Remembering Lost & Forgotten Roadside Tourist Attractions & Amusement Parks On The West Coast

Remembering Lost & Forgotten Roadside Tourist Attractions

& Amusement Parks On The West Coast

Marineland of the Pacific

With the unofficial arrival of summer comes the wonderful memories of treasured family summer vacations of the past as well as quite a few weekend road trips and stops along the way at eye-catching signs and kitschy trading posts. My goal here was to briefly reflect on those that are abandoned, lost, forgotten or no longer in existence – or in other words – defunct. I simply wanted to acknowledge or pay tribute to these closed, abandoned or destroyed places of enjoyment from our youth. They may be gone but they are definitely NOT FORGOTTEN. These include but are not limited to theme parks, amusement parks, animal parks, roadside attractions, ball parks, stadiums, speedway, racetracks, concert venues, military installations, super parks, off-the-wall eye-catchers, cheesy or kitschy tourist traps, museums, water parks, etc. They all offer one thing in common – pleasant childhood memories of growing up in times that are so very different than they are today. Now that these places are closed, all we have left are our memories to share with others who can more or less relate. So here begins a small journey or an escape, if you will, to recollected fun places and locations from family vacations and short excursions of years past – a majority of which are in California, but also including a number of places in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, British Columbia in Canada plus a few more elsewhere. By no means is this list complete (doubt that it could ever be possible) – but just a good start on that stroll down that path called memory lane …The years that appear following the location are the opening and closing years of the attraction (if known). I’ve also included a number of sports facilities, music venues & military bases that offer special or unusual attractions to this ever-growing list. Also to make these listings somewhat easier to find, they’re listed alphabetically. Please feel free to comment, update, or to add your own input. This list is by no means, complete. Please feel free to suggest additional places that should be included here – places that drew attention to motorists on that long road trip adventure – at some time in the past. I’m always interested to find out what others have come across in their travels >>> Enjoy🙂

► On-going updates continue on this post with the latest entries being added on 2/1/2011) – Links are also being added from time-to-time on attraction listings for more details and/or history whenever possible. In some cases, Wikipedia links are used when no others can be found.

Are you aware of other places of interest that you have been to that are not listed here? Let me know – Also try to give some details about the attraction. Suggestions, comments and ideas are always welcome and encouraged.

    1. 24 Hour Church Of Elvis – Portland, OR (1985-2002) – link
    2. Abbot Kinney Pier – Venice, CA  (1905-1920) – link
    3. Africa USA – Soledad Canyon/Los Angeles, CA (1962-1969) wild animal preserve where several TV shows , movies and commercials were filmed – In 1987 the property was purchased and restored by actress Tippi Hedren and is now called Shambala Preserve – link#1/link#2

      Daktari TV Series (1966-69) filmed @ Africa USA – Soledad Canyon

    4. Alameda Naval Air Station – Alameda, CA (1936-1997)
    5. Alcazar Theatre / United Nations Theatre – San Francisco, CA (1911-1961)  historic link
    6. Alpine Slide @ Boreal Ridge Ski Area – Donner Summit – near Truckee, CA (1970’s-1980’s?)
    7. Altamont Speedway / Altamont Raceway / Altamont Motorsports Park (infamous 1969 Rolling Stones Concert) – Altamont Pass, CA (1966-2008) – link#1 / link#2

      Altamont Speedway – Altamont Pass

    8. American Advertising Museum – Portland, OR (1986-2004) – link
    9. American Heritage Wax Museum – Scottsdale, AZAmerican Heritage Wax Museum - Scottsdale, AZ
    10. American Meteorite Museum / Meteor Crater Observatory – Meteor City along old Route 66 near Winslow, AZ (1946-1953), then the museum moved to Sedona, AZ (1953-1960) – link #1/link #2   American Meteorite MuseumMeteorite_Museum
    11. Amusement City (?) – Lincoln City, OR (1970’s – 1980’s ??)  carnival type rides & attractions 
    12. Antelope Valley Raceway (Palmdale International Raceway) (Drag Strip) – Palmdale, CA (1964-1980)

      Apacheland Movie Ranch – Apache Junction, AZ

    13. Apacheland Movie Ranch/Studio – Gold Canyon/Apache Junction, AZ (1960-2004) – link#1/  link#2
    14. Arizona Alligator Farm & Kiddies Zoo – Tempe, AZ  (1946-19??) – link

      Arizona Alligator Farm – Mesa

    15. Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum – Phoenix, AZ (1953-2011) link
    16. Ascot Park (famous dirt racetrack) – Gardena, CA (1932-1990) – link
    17. Aztec Bowl (stadium) – San Diego, CA (1936-1966)

      Balboa Fun Zone -Newport Beach, CA

    18. Balboa Fun Zone (Balboa Peninsula) – Newport Beach, CA (1936-1972) & (1986-2006) – link
    19. Bandon Cheese Factory – Bandon, OR (early 1900’s-2002) cheese tour & tasting – bought out by the Tillamook Cheese Company and then closed 

      Bandon Cheese Factory

    20. Barbie Doll Hall of Fame – Palo Alto, CA (closed 1999)
    21. Barnes Circus Zoo – Barnes City/Culver City, CA (1923-1927) – link
    22. BayFair Shopping Center Kiddieland / Playland – San Leandro, CA (1957-196?) – link

      Baylands Raceway - Fremont, CA

      Baylands Raceway – Fremont, CA

    23. Baylands Raceway Park / Fremont Drag Strip – Fremont, CA (1959-1988) link #1link #2Facebook Page
    24. Bay Meadows (Horse Racing Track) – San Mateo, CA (1934-2008) – link

      Bay Meadows – San Mateo, CA

    25. Bedrock City (Flintstones Park) – Chilliwack, BC, CANADA (1975-1994) eventually sold & renamed Dino Town in 1994 (*see Dino Town listing that was just added to this list)

      Bedrock City/Flintstones Park – Chilliwack, BC

    26. Bedrock City (Flintstones Park) – Kelowna, BC, CANADA (19??-1998) – link
    27. Bell Gardens Farm & Railroad – Valley Center, CA (1993-2003??) – link

      Bell Gardens Farm RR – Valley Center, CA

    28. Bernheimer Oriental Gardens – Pacific Palisades, CA (1924-194?) – link
    29. Beverly Park Kiddieland / Ponyland – Los Angeles, CA (1946 -1974) – link#1link#2out-of-print ‘E’ Ticket magazine link#3newspaper article link#4
    30. Bible Land (sand sculptures) – originally located in Temecula – then moved to Calimesa in 1973 (late 1960’s – early 1990’s) –  link#1/  link#2

      Bible Land (Last Supper sand sculpture) – Calimesa, CA

    31. Big Bear Park / Big Bear Water Resort (Waterslide Park / RV Park) – Waterford, CA (1970’s-2003) featured 11 water slides at one time – link#1 – link#2
    32. Birch Bay Resort / Shore Acres Resort – Birch Bay, WA (1912-1978) several ownership changes over the years along with attraction changescheck out extensive info link herelink
    33. Black Canyon Greyhound Park (Dog Track) – Black Canyon, AZ (1967-1982) Originally built as a dog racing track and later used as a swap meet in the 1980’s – now sitting vacant and slowly deteriorating – link

      Black Canyon Greyhound Park – Black Canyon, AZ

    34. Black House (Church of Satan) – San Francisco, CA (1966-2001)   link 

    35. Blue Lagoon Water Park – Vacaville, CA (1981-????) Attractions included 4 Waterslides built into the side of a hill, bumper boats, skeeter boats, kiddie pool, arcade
    36. Blue Lake Park – Fairview/Troutdale, OR (1925-1960) rides removed in 1960 – link

      The Brown Derby – Hollywood, CA

    37. Brown Derby Restaurant – Los Angeles, CA (1926-1980) There were 4 locations in the Los Angeles area (Wilshire, Hollywood, Beverly Hills & Los Feliz) The Hollywood location attracted movie stars frequently during the “Golden Age of Hollywood” – link#1 / link#2
    38. Buckhorn Mineral Wells (Baths) & Wildlife Museum – Mesa, AZ (1939-2005?) – link

      Buckhorn Hot Mineral Baths & Wildlife Museum - Mesa, AZ

      Buckhorn Hot Mineral Baths & Wildlife Museum – Mesa, AZ

    39. Buckskin Joe Frontier Town & Railway – Cañon City, CO (1958-2010) – A Western-style theme park & Railway – originally an MGM movie setlink #1Colorado Springs Gazette newspaper about it’s closing

      Buckskin Joe Frontier Town - Canon City, CO

      Buckskin Joe Frontier Town – Canon City, CO

    40. Buffalo Park – Flagstaff, AZ (1964-1969) This short-lived Wildlife Park featured more than 200 animals in a Wild West setting – link

      Buffalo Park - Flagstaff, AZ

      Buffalo Park – Flagstaff, AZ

    41. Buffalo Ranch – Corona Del Mar/Newport Harbor, CA (1954-1959) – link#1/ link#2/ link#3

      Buffalo Ranch Miniature Steam Train - Carona Del Mar, CA

      Buffalo Ranch Miniature Steam Train – Corona Del Mar, CA

    42. Bullwinkle’s Pizza & Family Entertainmentsimilar to Chuck E Cheese – themed after Rocky & Bullwinkle TV cartoon – large arcade, redemption center ‘trading post’, kiddie rides, animatronic entertainment – at one time back in the 80’s there were multiple locations throughout California – now there are only 2 – Tukwila, WA and Wilsonville, OR – current website link

      Bullwinkles Pizza & Family Entertainment

      Bullwinkles Pizza & Family Entertainment

    43. Busch Gardens – Pasadena, CA (original location) (1905-1937) – link
    44. Busch Gardens / Busch Bird Sanctuary – Van Nuys, CA (1966-1979) – link#1/  link#2

      Busch Gardens – Van Nuys, CA

    45. Cajon Speedway – El Cajon, CA (1961-2004) – link#1  Cajon Speedway
    46. California Alligator Farm – Buena Park, CA (1953-1986) relocated from Lincoln Park in Los Angeles – (see listing further down page of Los Angeles Alligator Farm) – link

      California Alligator Farm – Buena Park, CA

    47. California State Fairgrounds & Race Track – Sacramento, CA (1906-1968/1970) Original location before the move to Cal Expolink
    48. California State Military Museum – Sacramento, CA (1991-2014) located in Old Sacramentolink
    49. Camelot Family Fun Park – former chain of family amusement centers located in Bakersfield, Fresno, Livermore, Modesto, Palm Springs & Santa Maria – all in California – merged with Boomers! in 2001 and still operate under the the Boomers! name (although the Bakersfield location still operates under the Camelot name) – link
    50. Camp 6 Logging Museum – Tacoma, WA (1964-2010) – was located on a 14-acre forested site inside Point Defiance Park featuring several historic buildings and over 500 tons railroad and logging equipment. Many pieces of equipment were powered by steam. link
    51. Candlestick Park – San Francisco, CA (1960-2014) – (also known as 3-Com Park & Monster Park for a short time) – former home of the San Francisco Giants & San Francisco 49ers – also The Beatles gave their final full concert at Candlestick Park on August 29, 1966 –  park history link with pics
    52. Carr’s One of A Kind In The World Museum – Spokane (Hillyard), WA (1990’s-2013) – link
    53. Carlsbad Raceway – Carlsbad, CA (1964-2004) – link

      Carlsbad Raceway – Carlsbad, CA

    54. Casino Legends Hall of Fame Museum – Las Vegas, NV (inside the former Tropicana Casino Resort) Featured the world’s largest collection of casino memorabilia – link  –     Casino Legends Hall of Fame Museum - Las Vegas
    55. Castle Air Force Base (Air Museum) – Atwater, CA (1941-1995)
    56. Caverns of Mystery / Dinosaur Caves – Shell Beach, CA (1948-1950’s?) history link  caverns of mystery - shell beach
    57. Cawston Ostrich Farm – South Pasadena (Arroyo Seco Valley)  (1886-1935) – link#1 / link#2
    58. Champlin Fighter Museum – Mesa, AZ (1981-2003) specialized in airworthy World War I and World War II fighter planes 
    59. Chandler Vintage Museum of Transportation & Wildlife – Oxnard, CA (1987-2006) – featured an extensive collection of vintage and rare classic, antique & sport automobiles, motorcycles and trains as well as fine art and wildlife game – link  –

      Chandler Vintage Museum of Transportation & Wildlife - Oxnard, CA

      Chandler Vintage Museum of Transportation & Wildlife – Oxnard, CA

    60. Children’s Museum of Los Angeles – Los Angeles, CA (1979-2009) – located in the Hansen Dam Recreation Area, part of the Lake View Terrace neighborhood of LA link
    61. Chutes Park – Los Angeles, CA (1900-1910) see Luna Park-LA listing – link#1/link#2
    62. Chutes-At-The-Beach – San Francisco, CA (1884-1926)  eventually evolved into PlaylandAt-The-Beach – (check out Playland-At-The-Beach listing further down this list) – link

      Chutes-At-The-Beach – San Francisco, CA

    63. Circle Star Theatre – San Carlos, CA (1960’s-1993) live music venue which featured a revolving stage  link#1 / link #2      
    64. Cliff House – San Francisco, CA – Original Cliff House (1863-1894), Victorian Cliff House (1896-1907), Neoclassical Cliff House (1909 – ??) The legendary Cliff House has had five major incarnations since its beginnings in 1858. (Check out the listing for Sutro Baths further down this list) – National Park Service history linkCliff House Project link – link #3

      Cliff House – San Francisco (circa 1900)


      Cliff House – SF (circa 1941 – top) (circa 2009 – bottom)

    65. Clovis Speedway (formerly Clovis Rodeo Grounds)- Clovis, CA (1960-1980?) link – brief info here (pdf)
    66. Club Disney – Thousand Oaks, CA (1997-1999) A Disney-themed regional childrens play center – this was Club Disney logo the first location – additional locations were in West Covina, CA as well as Chandler, AZ and Glendale, AZ  – All locations were closed in 1999 –  link
    67. Coconut Grove (Dance Hall)- Salt Lake City, UT (1931) – advertised as the largest ballroom in America. At some point in the 1940’s it became known as the Rainbow Ballroom. Then in 1946, the name changed again to the Rainbow Randevu, then to Danceland in 1958 and finally renamed The Terrace in the early 60’s  (closed for good 1981)  link 
    68. Colonial Greens Miniature GolfCarousel Roller Rink – Fresno (Maple @ Shields)
    69. Colorado History Museum – Denver, CO (1976-2010)
    70. Columbia Beach Amusement Park – Sand Island/Tomahawk Island/Hayden Island, OR (1916-1926) – link
    71. Columbia Gardens (Amusement Park) – Butte, MT (1899-1973) – link

      Columbia Gardens – Butte, MT

    72. Coney Island Amusement Park – Reno/Sparks, NV (1909-192??) – link #1/ link #2 
    73. Copia: The American Center for Wine, Food & the Arts – Napa, CA (2001-2008) link
    74. Corriganville Movie Ranch – Santa Susana (Simi Valley), CA (1949-1965) sold to Bob Hope and renamed Hopetown 1966Fires destroyed most of the structures in 1970 and again in 1979Now named Corriganville Regional Park, the Corriganville Movie Ranch is now a public park operated by the Rancho Simi Recreation and Park Districtlink#1link#2 / PDF brochure & history

      Corriganville Movie Ranch – Santa Susana, CA

    75. Cotati Raceway – Cotati, CA (1957-1972) – link
    76. Council Crest Amusement Park (“The Dreamland of the Northwest”) + Big Tree Observatory – Portland, OR (1907-1929) – link

      Council Crest “The Dreamland of the Northwest” – Portland, OR

    77. Crazy Horse Campground & Waterslide – Shingle Springs, CA (1972-2000?) Supposedly the very 1st man-made waterslide – Also featuring miniature golf, pedal boats, horseback riding, fishing & swimming in addition to the campground – Here is the link to archived newspaper article referencing Crazy Horse Waterslide
    78. Deerland Park Zoo & Flea Market  – Klamath Falls, OR (1969-1980) – recent obituary link of founder/owner
    79. Dennis The Menace Playground @ El Estero Park  – Monterey, CA … Footnote: This incredible & unique playground was opened in 1956 and although it is still in existence today, there has been a huge overhaul of the play structures with many of the age old favorites from previous generations (“edgy” metal structures) being replaced by modern plastic & foam structures that are much safer by today’s standards… follow this LINK for details, first-hand stories, pics and the history of this memorable place – Here’s yet another…  Facebook link

      Dennis The Menace Playground – Monterey, CA

    80. Depoe Bay Aquarium – Depoe Bay, OR (1927-1998) Oregon’s first aquarium as well as the oldest privately-owned aquarium in the US – link#1/link#2

      Depoe Bay Aquarium – Depoe Bay, OR (circa 1934)

    81. Depoe Bay Wildlife Museum – Depoe Bay, OR (1937-19??) – link
    82. Dino Town – Bridal Falls, BC Canada (1994- 2010) Formerly known as Flinstone’s Park & Bedrock City (see that listing above) – link #1/link #2

      DinoTown – Bridal Falls, BC, Canada

    83. Dinosaur Land – Alpine, CA (1962-1964) short-lived dinosaur theme park  that had big plans for inclusion of a rollercoaster, water rides and more – several life-size dinosaurs “roamed” the park as well as other living creatures – Bob The Dinosaur can still be found on the property although somewhat hidden – link

      Dinosaur Park – Sun Valley, AZ

    84. Dinosaur Park / International Petrified Forest & Painted Desert / Museum of The Americas – Sun Valley, AZ  (just east of Holbrook) (1999-2007) not to be confused with the Petrified Forest National Park 20 miles further to the east towards the New Mexico state line – link#1/link#2/link#3

      Doggie Diner

    85. Doggie Diner – San Francisco, CA (multiple locations) (1949-1986) –  link
    86. Earthquake The Ride / Enchanted World of Old San Francisco (at Fisherman’s Wharf) – San Francisco, CA (1975 -1995) –link  (check out the following vintage footage from YouTube and watch the promo from 4:48 on)  youtube link        . Enchanted World of San Francisco
    87. Edmonds Field – Sacramento, CA (1949-1964)  former home of the old Sacramento Solons Baseball Club of the Pacific Coast League (PCL)
    88. Elitch Gardens (Amusement Park) (original location – West Highland area) Denver, CO (1890-1994) currently open in new location & new owners –  link#1/ link#2

      Elitch Gardens – original Denver location

    89. Elvis-A-Rama Museum – Las Vegas, NV (closed in 2006) – link#1/link#2

      Elvis-A-Rama Museum – Las Vegas, NV

    90. Enchanted Village – Buena Park, CA (1976-1977) see listing for Japanese Village & Deer Parklink#1  link#2  link#3

      Enchanted Village – Buena Park, CA

    91. Enchanted Village – Federal Way, WA (opened 1977 as a small ‘kiddie ride park’), then merged with the newly built Wild Waves Water Park in 1984 – a few ownership changes since– still in operation – link
    92. End of The Oregon Trail Interpretive Center & Museum – Oregon City, OR (closed 2009)
    93. The Engine House – Sunnyvale, CA (closed in 1991) (huge train and hobby dungeon-like store with  permanent expansive operating train layout) – link to the 1995 newspaper article about the auctioning off of the massive inventory dating back to the 1930’s
    94. Ewu’s Paradise Theater – Aspen, CO (1978-1984) was a live music venue well known in the area
    95. Exotic World / Strippers Hall of Fame – Helendale, CA (closed in 2006)

      Family Fun World – Eloy, AZ (remnants)

    96. Family Fun World – Eloy, AZ – not sure whether this one ever truly “opened for business” – link#1/link#2 
    97. Family Fun CenterFormer chain of Southern California family amusement centers located in Anaheim, El Cajon, Escondido, Fountain Valley, San Diego (Kearny Mesa), Upland & Vista – merged with Boomers! in 2001 and still operate under the Boomers! name
    98. Family Fun Center – LaMesa, CA (1961-1990) relocated to El Cajon to make room for a freeway offramp – LA Times newspaper article linkfrom Sept/1990

      Family Fun Center – LaMesa

    99. Fantasy Gardens / Fantasy Garden World – Richmond, BC CANADA (1970’s-2010) – link

      Fantasy Gardens – Richmond, BC Canada

    100. Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlour – 130 locations nationwide at their peak (1963-1990) (“Farrell’s Features Fabulous Food and Fantastic Fountain Fantasies for Frolicking Fun-Filled Festive Families”) (1963-1990) –link#1/ link#2
    101. The Fillmore – San Francisco, CA (famous auditorium/concert hall & historic music venue) (196?-1989) decimated by 1989 SF earthquake – link#1/link#2
    102. Fillmore West – San Francisco, CA (well-known concert hall & music venue) (1968-1989)

      Fleishacker Pool (Dive Platform) – San Francisco, CA

    103. Fleishhacker Pool – San Francisco, CA (1925-1971) at one time was the largest pool in the U.S. and supposedly could be seen from space – link

      Old Fleishacker Pool – San Francisco (circa 1930’s)

    104. Fort Ord (US Army Base) – Monterey Bay (Sand City/Seaside), CA (1917-1994)
    105. Fossil Cabin (Museum)/ Como Bluff Dinosaurium – Como Bluff (Medicine Bow), WY (1932-199?) cabin constructed entirely of dinosaur bones excavated from the neighboring Como Bluff “Dinosaur Graveyard” – link#1/link#2/link#3

      Fossil Cabin – Como Bluff, WY

    106. Fox Theatre – San Francisco, CA (1929-1963) – The iconic Fox Theater was a 4,651 seat movie palace located at 1350 Market Street in San Francisco – built in 1929 by movie pioneer William Fox as a showcase for the films of the Fox Film Corporation along with elaborate stage shows.  historic linklink #2 – link #3
    107. Fraser’s Million Dollar Pier – Venice, CA (1911-1912) – link
    108. Fraser, Pickering & Lick Pier – Santa Monica, CA (1913-1924) – link
    109. Fresno Metropolitan Museum of Art & Science – Fresno, CA (1984-2010) – link
    110. Frontier Relics Museum – Dos Cabezas, AZ (A partial Ghost Town just south of Wilcox, AZ) – (1982-2007) – link#1link#2link#3 (founder’s recent obituary)

      Frontier Town – near Helena, Montana

    111. Frontier Town – near Helena, MT (1946-1999?) – link
    112. Frontier Town / Big Oak Ranch (Wild West Theme Park) – Dehesa/Granite Hills/Harbinson Canyon just east of El Cajon, CA (1960’s-198?) – link#1link#2 (1996 LA Times newspaper article about the owner of this property and his murder trial committed at this once popular western tourist attraction)

      Frontier Town / Big Oak Ranch (near El Cajon, CA)

    113. Frontier Village – San Jose, CA (1961-1980) – link

      Frontier Village – San Jose, CA

    114. Fun Forest Amusement Park @ Seattle Center – Seattle, WA (scheduled for closing in 2010) – website linkMay/2010 newspaper article link2007 newspaper article link

      Fun Forest at Seattle Center (circa 1972)

    115. Fun Junction – Grand Junction, CO (1954-2004) – info link

      Gay’s Lion Farm – El Monte, CA

    116. Gay’s Lion Farm – El Monte, CA (1925-1942) – link
    117. Gayway Park (on the pier) – Seaside, OR (1950’s-1980’s) – link

      Gayway Park Carousel – Seaside, OR

    118. George Air Force Base – Victorville, CA (1941-1992)
    119. Gilmore Field –Los Angeles, CA (1939-1957) former home of the old Hollywood Stars Baseball Club from the Pacific Coast League (PCL)
    120. Gilmore Stadium – Los Angeles, CA (1934-1952)
    121. Goebel’s Lion Farm / Wild Animal Farm – Thousand Oaks, CA (1926-1945) eventually evolved into Jungleland after being sold. (check out the Jungleland listing further down this list) – link#1/ link#2

      Thousand Oaks, CA

    122. Golfland – South El Monte, CA
    123. Golfland / Wild West Waterslide – Stockton, CA (1970’s-1980’s) – miniature golf, waterslides, bumper boats, batting cages
    124. Grauman’s Chinese Theatre (original) – Hollywood, CA (1927-????) legendary Hollywood theater now known as Mann’s Chinese Theater – link

      Original Grauman’s Chinese Theater – Hollywood, CA

    125. Green Lake Aqua Theater – (Green Lake) Seattle, WA (1950-1969) – link #1/ link #2
    126. Griffith Park  Zoo – Los Angeles, CA – the old (but not original) Los Angeles Zoo) (1912 – 1965) relocated a couple of miles north – remnants of the zoo’s housing facilities still can be found in various degrees of decay and ruins lots of trails still remain – see sign below – link#1 (great pics)/link#2

      Old Los Angeles Zoo @ Griffith Park

    127. Grouse Mouse Coaster / Mountain Coaster – North Vancouver, BC CANADA (1970’s-1980’s) – located at Grouse Mountain

      Grouse Mouse/Mountain Coaster – North Vancouver, BC

    128. Guinness Museum of World Records – San Francisco, CA (on Fisherman’s Wharf)
    129. Guinness Museum of World Records – Las Vegas, NV
    130. Hall of Health ‘Hands-On’ Health Museum – Berkeley, CA (1974-2009) – link
    131. Hamilton Air Force Base – Novato, CA (1929-1974)
    132. Hangman’s Tree Historic Spot – Placerville, CA  Hangmans Tree Historic Spot Placerville, CA
    133. Happyland (at Hastings Park) – Vancouver, BC, Canada (1910-1957) evolved into Playland At The Pacific Nation Exhibition (PNE) on the opposite side of the PNE in 1958 – link#1/link#2 Happyland Giant Dipper - Vancouver BC
    134. Harrah’s Automobile Museum (Original) – Sparks, NV
    135. Hart’s Reptile World – Canby, OR (1980-2002) the actual facility is closed but they still offer community educational programs as well as tour around the region – website link  Haunted Gold Mine SF Fishermans Wharf
    136. Haunted Gold Mine (at Fisherman’s Wharf)  – San Francisco, CA (1979-1998)   link (scroll down to almost the bottom within the link)
    137. Hazard’s Pavilion (1887-1906) / Clune’s AuditoriumPhilharmonic Auditorium (closed 1985) – Los Angeles, CA – link                       
    138. Hershey’s Chocolate Factory & Visitor Center (tour) – Oakdale, CA (1965-2008) main facility in Hershey, PA still remains in production at this time website – Here’s the link about it’s closure

      Hershey’s Plant – Visitor Center – Oakdale, CA

    139. Hill Country – San Martin, CA – antique auto & plane museum plus golf country club (evolved into Wings of History Museum) – link
    140. Hi Jolly Date Gardens & Petting Zoo – Mesa, AZ (1950’s-1970’s??)

      Hi-Jolly Date Gardens – Mesa, AZ

    141. Hobbiton USA / The Living Chimney Tree – Phillipsville, CA (closed in 2008?) (located along Avenue of the Giants off Hwy 101 in the Northern California Redwoods of Humboldt County) –  really cool kitschy nature hike  through the hilly redwood trail that took visitors through the tale of J.R.R. Tolkien’s classic ‘The Hobbit’ featuring dioramas of the storyline –  Link / YouTube Link

      Hobbiton USA – Philipsville, CA

    142. Holiday On Ice – Touring Ice Show Production at various arenas (1943-1970)
    143. Hollywood Erotic Museum – Hollywood, CA (closed in 2006)
    144. Hollywood Palace / Hollywood Playhouse – Hollywood, CA (1927-1978)
    145. Hoppyland – Venice, CA (1951-1954) – link – link#2

      Hoppyland – Venice, CA

    146. House of Poverty Museum – Moses Lake, WA (closed in 2006) – Link #1 / Link#2

      House of Poverty Museum – Moses Lake, WA

    147. Ice Capades – Touring Ice Show Production at various arenas (1940-1995)
    148. Ice Follies – Touring Ice Show Producion at various arenas (1937-1979)
    149. Idlewild Park Playland (Lion’s Kiddie Park) – Reno, NV – A small kiddie amusement park located within Idlewild Park – Idlewild Park is still intact however the rides have been closed and removed from the park with the exception of the miniature train ride –  Link
    150. Idora Park – Oakland, CA (1904-1929) – link#1/  link#2

      Idora Park – Oakland, CA

    151. Indian Forest – Florence, OR (1970’s-1980’s) authentic Walk-Thru Indian Village with live buffalo Link to pic of entrance & gift shop (currently vacant & for sale)

      Indian Forest – Florence, OR

    152. Indian Village – (Eastlake Park/Lincoln Park) Los Angeles, CA – link
    153. J’s Amusement Park – Guerneville, CA (197?-2003) – link #1 / link #2

      J’s Amusement Park – Guerneville, CA

    154. Jack Adam’s Alligator Farm – Mesa, AZ  (1950’s – 1960’s??)

      Jack Adam’s Alligator Farm – Mesa, AZ

    155. Japanese Flower Garden / South Mountain Flower Gardens – South Phoenix (Near South Mountain stretching for miles along Baseline Road) (mid-1930’s-late 1980’s) link

      Japanese Flower Gardens – Phoenix (near South Mountain)

    156. Japanese Village & Deer Park – Buena Park, CA (196?-1975) see listing for Enchanted Villagelink#1/link#2

      Japanese Village & Deer Park – Buena Park, CA

    157. Jantzen Beach Amusement Park – Hayden Island (Portland), OR (1928-1970) – link#1  /link#2

      Jantzen Beach Amusement Park – Portland, OR

    158. Jellystone Park (Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park) – Soledad Sands (Acton), CA (1960’s-70’s?) popular cartoon themed resort/campground with miniature steam train, giant slide, waterslide?, pool, BMX track, pinball arcade… also there were a number of other campgrounds in the area, Soledad Sands, White Rock Lake, Robin’s Nest (where they used to film the original Tarzan TV show), Vasquez Rocks (Agua Dulce), Oasis Park, Cypress Resort, etc.)  link
    159. Jones Fantastic Museum – Lynnwood, WA – then relocated to Seattle Center (1963 – 1980?) – link  (scroll further down to see listing called Museum of the Fantastic)
    160. Joy Zone – Seal Beach, CA (1916-1920?) – link

      The Joy Zone – Seal Beach, CA

    161. Julia Davis Fun Depot (in Julia Davis Park) – Boise, ID (1991-2002)
    162. Jungle Island – Buena Park, CA (across Beach Blvd. from Knott’s Berry Farm)

      Jungle Island – Buena Park, CA

    163. Jungle Jim’s Playland – Glendale/Mesa/Phoenix, AZ (closed ??) 
    164. Jungleland / World Jungle Compound – Thousand Oaks, CA (1945-1969) started out initially as Goebel’s Lion Farm (see Goebel listing above) and evolved into Jungleland through various ownership changes – link#1l/ink#2/link#3
    165. Jungleland – Thousand Oaks, CA

    166. Karts N’ Golf – Fremont, CA (closed in 2008)
    167. Kearney Bowl Speedway / Airport Speedway (original name) – Fresno, CA (1950’s-1970) across from the Chandler Airport in Southwest Fresnobrief info (pdf)
    168. Kern River Park / Hart Park – Bakersfield, CA (1929-197?) This large park featured a large amphitheater, cascading waterfall, large swimming pool (2nd largest in California) with a gigantic “Plunge” attraction (Kern River Park Plunge), peddle boats rentals, bike rentals, bath house, ‘People’s Playground’, Hart Park Zoo, ‘Kiddieland’ amusement park (1940), large metal rollercoaster, electric bumper cars, train ride (Kern River Railroad)PDF file link#1link#2
    169. Kezar Stadium – San Francisco, CA (1925-1989) original home of the San Francisco 49ers Football Club – located inside Golden Gate Park
    170. Kiddieland / Grampaw Mack’s Kiddieland – Garden Grove, CA (1950’s-early 1970’s) – link

      Grampaw Mack’s Kiddieland – Garden Grove, CA

    171. Kiddie Land – Sacramento, CA (early 1940’s-1983) – formerly located inside William Land Park – evolved into Funderland – history link in PDF format
    172. Kiddieland – Bakersfield, CA – formerly located inside Kern River Park / Hart Park –  link (check out listing above for Kern River Park for much more info and 2 additional historical links about this attraction)
    173. Kiddie Land Amusement Park – San Bernardino, CA – formerly located inside of Perris Hill Park
    174. Kiddyland of Lake Arrowhead – Lake Arrowhead, CA (1950’s) link #1 (photos of attractions from worthpoint auction)  – link #2 (obituary of owner)
    175. Kingdom of Dancing Stallions – Buena Park, CA (1978-1983) sold in 1984 and converted into the Medieval Times Dinner Theater 
    176. Kingdome – Seattle, WA (1976-2000) – former ‘domed-stadium’ home of the Seattle Mariners Baseball Club & Seattle Seahawks Football Club – link#1/ link#2/ link#3/ link#4

      The Kingdome – Seattle, WA

    177. Lake Dolores (1962-1989)/ Rock-A-Hoola Waterpark (1990-2001)/ Discovery Waterpark (2002-2004) – Newberry Springs, CA – America’s first water park – link#1/  link#2/  link#3

      Rock-A-Hoola Waterpark – Newberry Springs, CA

      Rock-A-Hoola Waterpark – Newberry Springs, CA

    178. Lakeside Amusement Park – Tempe, AZ (1949-1950??)
    179. Lane Field – San Diego, CA (1936-1957) former home of the San Diego Padres Baseball Club of the old Pacific Coast League (PCL)
    180. Legend City – Tempe, AZ (1963-1983) – a western themed amusement park – link#1/  link#2

      Legend City – Tempe, AZ (Lost Dutchman Mine)

    181. Legion Ascot Speedway – El Sereno/Los Angeles, CA (1924-1936) – link
    182. Leschi Park – Seattle, WA (1889-1909?) – featured included a casino, amusement park, garden, boat rentals & zoo – link
    183. Liberace Museum – Las Vegas (Paradise), NV (1979-2010) – link

      Liberace Museum – Las Vegas, NV

    184. Lion Country Safari – Irvine, CA (1970-1984) one of the earliest & largest drive-through animal/safari parks in the west  – link#1/  link#2

      Lion Country Safari – Irvine, CA

    185. Little Indy 500 Go-Karts – Milpitas, CA (1970’s-1980’s)
    186. Lollipop Park – Bellevue, WA (1960’s-1980’s?) A small kiddie amusement park that was located on the grounds of the Bellevue Square shopping center when it was still an outdoor mall (before it was enclosed)
    187. Longacres Race Track (horse racing) – Renton, WA (1933-1992) – link
    188. Long Beach Pike (1902-1949)/ Nu Pike (1949-1971)/ Queens Pike (1971-1979) – Long Beach, CA – link#1/link#2

      Long Beach Pike (Cyclone Racer) – Long Beach, CA

    189. Los Angeles Alligator Farm / California Alligator Farm – Lincoln Heights (Los Angeles), CA (1907-1953) then moved to Buena Park in 1953 (see listing above) – link

      California Alligator Farm – Los Angeles (Lincoln Park)

    190. Los Angeles Ostrich Farm – Lincoln Heights (Los Angeles), CA (1906-????) – link

      Los Angeles Ostrich Farm

    191. Los Angeles County Raceway / Palmdale Dragstrip (NHRA Drag Racing) – Palmdale, CA (1980-2007)
    192. Lost Flea Market – San Jose, CA (1960’s-1980’s ??) A western-themed flea market formerly located on Monterey Road 
    193. Lost World / Enchanted Forest – Scotts Valley, CA (1963-1975) also see listing below under Tree Circusupdated newspaper link#1 / link#2 / Facebook page Link  

      Lost World - Scotts Valley

      Lost World – Scotts Valley

    194. Lotus Isle Amusement Park (Wonderland of the Pacific) – Tomahawk Island (on the outskirts of Portland), OR (1930-1932) – link
    195. Louis Lee’s Oriental Rock Garden – Paradise Valley, AZ (1958-2006?) – link#1/link#2

      Louis Lee’s Oriental Rock Garden – Paradise Valley, AZ

    196. Luna Park – Los Angeles, CA (1911-1914) see Chutes Park listing link#1/link#2
    197. Luna Park – San Jose, CA (early 1900’s – late 1920’s) early historic amusement park with a carousel, rollercoaster, other rides, amusement games and sports fields – link
    198. Luna Park – Seattle, WA (1907-1913) – link#1/ link#2 /link#3/ link#4
    199. Luna Park Zoo – (Eastlake Park/Lincoln Heights) Los Angeles, CA (1925-1931) evolved into California Zoological Gardens – link
    200. Magic Carpet Miniature Golf – Tucson, AZ (1969-2008) – great photosflicker photos   Magic Carpet Golf - Tucson, AZ
    201. Magic Landing Amusement Park – El Paso, TX (1984-1988) – link#1/link#2/link#3

      Original Magic Mountain sign & tower – Valencia, CA

    202. Magic Mountain (original) – Valencia, CA (1971-1979) then purchased by Six Flags –still in operation after numerous management & ownership changes) – link#1/link#2

      Magic Mountain (vintage 70’s) – Valencia, CA

    203. Magic Mountain – Golden, CO (1959-1960) – link #1 / link # 2

      Magic Mountain – Golden, CO

    204. Manhattan Beach (1881-1908) / Luna Park (1908-1914) Edgewater (on the edge of Sloan’s Lake), CO – This was supposedly the 1st amusement park built and operated west of the Mississippi link
    205. Mahan’s Half Acre (Hula-Ville) – Hesperia, CA (1956 – 1996) – several artifacts were salvaged and moved to the California Route 66 Museum in Victorville before the site was torn down in 1997 – link#1/link#2/link#3 (great pics)

      Mahans Half-Acre (Hula-Ville) – Hesperia, CA

    206. Malibu Grand Prix – Arizona (2 separate locations) Tempe & Tucson – Both closed in the mid-90’s
    207. Malibu Grand Prix / Malibu Raceway – Beaverton, OR – Closing in April 2013
    208. Malibu Grand Prix – Fresno, CA (1977-1997) – link  – name changed to Fresno Grand Prix towards the end
    209. Malibu Grand Prix – Oakland, CA (1970’s-mid 90’s) was located next to the Oakland Coliseum and Arena – link
    210. Malibu Grand Prix – Pacheco, CA (mid 70’s-mid 80’s)
    211. Malibu Grand Prix / Castle Golf & Games – Redwood City, CA (1978-2013)
    212. Malibu Grand Prix – Los Angeles County – (5 separate locations) were located in Northridge, Pasadena, Reseda, City of Industry & Redondo Beach – link
    213. Malibu Grand Prix – Orange County – (2 separate locations) were located in Anaheim & Fountain Valley
    214. Malibu Grand Prix – San Diego, CA
    215. Mammoth Orange / Giant Orange Drive-In – Chowchilla, CA (originally) then moved to Fairmead (along Hwy 99) (giant orange structure featuring fast food/fruit stand/freshly-squeezed orange juice) [forerunner of the Orange Julius chain] at one time there were 50+ independent locations throughout California – link#1 / link#2 /link#3

      Mammoth Orange – Fairmead, CA

    216. Manhattan Beach Amusement Park – Edgewater, CO (1881-1908) burned down in 1908, then reopened as Luna Park (1908-1914) – link
    217. Manito Park & Zoo – Spokane, WA (1905-1932)
    218. Manzanita Speedway – Phoenix, AZ (1951-2009) link  /  Facebook link

      Manzanita Speedway – Phoenix

    219. Marine World – Redwood City, CA (1968-1972) evolved into Marine World/Africa USA (1972-1986) then moved to Vallejo, CA in 1986 – now known as Six Flags Discovery Kingdom – link

      Marine World Africa USA – Redwood City, CA

    220. Marineland of The Pacific – Rancho Palos Verdes, CA (1954-1987) – link

      Marineland of the Pacific – Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

    221. Marriott’s Great America (original) – Santa Clara, CA (1976-1985) then became simply Great America (Kings Entertainment) (1985-1993) then Paramount’s Great America (1993-2006) – now known as  California’s Great America (Cedar Fair Entertainment) after more ownership changes – link

      Marriott’s Great America – Santa Clara, CA

      Marriott’s Great America – Santa Clara, CA (circa 1979)

    222. Marshal Scotty’s Playland Park (1967-1993?)/ Frazier’s Frontier (1993-1996?) – La Mesa/El Cajon/Lakeside, CA link#1 – link#2 – San Diego Union Tribune update on the re-opening as Canyon Raceway 11/2011

      Marshal Scotty’s Playland Park – El Cajon, CA

      Marshal Scotty’s Playland Park – El Cajon, CA

    223. Mather Air Force Base – Rancho Cordova, CA (1918-1993)
    224. Mayan Adventure – Sandy, UT (2008-2011) Mayan/Jungle themed – was a 40,000 sq. ft., 700-seat restaurant that featured exotic waterfalls, cliff divers, fire dancers and a robotic talking toucan.  –  link
    225. McClellan Air Force Base – North Highlands, CA (1935-2001)
    226. McNichols Sports Arena – Denver, CO (1975-1999) –  former home of the Denver Nuggets of the ABA and NBA for its entire existence from 1975 to 1999. It also hosted multiple hockey teams, including the Denver Spurs of the WHA during the 1975–76 season, the Colorado Rockies of the NHL from 1976 to 1982, the Colorado Flames of the CHL from 1982 to 1984, the Denver Grizzlies of the International Hockey League from 1994 to 1995, and the Colorado Avalanche of the NHL from 1995 to 1999.

    227. Mercer Arena / Seattle Center Arena – Seattle, WA (1928-2003) – link

      MGM Grand Adventures – Las Vegas, NV

    228. MGM Grand Adventures Theme Park – Las Vegas (Paradise), NV (1993-2002) – was a theme park adjacent to the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino and in Paradise, Nevada – link

      MGM Grand Adventures – Las Vegas (Log Flume Ride)

    229. Medieval Dungeon (at Fisherman’s Wharf) – San Francisco, CA (1989-1998) – link (scroll down to almost the bottom of the page within the link)
    230. Meridell Park – Pocatello, ID (1920-late 1960’s?) former historic amusement park and dance pavilion – link#1 (PDF link to newspaper article about the amusement park being built) – link#2
    231. Mesa Marin Raceway – Bakersfield, CA (1977-2005) – link#1

      Mesa Marin Raceway – Bakersfield, CA

    232. Midway Drive-In & Swap Meet – Kent, WA (1940-2005) indoor & outdoor market with amusement rides & miniature golf next door
    233. Mile High Stadium / Bears Stadium – Denver, CO (1948-2001)
    234. Million Dollar Museum – White’s City, NM (1927-2007?) link

      Million Dollar Museum – Whites City, NM

    235. Milpitas Water Slides – Milpitas, CA (1970’s – 1980’s?)
    236. The Mine Shaft – Rancho Cordova, CA (large two-story building featuring an indoor/outdoor miniature golf(s), huge arcade, indoor games, batting cages, go-karts, tanks that you drove & shot tennis balls at others using compressed air guns, (there was also a dance floor in the basement)
    237. Mission Beach Amusement Center / “The Plunge” / Historic Belmont Park – San Diego, CA (1925-1976) – link#1/link#2

      Mission Beach Amusement Center

      Mission Beach Amusement Center – San Diego

    238. Moffett Field Naval Air Station – Mountain View, CA –Hangars One, Two, and Three and are collectively designated as a National Historic District and listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Hangar One (constructed in 1931) is one of the world’s largest freestanding structures, covering 8 acres and is a Naval Historical Monument. On 1 July 1994, NAS Moffett Field was closed as a naval air station and turned over to it’s neighbor, the NASA Ames Research Center. NASA Ames now operates the facility as Moffett Federal Airfield. Since being decommissioned as a primary military installation, part of Moffett has been made accessible to the public, including a cordoned portion of the interior of the massive Hangar One. There were once balloon rides given on show days, and incidents of weather inside

      Moffett Field NAS – Mountain View, CA

    239. Mojave Phone Booth – (1960’s-2000) Mojave Desert in the middle of nowhere … near the small town of Baker between Barstow & Las Vegas some 15 miles from the nearest highway (I-15) known as “The Loneliest Phone Booth In The World” – link#1link#2link#3

      Mojave Phone Booth – Mojave Desert (middle of nowhere)

    240. Montgomery Block – San Francisco, CA (1853-1959) – San Francisco’s first fireproof and earthquake resistant building, which came to be known as a Bohemian center from the late 19th to the middle of the 20th century. It was located at 628 Montgomery Street. The 4-story Montgomery Block was the tallest building west of the Mississippi River when it was built in 1853. The building survived the 1906 earthquake & fire. The site of Montgomery Block is now registered as a California Historical Landmark.  link
    241. Morrison Planetarium @ Golden Gate Park (original) , San Francisco, CA (1952-??)
    242. Mott’s Miniatures & Doll House Shop – Buena Park, CA (1949-2009)link
    243. Movie World / Cars of Stars / Planes of Fame Museum – Buena Park, CA (1970-19??) –  link#1/link#2

      Movie World Cars of Stars/Planes of Fame – Buena Park

    244. Movieland of the Air Museum – Santa Ana, CA (1963-1968) (1969-1985) (located at the John Wayne/Orange County International Airport) – link
    245. Movieland Wax Museum / Palace of Living Art / Cars of the Stars – Buena Park, CA (1962-2005) – link#1/link#2 

      Movieland Wax Museum – Buena Park, CA

    246. Mt. St. Helen’s Experience (Cinedome / IMAX Theatre) – Castle Rock, WA (1980’s – ??)
    247. Museum of Conceptual Art – San Francisco, CA (1970-1984)
    248. Museum of the Fantastic Redmond/Sisters, OR (1980’s-1990’s) (originally named Jones Fantastic Museum – see listing further above) – link
    249. Natatorium Park – Spokane, WA (1889-1967) – link

      Natatorium Park – Spokane, WA

    250. Natural World Museum – San Francisco, CA (2001-2009) link
    251. NBC Burbank Studio Tours – Burbank, CA (closing this location in 2007? & relocating to Universal Studios) – link#1 / link#2 / link#3

      NBC Studio Tours – Burbank, CA

    252. Neptune Beach – Alameda, CA (1917-1939) – link
    253. Never Never Land @ Point Defiance Park – Tacoma, WA (1964-2001) – young children’s storybook-themed kiddie parklink

      Never Never Land (Point Defiance Park) – Tacoma, WA

    254. Newport Sports Museum – Newport Beach, CA (1995-2014) link
    255. Nut Tree – Vacaville, CA (1921-1996) featured a kiddie amusement park, train ride, children’s play structures, toy store, restaurant and airstrip – link#1 / link#2  –  Then re-Opened under new ownership as Nut Tree Family Park within the Nut Tree Village and Nut Tree Complex (2006-2009)
      The Nut Tree – Vacaville, CA
    256. Oak Grove Beach & Amusement Resort – Oak Grove/Milwaukie, OR (1920’s ??) – link  (scroll down near bottom of page within the link)
    257. Oakland Indoor Midget Race Track – Oakland, CA (1940s-1950s)
    258. Oakland Speedway – San Leandro, CA (1931-19??)
    259. Oakwood Lake Resort / Manteca Waterslides – Manteca, CA (1974-2004) one of the first waterparks in the entire country – included a large 400 site campground, 2500 sq ft. pool and lake – the original  water slide was made of cement/concrete and at it’s peak had 22 water slides including the very first tubular fiberglass recreational waterslide –  link#1 / link#2 /link#3

      Oakwood Lake Resort – Manteca Waterslides – Manteca, CA

    260. Oaks Park Stadium (former home of the Oakland Oaks Baseball Club of the Pacific Coast League way back in the day) – Oakland, CA (1913-1956)
    261. Oasis Water Works (Water Park) – Kennewick, WA (closed in 2003)
    262. Ocean Park Pier – Santa Monica, CA (1926-1956) evolved into Pacific Ocean Park – link
    263. Okanagan Game Farm / Okanagan Zoo – Kaleden, BC, CANADA (just south of Penticton) (1967-1999)  link
    264. Old Faithful Museum of Thermal Activity – Yellowstone National Park (1929-1971) link
    265. Old MacDonald’s Farm (originally located inside Knotts Berry Farm) – Buena Park, CA (1955-1969) relocated to an independent location in Mission Viejo in 1969 – see listing below

      Old McDonald’s Farm at Knott’s Berry Farm

    266. Old MacDonald’s Farm – Mission Viejo, CA (1969-197?) – link#1/link#2
    267. Old MacDonald’s Farm – Westbank, BC – CANADA (included a petting zoo, waterslide, miniature train ride, mini golf, fishing pond, pony rides)

      Old McDonald’s Farm – Westbank, BC

    268. Old Vegas / Westworld – Henderson, NV (1979-1986) located on the Boulder Hwy in Henderson, NV on 128 acres – originally opened under the ‘West World‘ name but was changed less than 2 years later to ‘Old Vegas‘ to coincide with the company’s other amusement attraction in Arizona, ‘Old Tucson’. A Theme Park and Casino which also included Hollywood-style reconstruction of an old west settlement that offered make-believe gunfights, saloon brawls, steam train rides, stagecoach rides – all located inside a make-believe Western Fort – closed in 1986 and torn down in 1996 for a housing tract — Las Vegas  Sun pdf link / link #2

      Old Vegas

    269. Old West Wax Museum – Thermopolis, WY (19??-2009) – link #1 / link #2

      Old West Museum – Thermopolis, Wyoming

    270. Ontario Motor Speedway – Ontario, CA (1970-1981)
    271. Orange County International Raceway – Irvine, CA (1967-1983) – link
    272. Outrageous Waters Water Park & Fun Center – Clearlake, CA – link

      Outrageous Waters – Clear Lake, CA

    273. Pacific Ocean Park (POP) – Santa Monica, CA (1958-1967) – link#1 / link#2 / link#3

      Pacific Ocean Park – Santa Monica, CA

    274. Pacific City – Coyote Point/Burlingame, CA (1922-1923)  “The Coney Island of the West” –  Link
    275. Pan Pacific Auditorium – Los Angeles, CA (1935-1972) Located in the Fairfax District
    276. Paradise Island Amusement Park – Sacramento, CA (1990’s??) – located inside Cal Expo (California State Fairgrounds)
    277. Paramount Movie Ranch (1927-??) / Paramount Ranch Raceway (1955-1957) – high up in the Santa Monica Mountains in what is now Agoura Hills, CA Previously a working Movie Ranch and now a National Park still featuring a remodeled Old West building/town set – link
    278. Pat Derby’s Famous Wild Animals / Wildcat Sanctuary – Leggett, CA (1970’s-??) featuring “retired” wild animals of TV and motion pictures

      Pat Derby’s Famous Wild Animals – Leggett, CA

    279. Pharaoh’s Lost Kingdom / Pharaoh’s Theme & Water Park – Redlands, CA (1994-2006) This Adventure Park was a 17-acre Egyptian theme park that included a water park, an amusement park, three race car tracks, four nine-hole miniature golf courses, a laser tag arena, an outdoor 2,550-seat amphitheater for concerts, midway rides, Namcoland arcade, bumper boats, kiddie rides, indoor soft-play area, had a sand beach, picnic area, a Skycoaster, indoor sports arena with a lounge – Reopened in 2010 under new ownership as Pharaoh’s Adventure Park, closed again a year later – Sold yet again and getting ready to re-open again in 2012 as Splash Kingdom at Pharaoh’s   Link

      Pharoah’s Lost Kingdom – Redlands, CA

    280. Phoenix Museum of History – Phoenix, AZ (1920’s-2009) – Link
    281. Phoenix Trotting Park (Horse Racing Track) – Goodyear, AZ (1965-1966) – Link #1 / Link #2

      Phoenix Trotting Park – Goodyear, AZ

    282. Phonehenge West – Acton, CA (1980s?-2011) an innovative wonderland of strange but beautiful sculptures & buildings from one mans dedication & determination.  Link #1 / Link #2
    283. Piedmont Baths / Japanese Tea Garden (Piedmont Park) – Oakland, CA – Link
    284. Pier 3 Aquarium – Seattle, WA (1938-1945)
    285. Pierpoint Landing – Long Beach, CA (located at the end of Pier A) (1948-1972) –A sportfishing, eating & entertainment complex that included kiddie rides, a Sea Lion feeding tank and souvenir shops – not to be confused with the existing sportfishing company near the Long Beach Aquarium – link#1 / link#2

      Pierpoint Landing – Long Beach (end of pier A)

      Pixieland – Central Oregon Coast (Otis Jct)

    286. Pixieland – Otis Junction/Lincoln City, OR (1969-1975) A small but fun amusement park with it’s own train, log flume ride, western village, arcade, opera house (melodrama theater) restaurant and more on the central Oregon CoastLink

      Pixieland – Central Oregon Coast

      Pixieland – Central Oregon Coast

    287. Pizza Time Theater (aka Chuck E Cheese) – San Jose, CA  1974 – original location (1st store) located in Town & Country Village) –  Link#1 / Link#2
    288. Planes of Fame Museum – Ontario, CA (1965-1973) expanded & relocated to the Chino Airport in 1973
    289. Playland (Arcade) – Roseville, CA (1990’s) (large indoor video arcade & ticket redemption center, play area, and 4 kiddie rides including a coaster)
    290. Playland  (Arcade) – Clovis, CA (1990’s) (same as above)
    291. Playland (Amusement Park) – (Bitter Lake/Shoreline) North Seattle, WA (1930-1961) – Link

      Playland-at-Beach - San Francisco, CA

      Playland-at-Beach – San Francisco, CA

    292. Playland-At-The-Beach (Amusement Park)– San Francisco, CA (1926-1972) – Link#1 / Link#2 / Link#3

      Playland-at-the-Beach along the Great Highway – San Francisco

    293. Playland Pier / Barbary Coast – Coeur d’Alene, ID (1941-1975) –  great pics / link #1 /  link#2

      Playland Pier – Coeur D’Alene, ID

    294. Pollardville Ghost Town – Stockton, CA (1946-2007) – this attraction featured the Palace Showboat Dinner Theater & Saloon, Chicken Kitchen Restaurant, the “smallest post office in the U.S., Jamestown Jail, authentic 1957 “Big Country” movie set, CKRR Narrow-Gauge Railroad (train rides), a stagecoach line and gunfights on Main Street, fishing and gold panning – Link #1 / Link #2 [newspaper article Link#3]

      Pollardville – Stockton, CA

    295. Ponderosa Ranch (Home of the Cartwright Family from the Legendary Western TV Series, Bonanza) – Incline Village, NV (1967-2004) – Link

      Ponderosa Ranch – Incline Village

    296. Portland Ice Arena – Portland, OR (1914-195?)
    297. Portland Speedway – Portland, OR (1924-2000) link
    298. The Presidio of San Francisco (US Army Base) – San Francisco, CA (1776-1994) (included military artifacts, fort, cannons, lots more) Link#1 / Link #2

      Presidio of San Francisco

    299. Prospector Hill – Auburn, CA (closed in the 1990’s) (miniature golf, batting cages, water shooter, arcade)
    300. Putt-Putt Fun Center / Boomers – Escondido, CA (1973-2006) mini golf, go-karts, bumper boats – Link
    301. Putt-Putt Golf – Modesto, CA (1960-1995) – Link
    302. Q-Zar Lazer Tag – multiple locations have closed (however the one in Concord is still operating)
    303. Querino Canyon Trading Post – Houck, AZ (located off the old US Route 66 (now Hwy I-40) at the Arizona/New Mexico state line) the building is now in advance decay/ruins – link
    304. Rainforest Reptile Refuge – Surrey, BC – CANADA
    305. Ripley’s Believe-It-Or-Not Odditorium – Buena Park, CA (closed in 2009)
    306. Riverside International Raceway – Riverside, CA (1957-1989)
    307. Roy Rogers Museum – Apple Valley, CA (1967-1976), Victorville, CA (1976-2003) (then relocated to Branson, Missouri in 2003 – closed permantly in 2009) – Link#1 / Link#2
    308. Royal London Wax Museum – (2 locations) Scottsdale, AZ & Phoenix, AZ
    309. Royal London Wax Museum – Victoria, BC, CANADA (1961-2010) Link about closure Royal London Wax Museum - Victoria, BC, Canada
    310. Royal Pacific Wax Museum – Newport, OR (1969-1984) this collection was relocated to the Wax Works on the Bayfront in Newport – link
    311. Saltair Pavilion / The Hippodrome – Magna, UT (just southwest of  Salt Lake City) (1893-1958) – link#1  link#2

      Saltair Pavilion – Utah (on the eastern shores of the Great Salt Lake)

    312. Sam’s Town – Cameron Park, CA (1967-2001) an old-fashion Western/Frontier mining-themed village featuring and elaborate restaurant, saloon, museum of turn-of-the-century memorabilia, Wells Fargo Stagecoach and a huge arcade – link #1  link #2

      Sam’s Town Arcade – Cameron Park, CA

    313. San Jose Go Karts – Monterey Road, San Jose, CA (197?-2001) – link to article
    314. San Jose Speedway – San Jose, CA (1967-1999) track used to be across from the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds main entrance off Tully Rd. & Monterey Rd
    315. Santa Claus Acres – Santa Claus, AZ located on Hwy 93 North of Kingman (1937-197?) – link#1link#2 – link#3 (Christmas Tree Inn – 1951 postcard & brief story)

      Santa Claus, Arizona

    316. Santa Claus Lane – Carpenteria, CA (1948-1984) Santa Claus, California was built as a roadside attraction along the coastal highway south of Santa Barbara beginning in 1948. “Santa Claus Lane” started with a post office and juice shop selling date shakes. The attraction grew during the 1950s when Toyland and Santa’s Kitchen were added. By 1960 there were novelty shops, cafes, a candy store, a miniature train, a small petting zoo, pony rides, a wishing well and a 20-foot tall Frosty The Snowman was added to the roof of Santa’s Kitchen. Eventually Santa Claus Lane became rundown. The last part to operate was a Christmas train which stopped running in 1984. The famous statue of Santa coming out of a chimney was taken down in 2002 and moved to Oxnard, CA.   link#1link#2 – link#3

      Santa Claus Lane – Carpinteria, CA

      Santa Claus Lane

    317. Santafair – Federal Way, WA (1960s-1970s) –an amusement park which was located on the grounds of the old Federal Way Shopping Center halfway between Seattle & Tacoma during the 60’s and 70’s.  link #1  link #2  (scroll down to page 43 of PDF file)santafair-magazine-ad
    318. Santa’s Village – Scotts Valley, CA (1957-1979) – link

      Santa’s Village – Scotts Valley/Santa Cruz, CA

    319. Santa’s Village – Skyforest (Lake Arrowhead), CA (1955-1998) – link

      Santa’s Village – Skyforest/Lake Arrowhead, CA

    320. Santa Monica Pier – Santa Monica, CA (1924-1927) – link
    321. Santa Monica’s North Beach – Santa Monica, CA (1887-1905) – link
    322. Saratoga Springs Resort (Amusement Park) – Saratoga Springs/Lehi, UT (1884-????) –  link
    323. Satyricon (night club) – Portland, OR (1983-2010) – became best known as a venue for local and touring punk & alternative rock bands. Operating from 1983 to 2010, it was the longest-running punk venue in the western United States  link
    324. Sea Gulch – Seal Rock, OR  (1970’s-1980’s??) This was a neat little hiking adventure trail through a small forest interspersed with small villages and characters/creatures handcarved/chainsaw carved by the owner/craftsman and home to the elusive “Bigfoot” –  Link – (scroll 2/3 down page)

      Sea Gulch – Seal Rock (Central Oregon Coast)

    325. Sealand of The Pacific – Oak Bay/Victoria (Vancouver Island), BC, Canada – link

      Sealand of The Pacific – Oak Bay/Victoria, BC

    326. Seals Stadium – San Francisco, CA (1931-1959) formerly located in the Mission District , home of the San Francisco Seals, Mission Reds & original home of the newly relocated San Francisco Giantslink#1

      Seals Stadium – San Francisco, CA

    327. Seattle Center Coliseum (Washington State Pavilion) – Seattle, WA (1962-1994) – link
    328. Seattle Marine Aquarium (originally known as Seattle Public Aquarium) Seattle, WA (1962-1977) was located on Pier 56 on the Elliott Bay waterfront in Seattle link
    329. Selig Zoo (Eastlake Park Zoo & Movie Studio) – Los Angeles, CA (1864-1948) (Eastlake Park/Lincoln Heights) Located next to Lincoln Park – link
    330. Sheridan Deer Park – Sheridan, OR (1970’s – 1980’s??)

      Ship Ashore Museum – Smith River, CA

    331. Ship Ashore Museum – Smith River, CA featured a gift shop on the upper deck with stairs leading down to the museum –  featured a ‘Pirate’s Den’, sea life specimens, ship captain’s steering wheel & control center hands-on exhibit – all on the lower level – link
    332. Shipwreck – Eureka, CA (1960’s – 1970’s??) old ship with a seal pond
    333. Sick’s Stadium – Seattle, WA (1938-1976) the former home of the old Seattle Rainiers / Seattle Angels of the PCL as well as the 1969 Seattle Pilots, later concerts featuring the likes of Elvis & Hendrix were held here –  link#1link#2Seattle PI newspaper link article

      Sick’s Stadium – Seattle, WA

    334. Showbiz Pizza Place – huge arcade, redemption center, kiddie rides, animatronic entertainment – multiple locations in the 70’s and 80’s – merged with Chuck E Cheese (Pizza Time Theater) in 1984 – link#1 / link#2
    335. Soledad Sands Park – Acton, CA (1970’s??) park included a huge swimming pool, waterslide, miniature train, BMX track & more –  Facebook Link
    336. Southern Nevada Zoological-Botanical Park / Las Vegas Zoo – Las Vegas, NV (closed 2013) archived website link
    337. Speed Ring Indoor Kart Racing – Santa Clara, CA (closed 2006)
    338. Speed The Ride / Cyber Speedway – Las Vegas, NV (1999-2011) a full-size roller coaster plus a simulated sound & motion racing experience located at the recently-closed Sahara Hotel Casino on the Las Vegas StripLink#1Link#2
    339. Spirit Lake Lodge / Spirit Lake – Mount St. Helens, WA (Very popular winter retreat & tourist destination as well as the home of legendary owner/historian Harry R. Truman – link#1 /link#2 – lost forever after the volcanic eruption on May 18, 1980) link#3
    340. Spokane Coliseum – Spokane, WA (1954-1995)
    341. Spruce Goose – Long Beach, CA (1980-1988) The famous Hughes H-4 Hercules flying boat that Howard Hughes commissioned and flew on a trial run on 2 Nov. 1947 was housed in a huge dome hangar adjacent to the Queen Mary ship in Long Beach, CA  from 1980 til 1988 when it was acquired by the Walt Disney Company and relocated in 1993 to the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum in McMinnville, OR. Spruce Goose & Queen Mary - Long Beach, CA
    342. Squaw Valley Ice Arena (aka Blyth Arena) – Squaw Valley at North Lake Tahoe, CA (1959-1983) built for the 1960 Winter Olympic Games  
      Squaw Valley Ice Arena - North Lake Tahoe

      Squaw Valley Ice Arena – North Lake Tahoe

      Squaw Valley Ice Arena – North Lake Tahoe, CA

    343. Stanley Park Zoo – Vancouver, BC – CANADA (located within Stanley Park) (closed 1996) – zoo eventually relocated to Aldergrove, BC and was renamed the Greater Vancouver Zoo
    344. Stanley Park Children’s Farmyard – Vancouver, BC, CANADA (also located within Stanley Park) (1982-2011) – This petting zoo was a successor to the original children’s zoo that started in 1950link
    345. Star Trek: The Experience + History of The Future Museum – Las Vegas, NV (1998-2008) located inside the Las Vegas Hilton – link#1  link#2  link#3
    346. Starwood (nightclub) – West Hollywood, CA (1973-1981) link

    347. Stone Age Park – Langlois, OR (1970’s – 1980’s ??) museum of Indian artifacts – rocks, minerals & geode collection – featuring live reindeer, hand feed birds and farm animals, trout fishing, botanical gardens, and duck pond/picnic grounds

      Stone Age Park – Langlois, OR

      Stone Age Park – Langlois, OR

    348. Storyeum – Vancouver, BC, CANADA (2000-2006) located in the Gastown district of Vancouver –  link  history link

      Storyeum – Vancouver, BC (Gastown District)

    349. Sunny Cove Baths – Alameda, CA (early 1900’s-1950)
    350. Sunset Pier – Venice, CA (1921-1947) link
    351. Sutro Baths – San Francisco, CA (1896-1966)  link#1  link#2  link#3

      Sutro Baths – San Francisco, CA

    352. Swing Auditorium – San Bernardino, CA (1949-1981) indoor arena built on the grounds of the National Orange Show – a prominent rock arena on the West Coast with a long historylink
    353. Tacoma Ice Palace – Tacoma, WA  link
    354. Tahoe Amusement Park – South Lake Tahoe, CA (1960’s-2008) Little information can be found on this small 4-acre amusement park which had been in deteriorating condition for several years – Yelp link

      Tahoe Amusement Park - South Lake Tahoe, CA

      Tahoe Amusement Park – South Lake Tahoe, CA

    355. Tanforan Racetrack – San Bruno, CA (1899-1964) link
    356. Teapot Dome Service Station – Zillah, WA (1922-????)
    357. Teton Mystery – Jackson Hole, WY (courtesy of

    358. Teton Mystery – Jackson Hole, WY (closed in 2005) – another mystery house that defies gravity –  link#1 – link#2
    359. Territorial Prison & Wax Museum – Virginia City, NV (originally built in 1869) (closed about 1997-98)
    360. The Beach Waterpark – Albuquerque, NM (1987-2005) Albuquerque Journal newspaper article about closure

      The Chutes – San Francisco (Haight Street location)

    361. The Chutes – San Francisco, CA (1895-1911) 3 different locations around SF (the 1st location was at the end of Haight Street in 1895, then moved to Fulton at 10th Street in 1902, then moved to Fillmore/Webster/Eddy/Turk block in 1907)  link#1  link#2

      The Chutes – San Francisco (Richmond District location)

    362. The Thing (originally located between Barstow & Baker, CA) (1950-1965) moved to Dragoon, AZ in 1965 and still operates there today link#1  link#2  link#3

      Thrill-Ville USA – Turner, OR

    363. Thrill-Ville USA (Amusement Park & Waterslide) -Turner/Salem, OR (1971-2007)  link#1  link#2

      Thrill-Ville USA – Turner, OR

    364. Thunderbeast Park (Dinosaur Park) – Chiloquin, OR (1962-199?)  link

      Thunderbeast Park – Chiloquin, OR

      Thunderbeast Park (courtesy of

    365. Tivoli Gardens / Columbia Gardens – Anaheim, CA (1876-1921) early theme park was a miniature replica of the famous Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, Denmark – link
    366. Treasure Island Museum – Located On Treasure Island in the San Francisco Bay (1976-1997) link
    367. Tree Circus – Scott’s Valley (1947-1963) see listing above for Lost World – link#1  link#2Santa Cruz Public Library History Link
    368. Tropical Tees Miniature Golf – Fresno, CA
    369. Twin Arrows Trading Post / Canyon Padre Trading Post – Twin Arrows, AZ (1949-late 1998) – link#1link#2link#3 – link#4 – link#5 – Flagstaff newspaper article Link#6 from 2009 about the refurbishing of this site

      Twins Arrows Trading Post – Twin Arrows, AZ

    370. Two Guns – Northern Arizona – (30 miles east of Flagstaff along I-40 – formerly along Route 66) – Ghost Town, trading post, tavern, campground, motel,  zoo, reptile house, caves & caverns – link

      Two Guns, Arizona

    371. Uncanny Canyon (House of Mystery) –  near Lost Creek Lake in rural Jackson County, OR  – formerly located on the Crater Lake Highway about halfway between Gold Hill and Crater Lake -Being so close to the Oregon Vortex (House of Mystery) it generated a bit of a vortex rivalry. The rivalry ended when Uncanny Canyon was submerged after the completion of the Lost Creek Reservoir in the late 1970’s   – link
    372. UnderSea Gardens / Undersea World – Crescent City, CA (1964-1985) originally opened on a barge – a 2nd attraction also here but now long gone was known as ‘Shipwreck’ – link
    373. Undersea Gardens – Santa Barbara, CA (1950’s – 1969)

      Undersea Gardens – Santa Barbara, CA

    374. Undersea Gardens – Seattle, WA (Shilshole Bay Marina) (1965-1969) link

      Undersea Gardens – Seattle, WA

    375. Utah Fun Dome / 49th Street Galleria – Salt Lake City/Murray, UT (closed in 2004)
    376. Vaca Valley Raceway – Vacaville, CA (1958-1972)  link
    377. Valley Fair Shopping Center “Kiddieland” (located on the rooftop of the Macy’s department store) – San Jose, CA (1956-1958) link
    378. Velveteria (The Museum of Velvet Paintings) – Portland, OR (2005-2010) link #1link #2
    379. Venice Amusement Pier – Venice, CA (1921-1946) link

      Venice Amusement Pier – Venice, CA

    380. Vernalis Waterslides At The Orchard – Vernalis, CA (1970’s – 1990’s?) featured 2 waterslides in a park-like setting, swimming pool, Campground & RV Park, fruit stand and a flea market
    381. Wagon Wheel Kiddie Land – Phoenix/Scottsdale, AZ (Thomas@42nd) (1948-1986) – forum link
    382. Walk In The Wild Zoo – Spokane Valley, WA (1972-1995) brochure link
    383. Water World (water theme park) – Bakersfield, CA (early 1980’s-1992) included bumper boatsPDF link (scroll down to page 39)
    384. Waterworld (late 70’s-early 80’s)/WaterWorld USA (1986-2003) /Six Flags WaterWorld (2003-2006) – Sacramento, CA – Originally featured 6 tall platform waterslides, Bumper Boats, Speed Boats, Pedal Boats & poolschanged owership at least 3 times – reopened as Raging Waters in 2007 – Link

      Waterworld – Sacramento, CA

    385. Wawona Drive-Thru Tree (located in Mariposa Grove) – Yosemite National Park, CA (1881-1969)

      Wawona Drive-Thru Tree – Yosemite National Park

    386. Wawona Museum Ship – Seattle, WA (1964-2009)- an American three-masted schooner (sailing ship) that was retired and turned into a museum. She was berthed at South Lake Union Park in Seattle, adjacent to the Center for Wooden Boats. She was listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Washington State Heritage Register, and was an official city
    387. Wax Museum At Fisherman’s Wharf (original) – San Francisco, CA (1963-1998) The old Wax Museum Entertainment Complex Building was demolished in 1998, having had over 10 million visitors since it opened. A brand new building opened in 2000 but closed for good in 2013.  – Link
    388. Westgate Park (stadium) – Mission Valley/San Diego, CA (1958-1967)
    389. Wet-N-Wild Water Park – Las Vegas, NV (1985-2004)

      Wet-N-Wild Water Park – Las Vegas, NV

    390. White City Amusement Park – Lakeside, CO (opened 1908) eventually evolved into Lakeside Amusement Park in the 1930’sstill in operation today – link#1 / link#2
    391. White City Amusement Park – (Lake Whatcom/Silver Beach) Bellingham, WA (1906-1919) – link #1 link #2 / link #3 link #4 (Bellingham Herald 2003 article)

      White City Amusement Park – (Lake Whatcom) Bellingham, WA

    392. White City / Madison Park – Seattle, WA (1908-1912) – link #1  /  link #2
    393. White Water Canyon Waterslides – Chula Vista, CA evolved into Knott’s Soak City
    394. Wide World In Wax – Anaheim, CA (1965-1967) – link#1 / link#2  (scroll down to Holiday Inn picture and article)

      Wide World In Wax Museum – Anaheim, CA

    395. Wild Bill’s Wild West Dinner Extravaganza – Buena Park, CA (dinner and live stage show) – link
    396. Wild Rivers Waterpark – Irvine, CA (1986-2011) – link – Orange County Register newspaper article about this water park’s recent closure LINK
    397. Wild West Waterslides – Stockton, CA (see listing under Golfland/Stockton)
    398. Wild Wild Wet (Water Park) – Anaheim, CA (1970’s-1980’s?)
    399. Windsor Waterworks & Slides – Windsor, CA (early 1980-2004) – link#1Facebook link#2  – link#3 (property for sale disclosure)

      Windsor Waterworks & Slides – Windsor, CA

      Windsor Waterworks & Slides – Windsor, CA

    400. Winterland Ballroom / Winterland Arena – San Francisco, CA (1928-1979) (Ice Rink/Ballroom/Arena/ and legendary Concert Hall (music venue) – originally known as the New Dreamland Auditorium link #1link #2
    401. Wonderland Amusement Park – Ocean Beach/San Diego, CA (1913-1916) Featured a large Roller Coaster, Waterslide, Dance Pavilion, Ballroom, large Menagerie, Roller Skating Rink, Merry-Go-Round, Children’s Playground and 22,000 lights outlining the buildings – Most of it was washed away by high tides in 1916 – pdf link #1  (San Diego Tribune)
    402. Wonderland Inn & Amusement Park – Wallowa Lake (near Joseph), OR (1923-1940) Developed in 1923 as an amusement park at the south end of the lake, the park contained a restaurant, store, bowling alley, dance hall, outdoor movie theater, horse drawn carousel and cabins for those wishing to stay overnight. An 18 passenger boat carried the guests who arrived in Joseph (which lies at the north end of the lake) down the entire four mile stretch of Wallowa Lake, finally arriving that the inn and amusement park – Link #1   Link #2

      Woodland Deer Park – Cave Junction, OR

    403. Woodland Deer Park – Cave Junction, OR

      Woodland Deer Park – Cave Junction, OR

    404. Woodward’s Gardens – San Francisco, CA (1866-1891) One of the oldest attractions on this list and most obscure and needless to say forgotten due to the fact that no living person today was alive during it’s 25 years in operation – This sprawling 6-acre attraction featured (in a lush manicured garden setting) a zoo, marine aquarium, trout ponds, seal pit, aviary, 4 museums, conservatory, fine art gallery, amusement pavilion, circus performers, stage shows, roller skating rink, rotary boat rides on the lake, hot air balloon rides, playground, gymnasium, ornate fountains, 4 acres of winding paths through the gardens and a concert pavilion – most of these attractions were pioneering first of the kind at this early time period – link#1 / link#2 / link#3 / link#4 / link#5

      Woodward’s Gardens – San Francisco, CA

    405. The Wooz (Labyrinth/Maze & Fun Park) – Vacaville, CA (1988-199?) – Link#1Newspaper article LinkFacebook Link

      The Wooz – Vacaville, CA (Hwy sign off I-80)

      The Wooz – Vacaville, CA (ariel view)

    406. Working Wonders Children’s Museum – Bend, OR (closed 2009)
    407. World of Coca-Cola – Las Vegas, NV (1998-2000) Everything imaginable Coca-Cola – includes huge museum, tasting room of World flavors, and mega gift shop – Link #1 / Link #2

      World of Coca-Cola – Las Vegas, NV

    408. World of the Unexplained Museum / Ripley’s Believe It or Not! – San Francisco, CA (Fishermans Wharf) (1972-1985) – link
    409. World’s Wonder View Tower & Museum – Genoa, CO (1920’s-2013?) The Geological Survey reportedly confirmed, in 1934, that the tower’s peak was the highest point between Denver and New York City. The tower is 65 feet tall. Ripley’s Believe it or Not proved that it was possible to see six states from the top. Inside, 87 steps (including some very steep, ladder-like stairs) carry visitors through a series of rooms. Downstairs there is also a museum and curio shop containing curiosities and novelty items such as a two-headed calf, an eight-legged pig, and more than 50,000 types of glass bottles. The museum also contains historic American West artifacts, guns and weapons, Native American arrowheads and other artifacts, and fossils  link


      World’s Wonder View Tower – Genoa Colorado

    410. Yakima Meadows (Horse Racing) – Yakima, WA (1961-1998)
    411. Yosemite “Firefall” – Yosemite National Park, CA (1880’s-1968) – Link

      Yosemite “Firefall” (early years)

    412. Yuma Fun Factory – Yuma, AZ (2009-2010) – newspaper article link
    413. Zapp’s Park – Fresno, CA (1904-1920) ground-breaking family park, gardens, swimming hole, zoo, scenic railway, carousel, Ferris wheel, shooting gallery, rollercoaster, bowling alley – Link

      Zapps Park – Fresno, CA

    414. Zzyzx Mineral Springs & Health Spa – Zzyzx, CA (1944-1974) located in the middle of the Mojave Desert 7 miles south of Baker on I-15 – Link

      Zzyzx Mineral Springs Resort



► Here is another LINK to wonderful newspaper article and review on 6 different Northern California Waterslides from the Modesto Bee dated August 26, 1982 – The featured waterslides are Blue Lagoon in Vacaville, Crazy Horse in Shingle Springs, WaterWorld at Cal Expo in Sacramento, The Orchard in Vernalis, Oakwood Lake Resort in Manteca and Wild West in Stockton….. each of these are also listed in the comprehensive list above.


A Few More Images of Long Gone Attractions

Lake Dolores – Newberry Springs, CA

Marriott’s Great America (Kid Kingdom) – Santa Clara, CA

Magic Mountain – Colossus – 1978 – before Six Flags takeover

Yosemite “Firefall”

Woodward’s Gardens – San Francisco, CA

Sam’s Town – Cameron Park, CA

Pharoah’s Lost Kingdom – Redlands, CA

Frasier’s Frontier / Marshal Scotty’s – El Cajon, CA

Jungleland – Thousand Oaks, CA

Santa Claus Lane – Carpenteria, CA

Santa Claus Lane – Carpinteria, CA

Ponderosa Ranch – Incline Village, NV (TV Home of Bonanza)

Legend City – Tempe, AZ

Frontier Village – San Jose, CA

Santa’s Village – Scotts Valley, CA

Marine World (Children’s Play Zone) – Redwood City, CA


Here’s a link to an awesome tribute site reflecting on past Disney attractions and much more ~ definitely worth a visit!🙂


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  1. Hello, I was there in 1971! Southern California, September-October, had a wonderful time visiting Marineland, Belmont Park, Palisades-On-Pacific. Thankfully the people saved the rollercoaster at Belmont. Too bad the others are history. Did you know The Beach Boys mentioned P.O.P. in their album “Summer Days, Summer Nights”?

    By the way, if you liked The Dean Martin Show…come see I’ve got The Golddiggers and lots more!

    Thanks and cheers from Ralph!

    • I also have lots of fond memories of those wonderful places as well as those years – the late 60’s – early 70’s. I use to live in Southern California many years back but have been in northern cal for the past 40+ years. And yes I am aware of the Beach Boys reference to P.O.P. I do fondly remember watching the Dean Martin variety show often – and am reminded about it from whenever the 30 minute infomercials come on TV every now and then about the compilation episodes they’re promoting for sale – Dean Martin, Ed Sullivan, Carol Burnett, Red Skelton, Jackie Gleason, Bob Hope, Andy Williams, Texaco Star Theater, Rowan & Martin, Smothers Brothers – all favorites of mine back in the day – so much better than a lot of the stuff on TV nowadays. I’ll have to check out your site/blog. Sounds like you’re a nostalgia buff too! – Thanks for commenting

  2. Hello, Werner. I just got your message (first time logged in at this hour) and I inserted it on my blog as is. I would say that BOTH of us are nostalgia buffs! It’s amazing that I never saw Disneyland in the three weeks I was there visiting relatives in Anaheim and Pasadena. Ran out of time!…but I DID add Knott’s Berry Farm, got splashed on the Log Flume.

    Will return soon to study Yesterland and see what I missed. Cheers again from Ralph!

  3. Hey I landed on your page by chance on bing while looking for something really different but I am very glad that I did, You have just caught yourself another subscriber.🙂

  4. Hi nice read you should add your website on Shout Space

  5. […] be entirely coincidental. My best guess is that they’re the ghoulish remains of a carousel or amusement park ride, which were pretty common along the West Coast in the 1960s . Sometime since 1970 somebody came […]

  6. Hey this is such a good site! I love how it brings back the history of California in a way! Thanks for putting it up!

  7. Santa Barbara had an undersea attraction, I think it was also called “Undersea Gardens.”

    • Appreciate the mention of Undersea Gardens – I added it to the list after doing some searching and even found an old pic – Thanks Teresa for the lead

  8. I’ve got a couple more for you in Arizona.
    1. Wagon Wheel Kiddie Land in Encanto Park in Phoenix. I’m not sure of the dates, but I know it was mentioned all the time on the Wallace and Ladmo Show in the 1970s and 1980s.
    2. Jack Adams’ Alligator Farm between Mesa and Apache Junction. I know it was operating in the 1950s and 1960s. My dad tried to apply for a job there in 1953, but they turned him down flat when he told them he was married!

    • Thanks so much for the leads on the Alligator Farm and Kiddie Land – I appreciate it very much – I actually do have vague memories of a small childrens amusement park in Encanto Park since you mentioned it. I never lived in Phoenix but made a few visits to the region as well as extensive travel throughout Arizona back in the late 70’s to the mid 80’s. I’m always looking for leads to update this never-ending search for lost attractions and amusements. Keep an eye out for new additions to this post.

  9. Thanks for the research on this page. Very cool it is to read what I seen some of when I was a little kid. Some of this I never knew, so thank you

    • You’re very welcome. Glad to enlighten viewers as to what fun things there were to enjoy on those great car trips back in the day (or even in your own “backyard”) and over the years that have long since shuttered their doors. I really hate to see many of these fall into obscurity and forgotten about forever. Please continue to check back from time to time as I’ve been adding more sites and links to this post a few times a month.

  10. Hi there- What a list! That must have been a lot of work to compile.
    I’d love a credit on the Teton Mystery sign photo you took off my blog when you get a chance.
    Thanks! Melynda

    • Thanks Melynda – I started over a year ago and have been updating info and links frequently as I come across more. A number of the pics have come from my own family travel scrapbooks and photo albums. This has been a labor of love as I’ve enjoyed hitting the road frequently over the last few decades. I’d be more than happy to credit you on your photo and even link back to you (on the photo itself) if that’s ok with you. Let me know when you have a chance.

      All the best,

  11. Thank you so much for mentioning and including a picture of Indian Forest in Florence, OR! I grew up on the Oregon Coast and I loved that place! It was my most favorite elementary school field trip. So sad that it closed so I won’t be able to take my own kids there now.
    It was also really cool to learn that there used to be rides up on Council Crest in Portland – I never knew that!
    Thanks again for putting this together. What a great stroll down Memory Lane🙂

  12. The ride they are talking about in #61 was called “The Enchanted World of San Francisco” I think.

  13. Can anyone identify this Idaho roadside attraction?

    In ’61 my father drove our family from Spokane, Washington where my grandparents lived to Sandpoint, Idaho to visit my uncle and his family. We stopped to take a photo at a roadside attraction with fiberglass Indians and a teepee. It was probably on highway 2 along the Pend Oreille River at Albeni Falls Dam. On the hill In the background at center is a group of utility towers – linking to the hydro-electric dam? On the hill at far left is a cross of some sort – it looks to have an Indian design.

    I’d be interested in knowing the exact location and when this disappeared. I’m the one squatting – little round-headed Charlie Brown.

    Thanks, Patrick

  14. Thank you for including my Grandfather’s Alligator Farm in Mesa, Az. It was so exciting to see it posted on here!!!
    Rebecca Key

    • I’m very fortunate to have had the opportunity to visit the farm as well as remembering it’s location, although I’d have a hard time trying to pinpoint it today. One of the pleasant memories of my childhood travels from so many years ago. I wish I could find more information online about it and include a link to direct others to learn more about this lost, but definitely not forgotten attraction of the past. Thanks so much for your kind words and if you happen to have any more information, photos or referrals to other sites, please let me know.

  15. The two I remember are Marineland on the Palos Verdes Peninsula. I’ve since been to Sea World in San Diego, but it just doesn’t measure up.

    I also used to stop by Jack Adams Alligator Farm (I thought it was in Tempe, but you have it in Mesa) when I drove back home to Globe.

    A place that I think you may have missed is Manzanita Speedway in Phoenix. My then girlfriend and I used to go to races there. Loved it. It closed in 2009.

    Here is a link:

    • I appreciate your interest and input very much. I also checked out the Speedway link and was intrigued by the history of Manzanita. I went ahead and updated this post once again and included the speedway in it. And you are absolutely right in your comparison of Sea World and Marineland. Marineland also holds many fond childhood memories for me.

  16. Lou’s Living Donut Museum of San Jose!

  17. Does anyone remember the Marin Town and Country Club from the late 60s (I am 51)…I remember going there as a kid from the city (SF) they had several swimming pools there, thats about all I can remember, but it was always fun to go…there and Lake Tamescal (spelling ?) which was just across the bay bridge from SF….

  18. Terrific site. Thanks for putting this together, it’s priceless. I’ve been to some of these places as a child and it brings back memories.

  19. […] little bonus:  This is a super cool site listing all sorts of long lost but not forgotten tourist attractions throughout the west, including […]

  20. Baylands Raceway Park Dirt Oval and Drag strip in Fremont,Ca It was there until the 1980’s I don’t remember the year they tore it down.

  21. Sal & Rusty’s 2709 Fremont,St Las Vegas (Just East of Old Showboat Hotel) or “Funland” on Nellis and Boulder Hwy, in Vegas. both places closed in 50’s

  22. Your #30 Black Canyon Dog Park has a bad link. Here is the link but I get a 404.

    Using google I found this: if that’s what you mean.

    As an aside, I used to live in AZ but never visited this park. I went to a Greyhound park in Phoenix somewhere and was sorely disappointed. It was the most ugly, tasteless and depressing place. I had been to Santa Anita as my first horse racing park, so I have measured all racing parks from that. Pretty high standard, but dog racing just doesn’t appeal to me. I went with my then girlfriend (the same one with whom I went to Manzanita). She was disgusted too, and as an animal lover she thought the dogs weren’t well cared for.

  23. #273 San Jose Speedway- here is some history;;;;
    The original one was located near Tully Rd.Capitol Exp. And the one that was at the fairgrounds on Tully & 7th you mention: track used to be across from the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds main entrance off Tully/Monterey Rd I dont recall this. Once you walked in the main entrance (Tully Rd) you would just walk straight back and there it was. Sometimes you could go through the back entrance from Umbarger Rd. My grandpa & dad both raced at both locations. I used to go watch my dad race as a child back when it was at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds. Miss those days!


  24. Totally amazing. Lived in Santa Monica and been to a lot of the places in California being 64 years old. One place that I can’t find any info is a park with some rides and games on the North side of Wilshire Bl. in Brentwood, West LA near Bundy. Remember when I was a kid.

  25. Great Site… What memories. Any chance anyone knows what they called the row of museums that ran up the hill at the end of Playland at the beach. They had a huge (I believe electric fire), they lost most of the buildings and contents. thanks

  26. Great site indeed, but doesn’t anybody remember the “Soledad Sands”
    a park where our family used to swim in two man made spring fed pools. Located in Soledad Canyon California? Early 1960’s…we lived in Lancaster at the time and my daughter asked me about it since she had a memory of family being there.

    • Thanks for the mention about Soledad Sands, After doing some further investigating, I discovered there was a camp resort there called Jellystone Park (of the Hanna-Barberra Yogi Bear cartoon fame) with slides, steam train, pinball arcade and other water features along with an early day BMX track. Couldn’t get much info on the net about it other than a couple of mentions on 3 posts from others who remember it. I;m guessing it was quite popular back in the 60’s and 70’s. I ave added a mention of this in the above post as of tonight, 7/23/2013
      PS – I’m not sure whether this was part of the national chain of Jellystone Resort Parks which is still inexistence today, the last one on the West Coast being up in the Clearlake area (Lake County), California on top of Cobb Mountain. I have been to that park, maybe about a decade ago.

  27. There is a new one that you should add to the list. Malibu Grand Prix in Redwood City, CA. It opened in 1979 and closed down for good last month on August 18, 2013.

    • wow it lasted a long time.. We went there when it first opened , it was a lot of fun but it was pretty spendy, you had to buy a special license and sign a waiver that if you messed anything up you had to pay for it.. it made you be alot more careful..

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