that airplane flight to Australia or the the islands … or even that backpacking trip into the desolation wilderness or week long camping trip.

Keep checking back as this page is routinely updated. I’m always working on more subjects and themes and encourage your input and suggestions……….

Enjoy … and tell your friends 🙂

♪ ♫ SONG LISTS by Subject:ipod-collection

3E Songs: Songs About The Earth Ecology & The Environment

9/11: Songs of Remembrance & Tribute For Patriot’s Day

American Pride & Patriotic Songs

Back To School Days: Songs About School

101 Break Up Songs To Stew Over

Christmas Novelty Songs: A Large Collection

Drinking Songs – I’ll Drink To That!

Father’s Day Songs & Facts – A Tribute To Dad

Halloween Themed Songs: The Ultimate Playlist

Islands In The Sun – Songs With A Tropical Theme

Labor Day Songs About Work

Love Songs For Valentine’s Day & More

Memorial Day Songs As A Tribute

Mother’s Day Songs For Mom

New Years Eve Songs

Nostalgic Songs That Mention Specific People Places Things or Events of the Past

Song List of Irish Favorites For St. Patrick’s Day


Songs About Airplanes & Flying

Songs About Animals & Pets

Songs About Autumn & Fall

Songs About Baseball

Songs About Boats Ships & Sailing

Songs About Cars & Driving

Songs About Children

Songs About Cities & States

Songs About Clouds

Songs About Colors


Songs About Days of The Week

Songs About Dreams

Songs About Feeling Lazy or Wasting Time

Songs About Fire

Songs About Food

Songs About Football – American Style

Songs About Friends & Friendships

Songs About Gambling & Luck

Songs About Grief & Loss of A Loved One

Songs About Home 

Songs About Magic & Mystery

Songs About Money & Riches

Songs About Olympic Sporting Events

Songs About Rain & Storms


Songs About Religion & Spirituality Featuring God & Jesus

Songs About Spring & Springtime

Songs About Summer & Summertime

Songs About Sun & Sunshine

Songs About The Apocalypse Doomsday & The End of the World

Songs About The Moon

Songs About Toys

Songs About Trains – All Aboard!

Songs About Winter & Wintertime

Songs For Dad

Songs For Easter

Songs For Graduation

Songs For Leap Day

Songs For Thanksgiving

Songs To Celebrate America’s 4th of July

Songs To Celebrate Canada Day

Songs With A Mardi Gras Theme

Songs With Catchy Hooks From Modern TV Commercial Ads

Songs With Girl’s/Women’s Names In The Title

Sports Anthems: 100 Songs That Get Fans Pumped Up

Veterans Day Tribute: Songs Honoring Soldiers & Veterans

List Suggestions and/or comments are always encouraged, welcomed and appreciated!


MUSIC Ramblings:

Impressive Young Singers From Around The World: TV & Video Performances

In Memoriam: 2016 Celebrity Deaths

Memories of Favorite Music Artists Who Have Died in 2012

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Roll Call – Who’s Next?

Woodstock Turns 40: What Might Have Been

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7 Responses

  1. Songs about weddings
    Songs about children
    Songs about funerals
    Songs about losing loved ones
    Songs about wanting to meet someone
    Songs about energy
    Songs about love
    Songs about being sorry
    Songs about “get out of my life”

    I love what you are doing – thanks a million – awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Thanks for your complements and requests – They’re much appreciated – Check out the most recent themed song lists added within the past month that include a couple of your requests – more to follow soon – keep checking back or better yet – simply subscribe to blog – Thanks again

  2. Excellent lists! Thanks much – helps with children’s programming!

    How about
    -songs about recycling (reduce, reuse, recycle)
    -songs about the earth

    • Thanks for the kudos – They’re much appreciated – Another appreciative nod for the suggestions as I was actually working on an “Earth-friendly” list awhile back just before Earth Day and I kind of put it aside and never got back to it. I still have my original “draft” saved and this might be my incentive to get back to it again. Thank You

  3. i prefer to download musi from the ipod website or amazon, sometimes i download on emile too _

  4. How did u actually acquire the points to post ““Song Lists
    Reflections of Pop Culture & Life’s Challenges”? Thanks for your time -Emanuel

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