100+ Songs About Sun & Sunshine

Depending upon where you live, the sun is shining brighter than ever and the temperatures are soaring. With this is mind, I thought now may be an appropriate time to put together a good selection of songs with the word “sun” or any derivative of the word, with the exception of Sunday, which is covered in another list here about days of the week.  Words such as sunny, sunshine, sunrise, sunset, sundown are included here. There are tons of other songs out there with sun or sunshine in the lyrics but that would send this list into orbit. There are also several other songs about summer and summertime that evoke messages about sunshine but those are also listed on another post here. A wide range of music is included here, covering about a hundred year span, ranging from big band to heavy metal, early country to modern alternative, pop standards to hip hop, punk to jazz, etc. I tried to keep the music more or less to mainstream appeal. The year when the song debuted are listed after each artist to give you a time frame of sorts. Enjoy using these song listings to create your own mp3 playlist or burning your own music to CD with the sun as your theme.

Get out the suntan lotion and the shades and enjoy! 🙂

Songs About Sun & Sunshine

  1. Ain’t No Sunshine – Bill Withers (1971) 
  2. All For The Love Of Sunshine – Hank Williams Jr. (1970) 
  3. Aquarius/Let The Sunshine In – 5th Dimension (1969) 
  4. Away From The Sun – 3 Doors Down (2004) 
  5. Behind The Sun – Red Hot Chili Peppers (1992) 
  6. Black Hole Sun – Soundgarden (1994)
  7. Blister In The Sun – Violent Femmes (1982)
  8. Brighter Than Sunshine – Aqualung (2003) 
  9. California Sun – The Rivieras (1964) 
  10. California Sun – The Ramones (1977)
  11. Canadian Sunset – Andy Williams (1956)
  12. Canadian Sunset – Hugo Winterhalter (1956)
  13. Cheap Sunglasses – ZZ Top (1980)
  14. Children Of The Sun – Billy Thorpe (1979) 
  15. Cold Day In The Sun – Foo Fighters (2006) 
  16. Country Sunshine – Dottie West (1973) 
  17. Distant Sun – Crowded House (1993) 
  18. Do You Know You Are My Sunshine – The Statler Brothers (1978) 
  19. Don’t Let The Sun Catch You Crying – Gerry & The Pacemakers (1964) 
  20. Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me – Elton John (1974) 
  21. Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me – George Michael & Elton John (1991)
  22. Everyday Sunshine – Fishbone (1991)
  23. Georgia Sunshine – Jerry Reed (1970)
  24. Good Day Sunshine – The Beatles (1966) 
  25. Here Comes The Sun – The Beatles (1969) 
  26. Here Comes The Sun – Richie Havens (1971)
  27. Here Comes The Sun – Nina Simone
  28. Holidays In The Sun – Sex Pistols (1977)
  29. House Of The Rising Sun – The Animals (1964) 
  30. House Of The Rising Sun – Frijid Pink (1970)
  31. I Live For The Sun – The Sunrays (1965)
  32. I’ll Follow The Sun – The Beatles (1964) 
  33. In The Evening When The Sun Goes Down – Jimmy Witherspoon/Charles Brown (1949)
  34. Island In The Sun – Weezer (2001) 
  35. Invisible Sun – The Police (1981) 
  36. It’s A Sunshine Day – The Brady Bunch (1973) 
  37. It’s Just The Sun – Don McLean (1981)
  38. Keep On The Sunny Side – The Carter Family (1928) 
  39. Keep On The Sunny Side – The Whites (2000) [O Brother, Where Art Thou soundtrack] 
  40. Midnight Girl/Sunset Town – Sweethearts Of The Rodeo (1987)
  41. Miss Sun – Boz Scaggs (1980)
  42. Mr. Sun, Mr. Moon – Paul Revere & The Raiders (1969)
  43. Paper Sun – Traffic (1968) 
  44. People Of The Sun – Rage Against The Machine (1996)
  45. A Place In The Sun – Stevie Wonder (1966) 
  46. A Place In The Sun – Pablo Cruise (1977)
  47. Seasons In The Sun – Terry Jacks (1974) 
  48. Setting Sun – The Chemical Brothers (1996)
  49. Soak Up The Sun – Sheryl Crow (2002) 
  50. Staring At The Sun – U2 (1997) 
  51. Staring At The Sun – TV On The Radio
  52. Steal My Sunshine – Len (1999)
  53. The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine (Anymore) – Walker Brothers (1966) 
  54. The Sun Always Shines On TV – A-Ha (1985) 
  55. Sun City – Artists United Against Apartheid (1985)
  56. Sun Comes Up, It’s Tuesday Morning – Cowboy Junkies 
  57. Sun Comin’ Up – Nat Stuckey (1976)
  58. Sun Glasses – Skeeter Davis (1965)
  59. Sun God – Hi-Tek (2001)
  60. Sun Goddess – Ramsey Lewis/Earth, Wind & Fire (1975) 
  61. Sun Is Shining – Jimmy Reed (1957)
  62. Sun Is Shining – Bob Marley (1978) 
  63. Sun King – The Beatles (1969)
  64. Sun Went Down In My World Tonight – Leon Everette (1979)
  65. Sunbonnet Sue – Haydn Quartet (1908)
  66. Sunburn – Muse (2000) 
  67. Sunday Sun – Neil Diamond (1968)
  68. Sunday Sunrise – Brenda Lee (1973)
  69. Sunday Sunrise – Anne Murray (1975)
  70. Sundown – Gordon Lightfoot (1974) 
  71. Sundown Mary – Billy Walker (1968)
  72. Sunflower – Russ Morgan (1949)
  73. Sunflower – Frank Sinatra (1949)
  74. Sunflower – Glen Campbell (1977) 
  75. Sunglasses At Night – Corey Hart (1984)
  76. Sunless Saturday – Fishbone (1991)
  77. Sunny – George Olsen (1926)
  78. Sunny – Bobby Hebb (1966)
  79. Sunny Afternoon – The Kinks (1966) 
  80. Sunny Came Home – Shawn Colvin (1997)
  81. Sunny Days – Lighthouse (1972)
  82. Sunny Side Of My Life – Roger Miller (1972)
  83. Sunny Tennessee – Cowboy Copas (1961)
  84. Sunrise – Eric Carmen (1976) 
  85. Sunrise – Norah Jones (2004) 
  86. Sunrise Serenade – Glenn Miller (1939)
  87. Sunrise, Sunset – Roger Williams (1968)
  88. Sun’s Gotta Shine – Wilma Burgess (1970)
  89. Sunset Grill – Don Henley (1985) 
  90. Sunshine – Paul Whiteman (1928)
  91. Sunshine – Jonathan Edwards (1971) 
  92. Sunshine – Dino (1989)
  93. Sunshine – Enchantment (1977)
  94. Sunshine – O’Jays (1975)
  95. Sunshine – Juice Newton (1980)
  96. Sunshine & Bluebirds – Jimmy Newman (1968)
  97. Sunshine & Rainbows – Roy Drusky (1972)
  98. Sunshine & Roses – Elsie Baker & James F. Harrison (1913)
  99. Sunshine & Summertime – Faith Hill (2006) 
  100. Sunshine Alley – Ted Lewis (1928)
  101. Sunshine Girl – Parade (1967)
  102. Sunshine Games – Music Explosion (1967) 
  103. Sunshine Man – Mac Curtis (1968)
  104. Sunshine In The Shade – The Fixx (1984)
  105. Sunshine Lollipops & Rainbows – Lesley Gore (1965) 
  106. Sunshine Of My World – Dallas Frazier (1968)
  107. Sunshine Of Your Love – Cream (1968) 
  108. Sunshine Of Your Smile – John McCormack (1916)
  109. Sunshine On My Shoulders – John Denver (1974) 
  110. Sunshine Roses – Gene Cotton (1979) 
  111. Sunshine Superman – Donovan (1966) 
  112. Tequila Sunrise – Eagles (1973) 
  113. Third Rock From The Sun – Joe Diffie (1994) 
  114. Turn Up The Sun – Oasis (2005)
  115. Waiting For The Sun – The Doors (1970) 
  116. Walkin’ In The Sunshine – Roger Miller (1967) 
  117. Walkin’ On The Sun – Smash Mouth (1997) 
  118. Walking On Sunshine – Katrina & The Waves (1985) 
  119. Warmth Of The Sun – Beach Boys (1964) 
  120. Waterloo Sunset – The Kinks (1968)
  121. We’ll Sing In The Sunshine – Gale Garnett (1964) 
  122. When The Sun Goes Down – Kenny Chesney & Uncle Kracker (2004) 
  123. When The Sun Goes Down – Arctic Monkeys (2006)
  124. Who Loves The Sun – The Velvet Underground (1971)
  125. You Are My Sunshine – Gene Autry (1931)
  126. You Are My Sunshine – Jimmie Davis (1940) 
  127. You Are My Sunshine – Ray Charles (1962)
  128. You Are The Sunshine Of My Life – Stevie Wonder (1973) 
…..And here’s one more relatively new ‘bonus’ song that, although it isn’t listed above because it doesn’t mention sun, sunshine or any other sun-form in the title, it is still a very very VERY sunshine-y song that I kept hearing on TV commercials for JC Penny when they had their back-to-school ads going… recorded by Max & Simon… it’s VERY catchy and I was hooked instantly….. so here is the video lyrics…. enjoy….
and here’s yet another one featured in a current (as of August 2012) Yoplait television commercial, also by Max & Simon. Try to get this one out of your head after listening to it a couple of times….I’m already hooked!   🙂
One more to add that is relatively new that I’ve got stuck in my head now (August/2013)
The Sound of Sunshine by Michael Franti & Spearhead 

Any favorites of yours that aren’t listed – or any others that you can think of that I haven’t included here? – Just  send me a comment below and let me know.

77 Responses

  1. Thanks for this! It really came in handy with a radio show I did the other day.

  2. Soak Up the Sun by Sheryl Crow

  3. Another one: Was a Sunny Day, by Paul Simon.

  4. “That Lucky Ole Sun” Willie Nelson

  5. third stone from the sun, jimi hendrix
    thanks, this is a killer list

  6. Shine On Sunshine – Argent (1975) (what a beautiful)

  7. Thanks for your list!!
    I thought of some others..

    Sunburn – Muse
    Sunrise – Yeasayer
    Bad Sun – The Bravery
    The Sun – Shiny Toy Guns
    See the Sun – The Kooks

  8. Sunshine After The Rain – Lisa Scott-Lee
    Pocket Full of Sunshine – Natasha Beddingfield
    Sunshine Day – The Brady Bunch Kids
    Sunshine – Lil Flip (feat. Lea)

  9. (“I Got The Sun In The Morning”… from “Annie Get Your Gun”)

  10. “Don’t Forget The Sun” – The Explorers Club
    “Just Like The Sun” – Dwight Twilley Band
    “Lucky Old Sun” – Yazbek
    “Sunrise” – Eric Carmen

    (four obscure ones that are in A Rotation in my brain)

  11. Great – thanks! Ideal for a friends “sun party” next month.

    The only one you didn’t have that I had thought of was “Always the Sun” by The Stranglers.

  12. […] can read this list of over 100 sunshine songs if you want or need a little sunning up […]

  13. hello !
    i looking someone song but i dont know song-writer and title.
    this is part of text :
    …and I resemble sunshine and …..

    this song is very slow and sad . please help me find this song
    ps sorry for my english

  14. […] If you want to see the full list, check out the website I mentioned about by clicking here. […]

  15. weave me the sunshine peter paul and mary
    sunshine superma donovan
    in the sun coldplay
    pickin the sun down john denver
    mr. sun raffi and barney
    stonehaven sunset john denver
    canadian sunset anne murry and glen campbell

  16. Hi, I love this list. I’m compiling a playlist for a party I’m having later this summer, and these songs are perfect!

    Just to let you know, the Lesley Gore song is Sunshine Lollipops and Rainbows (not Roses).

    Thanks for the ideas!

  17. […] sunlights? Anyway, I hope that happiness will happened soon and offer you to sing some beautiful songs in order to attract sun in our lives. See […]

  18. The Sun Has Got It’s Hat On- from Me and My Girl the Musical

  19. “Sunshine is Shining” by Steel Pulse. One of the awesomest songs ever.

  20. sunny skies-james taylor

  21. great list! couple of jazz tunes:1) When sunny gets blue
    2) When the sun comes out( and the rain stops beating on your windowpane … life is funny it’s not always peaches, cream and honey …)

  22. also: the sunny side of the street ( grab your coat and grab your hat, leave your worries on the doorstep …)

    a group of staff musicians are putting a medley SET w/ sun theme together for benefit for the differently abled @ lake cty bd of d, Aug 3. We have a blast and this will help us tremendously … thanks.

  23. Dredg – ode to the sun

  24. “Walk in the sun” – Mcfly 😉

  25. Together with the Sunset
    Alone with the Sunrise
    – All by Stephen Jerzak, all Amazing songs =]
    On our first date, my girlfriend and I went to the beach and watched the sunset, Together with the Sunset then became our song ❤

    Also "Sunset" by Jamestown Story
    Sunlight by Deas Vail
    Sun Comes Up by The Used

  26. Love “Walking on the sun” by the group Smashmouth.

  27. catch the sun – doves
    distant sun – crowded house
    fake light from the sun – fiction plane

  28. You’re my sunshine lupe fiasco
    My sunshine Jerimih

  29. “Waiting for the Sun,” by The Jayhawks

  30. I heard a song in 1949.which I thoroughly enjoyed, can play on the piano but dont know its name nor the lyrics. I think it went
    “Where does the sun go, where does it fall to…Have you any ideas?
    The tune is very similar in the first four bars to
    “Who should I turn to.”

  31. I loved this song in the early 70’s “it’s gonna be a bright, bright, sun shiny day” in the refrain what’s the title? Who wrote it and sung it? It’s not in your list and it used to play all the time back then.

    Thanks and God bless.

    • Thanks for your comment Eileen. The song you are more than likely referring to is “I Can See Clearly Now” that was written and recorded by Johnny Nash and was all over AM radio back in 1972 when it was released – it made it to #1 for a few weeks in the summer of ’72 = One of my favorites also at the time. Another very good version of this song came out 21 years later in 1993 by Jimmy Cliff for the movie “Cool Runnings” that had more of a reggae sound. The reason I don’t have the song on the list is because the word “sun” or any form of the word is not in the title of the song, even though sunshine is definitely in the lyrics and theme of the song. Thanks again for asking.

  32. here comes sunshine, the Grateful Dead.

  33. temma harbour
    by mary hophins a 1970 classic

  34. here is a song which explain what is the sun,…

  35. You might want to add Kyle Deforrest’s song “Bright Again” on YouTube to your collection.

  36. Hi
    Try ‘Black hole sun’ by Soundgarden

  37. Belle & Sebastian, Another Sunny Day
    XTC, Miniature Sun
    The Who, Sunrise
    Strawbs, Midnight Sun

  38. Wow…great list! Thanks for compiling it! 🙂

  39. I mentioned your blog in mine! Thanks again for your list!

  40. Sunshine – Timbuk 3
    Morning Sun – Bad Company
    Sunday Sun – Beck
    Always the Sun – The Stranglers
    Sunny Sailor Boy – Luka Bloom
    When the Sun Goes Down – Cassandra Wilson
    On the Sunny Side of the Street – Joshua Redman

  41. “it’s raining sunshine” by Miranda Cosgrove (happy little song)

  42. ELO Mr. Blue Sky, all about the sun and the sky

  43. This is awesome: my girlfriend’s name is Sunshine. This list is going to be some sweet fun!

  44. This was quite helpful in finding songs about the sun. Thanks for sharing.

  45. Nazareth, Let the Sun Shine

  46. Sitting In The midday Sun- The Kinks (underrated- off Preservation Act 1)

  47. Ain’t no sunshine by Ben Harper, one of the best songs ever!

  48. Shadow of the Sun – Audioslave

  49. […] So enjoy the nice weather today and for the next few days.  I may take a day off from the blog, but only if the tropics are a little quieter.  We’ll see.  Oh and this morning I asked folks on facebook to let me know a good song that would describe the weather today.  I found a cool site that has a list of songs that have sunshine in them.  Check it out.  Sunshine songs. […]

  50. Great list. The Knife has another sun song called “A Lung.” All about light and dark, it’s a beautiful song.

  51. Hello,
    How about ‘Sunshine Day’ by Osibisa?
    (By the way, this is the first time I have ever written anything on the web…)

  52. Great list, thanks. Some others:
    Sun King – The Cult
    Turn on the sun – Nana Mouskouri
    On the sunny side of the street – Louis Armstrong
    Sunshine Reggae – Bob Marley
    Sunshine Daze – Dr Victor and the Rasta rebels

  53. “I can see clearly now” by Johnny Nash best sun song ever!!!! such a hopeful and positive song, it’s like instant joy!

  54. fly into the sun – lou reed


  56. […] can read this list of over 100 sunshine songs if you want or need a little sunning up […]

  57. Thin Lizzy – The Sun Goes Down

  58. Hard Sun – Eddie Vedder from “Into the WIld” awesome song

  59. I personally ponder as to why you branded this particular article, “100+ Songs About Sun &
    Sunshine | Reflections of Pop Culture & Life’s Challenges”. In any event . I enjoyed the blog!Thanks a lot,Ramiro

  60. Wow! This is one very “impressive” list! Thank you for doin’ all the “hard work” in “compiling” it! Very nice job! UH-OH! You did however “leave out” some “very good” songs from your wonderful list that happen to be some “favorites” of mine! Oh well, I guess that’s why the “Professor” of “classic” rock, heavy metal, hard rock, soft rock, etc., etc., etc. is here today to really “help you out!” How about these “sunshine” song “beauties” as follows:

    Sunburst (Bob Seger) (1976)

    Sunspot Baby (Bob Seger) (1976)

    Although The Sun Is Shining (Fleetwood Mac) (1969)

    The Sunny Side Of Heaven (Fleetwood Mac) (1972)

    Red Sun (Galactic Cowboys) (1996)

    Sun Runner (Bob James) (1979)

    Brighter Than The Sun (Colbie Caillat) (2011)

    Solar (sun) Angels (Judas Priest!) (1981)

  61. Oops! Unfortunately, your wonderful “list” DOES NOT INCLUDE the two following “great” songs as well! Happy “listening” to these!

    White Sun (Doobie Brothers) (1972)

    Under The Same Sun (The Scorpions) (1993)

  62. does anbody know a the title of a song ?
    it is about aome kind of time travler and by night he goes home !
    i dont know the title ?

  63. don s
    I used to play a song in the 70s I cant remember the title but I do remember a few lines. goes, run to your houses and dally no more the sunlight is coming the sunlight is coming lock up the shutters and lie on the floor. I think valdy played it but haven’t been able to find it anywhere

  64. Hey, what’s this song – I am sure it’s 70’s. goes something like ( and I may have wrong lyrics)
    “Ha, ha, ha it’s a beautiful Sunnday, ha ha ha, it’s a beautiful day…”

    • Great song, even though it would be classified as “bubble gum pop” music today. I remember it well – Hit the radio stations in 1972, “Beautiful Sunday” by a group called “Daniel Boone”……….. brings back so many cool memories of growing up in that era……… for the most part, a long lost & forgotten (by many but not all) one hit wonder classic. Being a collector of 45’s (records, not guns :P), I remember the first time I heard it on the radio, I just had to get the record asap. Thanks for your question & the great memories of that era

    • Beautiful Sunday 🙂

  65. i’m tryin to find a song entitled “my pretty sunshine” my momma use to play for me on an old 45 record. idk who sang or wrote it its prob from late 60s early 70s 1st verse says; her sweet smile can put the sun to shame, all the little children call her by name….my pretty sunshine brightens up this lonely world my pretty sunshine im so lucky yeah shes my girl….etc. Can YOU find it?

    • Sorry to say I’m not familiar with that one even though I grew up in the same era. I did however find a link to lyrics by someone named Jess Penner. You may find what you’re looking for here…………….

  66. Bright Sunshiny Day – Hot House Flowers

  67. ‘Sunshine’ (1976) by The Undisputed Truth

  68. HERE’S A GREAT NEW ONE called “THE SUN” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-drJ97PTtkY


  70. HERE IS ANOTHER ONE – called you are a STAR https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EBwPJHYAPGA

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