Songs About Nostalgia That Reference Specific People Places Things or Events of the Past / UPDATED 2017

2017 UPDATE – Hey everyone, I just wanted to let you know that I just completed a major overhaul and update of this older post of mine about SONGS ABOUT NOSTALGIA THAT REFERENCE SPECIFIC PEOPLE, PLACES THINGS OR EVENTS OF THE PAST. There have been several more songs added, complete with videos. I’ve tried to include as many videos with lyrics so you can follow along. There have also been a few corrections and changes too. Please click the link below to take you to this updated post.


Songs About Nostalgia That Reference Specific People Places Things or Events of the Past


Over the years we can all relate to good times and bad times in our lives. Some are rewarding  experiences that seem to make that moment in time stand still while others are unpleasant or emotional events that leave a lasting impression or hurt in our heads, hearts and souls. There are a few songs  out there that specifically mention these events or people or objects that bring back these times to those of us who have lived through them. These particular songs can attest to a particular time in our past that evoke memories of that particular era.


So here I present to you a few songs with videos that reference, reflect, mention or list specific people, places, things, events and dates of the past. Some of the videos presented here also include song lyrics of vivid childhood images and  memories of what it was like growing up with favorite past times, celebrities, heroes, fads, games, toys, pop culture (music, movies and TV), etc. Some of the recollections also include unpleasant or sad events such as deaths of famous people, destruction, tragedies, war and so forth.


So sit back and enjoy the following videos of songs that evoke memories and/or pay homage to specific and/or real people, places or things of our past. If you can think of others please feel free to let me know in the comment section at the bottom of this post.


Songs About Nostalgia That Reference Specific People Places Things or Events of the Past



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  1. I know you like to create themed playlists, as do I, so I thought I’d give you a link to my Spotify playlists where you’ll find a number of themed lists. They aren’t all based on themes, but may are. Hope you enjoy — and thanks for the recommendations. John .

    • Thanks John, appreciate the heads up. I’ll have to head over to your site & check a few of them out. I’ve been a music buff for decades but only started doing the themed lists about 10 years ago. I gathered many of the ideas from my own personal vinyl collection, combined with several specialty music books I’ve referneced to over the years, with Joel Whitburn being the ultimate source of knowledge. I have a collection of a couple dozen of his covering a vast variety of genres

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