Cell Phone Plans: Should You Go PrePaid or Contract?

The Great Cell Phone Plan Debate:

How To Decide Between A Contract Wireless Plan or Prepaid Card

Prepaid cellphone plans are quite flexible and can potentially save you lots of headaches as well as tons of cash— so how come the majority of people who use cellphones still insist on signing a contract? Below we’ll take a look at the pros and cons of contract vs. prepaid wireless cellphone plans.

If you’re tired of being tied down to a two-year commitment, it may be time to rethink why you’re still hanging onto that expensive ball and chain. Below, we’ll take a look at what benefits you may enjoy from a prepaid plan over a contract, then we’ll examine the prepaid vs. contract cellphone plans for several of the U.S. carriers to give you a better idea of whether or not you might benefit from ditching your contract and going prepaid.

Prepaid vs. Contract: The Pros & Cons

How to Decide Between a Prepaid or Contract Wireless Plan

In many countries, you can go to your local convenience store, buy a prepaid SIM for relatively cheap, and you’re ready to make calls in minutes with no contract. The downside? Often you’ll need your own phone. With a contract, carriers often subsidize the retail value of a phone in exchange for a fixed commitment from the customer. You’re basically paying for the discount. So what’s the real price you’re paying for that two-year contract, as opposed to going prepaid?

Examine Your Habits

Before you make any decision about going contract or going prepaid, you need to know your talking habits well. There are a variety of prepaid options: You can pay for X number of minutes, or you can pay by the day that you need access. Things to consider include how much in-network calling you do, and whether you call during nights and weekends. So, look at your recent phone statements, and look at them well.

The Money & Phone Issue

You’ve got several reasons to consider prepaid. If you suspect that what you pay in contract is more expensive than what you could pay prepaid, looking into this option is a valid alternative. (You might also want to try BillShrink to see other ways to cut down on your phone service.) Even if you’re currently out of contract, but your talking and data needs have changed, changing your plan will often obligate you to commit to a new contract for another two years, regardless of what provider you use. For the commitment-phobic, early phone adopters, or constant phone switchers, contracts can be huge detriments.

Keeping Your Number

While contract plans can seem like the adult grown-up version to the prepaid equivalent, this option isn’t just an alternative for unwieldy teenagers. The major carriers will allow you to port your existing number to prepaid plans, and if you’re already using a Google Voice number to manage your existing numbers you won’t have to change a thing to get started.

So What’s The Point?

At the end of the day, the point isn’t just to save more money (even though that’s often a big factor). It’s about not being tied to a particular carrier or phone for two years just because you signed a contract, or just so you could save a little money up front on a phone you’ll want to replace in less than two years, anyway. With prepaid, contract-free plans, you can focus on what should matter most: The quality of coverage and service a carrier provides.’

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Can You Pass A Gullibility Test?

How Gullible Do You Think Are You?

Could You Pass A Gullibility Test With Ease?

Do you consider yourself a more gullible person or a more skeptical person about things in general?

How ’bout your friends? Do they consider you an easy target for jokes and/or pranks because of your gullibility factor?

If you ever wanted to find out for yourself… ANONYMOUSLY… Keep on reading!

Ponder for a moment if you’d be able to pass a gullibility test if someone offered you the chance to take one…..Below you’ll find a small sampling of some of the better tests around the net….. GOOD LUCK 😛


And here is just one more quick test before you move on —

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Friends call you gullible?

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Earth Day 2010: The 40th Anniversary

April 22, 2010

Today is the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day

Happy EARTH DAY to everyone!

If you haven’t already been actively participating in doing your part to improve life here on our planet, it’s definitely time to think about contributing to the bettering of our wonderful Planet Earth — you could actively be doing more recycling, composting, planting something “green” (such as a tree, plants or maybe a sustainable garden), changing to more energy efficient light bulbs, picking up trash in the neighborhood, or simply enjoy the benefits of being more active by getting out and enjoying nature more by hiking, cycling, jogging, etc.

Today would be an ideal day to learn more about what you can do to improve your environment and be more aware of the world around you. Here are a few resources that you can look into for more information:

  • Try visiting Earth 911 — which covers real-time events around the world plus local recycling and environmental information services, the latest “green” tips and business solutions
  • Join the Earth Day Revolution by visiting the Earth Day Network Action Center — covering core issues and actions being taken dealing with Advocacy, Climate Change, Conservation & Biodiversity, Energy, Food & Agriculture, Greener Economy, Green Schools, Recycling & Waste Reduction, Sustainable Development & Clean Water
  • Or how about viewing Rising Sea Levels — which show animations of the effects of ice melting on a large scale around the world
  • Check out NASA Earth Day Photos — As part of Earth Day, NASA released their top ten favorite photos taken by the crew from the International Space Station.
  • See how the first Earth Day came about by the founder of Earth Day, the former Senator Gaylord Nelson, in his own words at this EnviroLink

Always Remember the Five ‘R’s’…..

Reduce – Reuse – Recycle – Replenish – Restore

What Modern Conveniences Could You NOT Live Without?

If we all took the time to stop whatever it is that we’re doing at the moment — even a brief moment — to think of all the modern conveniences and technology that fill our daily lives such as communication devices, computers, vehicles, appliances, televisions, audio and video players/recorders, power tools, electronic gadgets, etc. — it’s quite overwhelming! It’s simply amazing to think how dependent we have become on them as the years pass by. Can you imagine your life today without some of them?

What “Modern Conveniences” Do You Feel You Can’t Live Without?

Those of you born in the late 70’s or early 80’s  and beyond probably can’t remember a time when microwave ovens, cell phones, computers, cable television, and other modern conveniences and luxuries didn’t exist, but I was born in the late fifties, and I recall a time when life was much easier, simpler and considerably less expensive. Of course, even these days it isn’t really necessary to have a cell phone, cable or satellite television or even a computer, unless you’ve allowed yourself to be taken in by modern technology. Many of these modern conveniences I swore I’d never need or want, but now I find myself not wanting to live without them because they have made living so much easier.

Are you old enough to remember when cable television and satellite television didn’t exist? Or are you old enough to remember when there were only three networks on the air – ABC, CBS, NBC and they all signed off at midnight… except on Friday and Saturday nights? I vividly recall watching shows like Bonanza, Combat, Andy Griffith, Dick Van Dyke, Father Knows Best, Gilligan’s Island, The Flintstones, Wild Kingdom, and The Wonderful World of Disney on a 19-inch black and white television set with rabbit ears, and was quite content with that.

So… What Are Your Thoughts?

Nowadays there are more than ever modern conveniences — so many that I couldn’t even begin to list them all. The past three decades have seen amazing advances in technology, and the list of things that we’re used to at the present that were NOT even thought of when I was a child would probably span several pages. I’m fairly certain that it would be very difficult for younger people to imagine never owning many of the items we currently consider a commonplace staple, typical and/or necessary.

I guess that we can’t miss modern conveniences we’ve never had.

What “Modern Conveniences” Do You Feel You Couldn’t Live Without?

Your answers will greatly depend upon your age and what you grew up with and without. It will be interesting to learn what people in different age groups consider necessary, and what they consider an unnecessary modern convenience.

Give Your Input In The New Voter’s Poll

There is also a new voter’s poll (April/2010) in the right hand column of this website asking the same question… along with a sizable list of modern-day conveniences. Please take the time and give your input on this subject. You can also check to see how others have replied to this question at the bottom of the poll.

Here is the Poll Link:

What Modern Conveniences Could You NOT Live Without?

Songs About Spring & Springtime

It’s that time of year again with the days gradually getting longer, the mercury on the rise and temperatures pushing into the 80’s, at least here in California, Spring has finally arrived. Along with the seasonal change, Spring Fever is beginning to take hold once again. For the most part, I enjoy most things about the seasonal changeover, except maybe  all the spring cleaning and yard work that’s gotta get done.  The theme of Spring is generally a time of renewal or newness, maybe a fresh start for some, love is in the air for others. Because the season is associated with such positive vibrations it’s easy to find literally thousands of songs inspired by spring. But for this particular compilation, I’ve set my sights on “spring-inspired” songs that contain the world “spring” or “springtime” in the title of the song. The end result here reflects a very diverse selection of music covering a wide time span, but they all have the Spring theme in common, So, as  you go about your daily routine, you can enjoy a personal playlist of sorts that should be ideal while you organize your garage, plan that first yard sale to rid yourself of things taking up much needed space, wash the car, dust the bookshelves, or plant your new garden. Enjoy 🙂

Songs About Spring & Springtime

  1. Can’t Stop The Spring – The Flaming Lips
  2. First Day of Spring – Chris Brown
  3. Fires of Spring – Chris Rea
  4. I Dream of Spring – k.d. Lang
  5. I Got The Spring Fever Blues – Ella Fitzgerald
  6. I May Be Winter Outside (But In My Heart It’s Spring) – Love Unlimited
  7. It Might As Well Be Spring – Dick Haymes
  8. It Might As Well Be Spring – Frank Sinatra
  9. I’ve Got Spring Fever – Little Willie John
  10. Late Winter, Early Spring – John Denver
  11. Paris In The Spring – Ferrante & Teicher
  12. So Early Early In  The Spring – Judy Collins
  13. Some Other Spring – Billie Holiday
  14. Some Other Spring – Dianne Reeves
  15. Southland In The Springtime – Indigo Girls
  16. Spring – Serendipity Singers
  17. Spring – Tanya Tucker
  18. Spring Affair – Donna Summer
  19. Spring Again – Lou Rawls
  20. Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most – Bette Midler
  21. Spring Cleaning – Fats Waller
  22. Spring Concerto – Peter Nero
  23. Spring Fever – Elvis Presley
  24. Spring Fever – Loretta Lynn
  25. Spring Haze – Tori Amos  spring-flowers-collage
  26. Spring In Central Park – Dave Brubeck Quartet
  27. Spring In Manhattan – Tony Bennett
  28. Spring Is Here – Buddy Clark
  29. Spring Is Here – Stan Getz
  30. Spring Is Here – Carly Simon
  31. Spring Love – The Cover Girls
  32. Spring Love (Come Back To Me) – Stevie B
  33. Spring Rain – Pat Boone
  34. Spring Rain – Silvetti
  35. Spring Street – Dar Williams
  36. Spring Vacation – Black Oak Arkansas
  37. Spring Will Be A Little Late This Year – Morton Downey
  38. Spring Will Be A Little Late This Year – Carly Simon
  39. Springtime – New Christy Minstrels
  40. Springtime – Donald Fagen
  41. Springtime Blues – Sonny Boy Williamson
  42. Springtime In The Rockies – Slim Whitman
  43. Springtime In The Rockies – Leadbelly
  44. Springtime In Vienna – The Tragically Hip
  45. Springtime Mama – Henry Gross
  46. Springtime On The Range – Sons of The Pioneers
  47. Springtime Polka – The Polka-Dots
  48. Suddenly It’s Spring – Frank Sinatra
  49. Thanks To Spring – Beth Nielsen Chapman
  50. Their Hearts Were Full of Spring – Four Preps
  51. There’ll Be Another Spring – Dianne Reeves
  52. Wait Til Spring – Jim Lauderdale
  53. When It’s Springtime In Alaska (It’s Forty Below) – Johnny Horton
  54. Where Did My Spring Go – The Kinks
  55. Younger Than Springtime – John Gary
  56. Younger Than Springtime – Ray Conniff Orchestra

spring nature wallpapers high resolution