Maze Craze

The mazes presented below are here simply for your enjoyment. They range from easy, child-friendly mazes to more complex mazes as you scroll down. Links have been provided for additional mazes to print out for you and your family’s enjoyment or to keep the kids occupied and busy during those times you really need to.

If you find your maze addiction growing and you wanna “fuel” your maze frenzy, you’ve come to the right place for that with links to many more. You’ll also find links provided that allow you to create or customize your own mazes by using a MAZE GENERATOR. This service is still FREE!

Enjoy! — Good Luck!

Let’s start simple…

Now let’s see if you can help the aircraft land on board it’s ship…

Time for a cold treat…

Here is a link to a website that is kid-friendly for printable mazes that allows you printout existing templates similar to the one above. Another child-friendly site is linked here to print out mazes for younger children to enjoy similar to the one below.

Back to basics again…

Time to cut corners… so here’s a loop maze to try…

Here is the link to a FREE MAZE GENERATOR to create your own mazes to print out similar to the one above.

Now try something completely different….

Here’s a maze with lots of bridges, curves and a little color to check out…

Now see how well-rounded you are by trying this sphere-type maze…

Let’s switch things up and go bold

Here’s another cool maze site that allows you to create your very own custom mazes that you can print out and play – Check out The Maze Generator

Here’s another one that may play tricks on your eyes…

Ready for a vacation?… Let’s go tribal on the next one here…

Time to go bold one more time… but beware the ‘black holes’…

Here’s one last one in a hexagonal mode…


Here is yet another link for PRINTABLE MAZES – some more complex than others – as well as turning pictures into mazes – Check it out when you have a chance.

Additional comments or links are welcome below.

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  1. THANKS for giving this mazes, terima kasih

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