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Here you will find a random collection of some fun stuff to do yourself or to try with others – Some require thinking… some don’t. Whether you’re suffering from a case of boredom or looking for a way to impress/stump your friends or even wanna find some cool new tricks for winning bets next time you hit the bar or club, you’ve come to the right page so, for whatever reason you’re here – WELCOME!! – so stick around awhile, check stuff out and enjoy! And by the way – Pass on the word to your family and friends about this site! 🙂

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Amazing Ability of The Human Mind

Here’s a brief test for you to try to see just how incredibly amazing your brain truly is. Give this challenge a try now and see if you can handle it…


Amusing Animal Antics Picture Gallery

A large gallery of amusingly funny pictures of pets as well as other furry friends posing awkwardly or doing crazy things – Quite entertaining if you love animals!


Amusingly Clever License Plates

Enjoy these clever, creative and entertaining license plates that have gotten by state (and a few foreign) officials over the years – It also helps to have a slightly warped mind or sense of humor 😛  A nice gallery of “colorful” license plate photos!


April Fool’s Day Fun & Traditions

Trace the history, traditions and “tom foolery” surrounding April Fool’s Day through the ages. Lots of great links to annual website hoaxes, greatest hoaxes of all-time, worst April Fool’s hoaxes ever, museum of hoaxes and hoax photo gallery to try to figure out. Even has a link to a gullibility test you can take right now. Lots of fun here – should keep you amused for awhile!


Boredom Busters

Never Be Bored Again!! — Lots of fun and entertaining websites to checkout when boredom strikes – many of which you probably are NOT familiar with. More than enough here to keep you busy for quite some time – as well as coming back for more and more. This is a must to check out and bookmark!


Brain Teasers: Questions of Logic

Keep your mind busy trying to figure out these relatively “short and simple” problems or questions – Can be even MORE fun if you or some of your friends are just a wee bit tipsy already…


Brain Teaser Color Test

Try this quick test to see whether or not your eyes and brain are working together as a team – May not be as simple as it looks… Go ahead – Give it a try now!


Can You Pass A Gullibility Test?

Do you consider yourself a more gullible or a more skeptical person? Do your friends agree? Here are a few simple tests to find out. You’ll know right after you’re finished taking them – what the results tell you about yourself! Enjoy — and pass on the fun to your family and friends!


Christmas Fun christmas fun banner

Lots of Christmas related fun activities as well as information to check out here.


Christmas Themed Mazes, Coloring Pages & Word Search Fun santa checking list cartoon

Lots of cool indoor rainy day fun for your kids to keep them busy during the Christmas holiday season. Includes mazes, connect the dot, word search and coloring pages – all with a Yuletide Theme – challenges start from real easy for the very young to more advanced for middle school kids


Did You Know? – Strange But True Facts & Trivia

Some fun and entertaining – Most unusual or mystifying – And some even useless facts and/or trivia you may not have known already – Check it out now! Baffle or impress your friends with your newly acquired knowledge!!


Find The Hidden Images

Lots of cool pictures and artwork to check out here – Have some fun locating the hidden images in this large gallery and see whether your eyes and brain agree on what you may find in various pictures, drawings and art work – WARNING… Can be VERY addicting!! 😛


Fun Sound Effects … In An Instant

Enjoy some instant gratification from collections of bells, whistles, machines, animals, people, and more from the sounds of everyday life – some funny, some scary, some annoying, some weird… Also VERY addicting! – You know you just gotta try these out for yourself


Funny Stories – Just For Laughs

Some hilarious and offbeat short stories to tickle your funny bone. Once again, it helps to have a slightly warped sense of humor – Check ’em out and share your favorite ones with your family, friends, co-workers, teammates, etc…


Gallery of Famous Cartoon DOG Characters Over The Years

If you’ve ever enjoyed or loved watching cartoons over the years, you’ve just gotta check out this gallery of famous cartoon dogs from television, the movies, the funnies from newspapers, comic books and advertising mascots from brand name products. Definitely a trip down memory lane for all ages to enjoy (1940’s through present day)


Gallery of Famous Cartoon CAT Characters Over The Years garfield

Here’s the newest one for cat lovers featuring famous canines from comic strips, TV shows, movies, cartoons, commercials, mascots, etc. Take another trip down memory lane & see how many of these you know.


Incredible Hoax Websites For The Gullibly Challenged

Great collection of interesting, peculiar and/or funny “spoof” or “parody” type websites found around the net. Currently an ongoing post with many more add-on links forthcoming. Stay Tuned!


Maze Craze

Get your “fix” of mazes here — ranging from easy enough for younger children to solve to more complex for older kids and adults – a good “time-filler” _________________________________________________________________

Optical Illusion Collections:

Optical Illusions: Seeing Is Not Always Believing

Cool Optical Illusions & Visual Effects

Sharpen Your Visual Skills With These Optical Illusions

Featuring an extensive collection of some of the best Optical Illusions that  can be found anywhere on the internet – Several very entertaining as well as perplexing images for your eyes as well as your brain to figure out – These can also be VERY addicting!


Thanksgiving Mazes & Word Search Games

Some holiday fun to keep your mind active – for you as well as the kids to enjoy – Another good “time-filler”



Top 10 Unusual Top 10 Lists

Here’s some more cool stuff to learn about in your spare time. This list is presented here to simply educate, entertain, awaken, amaze, astonish, surprise, and/or even disgust you… the reader. Interesting — Addictive — Yet some of these focus on the “darker side of human-kind”… Some are controversial… Enter at your own risk!


Track Santa’s Christmas Eve Journey Online

Lots of activities and games to play in this interactive online “Santa’s Village” — Enjoy these with your family and have a blast!



Unusual Sign Collection:

Amusing Signs That Make You Wonder

Creative Funny & Unusual Signs

Look! More Amusing Funny & Stupid Signs

♪ ♫   Sign — Sign — Everywhere a sign   ♪♫

Check out a whole bunch of crazy, unusual, funny and sometimes stupid signs that had actually been put up somewhere on a road, billboard, business, or elsewhere at one time or another – View at your own risk! 😛


Valentines Day Fun & Games For Kids  valentines-day-tigger-logo

Check out these fun Valentines Day themed games for kids. Includes coloring pages, puzzles, word search and more. Great for indoor rainy activities in February.



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