Tourist Attractions & Travel Destinations

Here you will find some of the most popular, most visited and “must see” tourist attractions and travel destinations around the USA as well as around the world. Included are amusement and theme parks, national monuments, cultural icons, national and state parks, man-made attractions, natural wonders, roadside attractions, places of interest, etc. A large number of the places listed are based according to attendance figures from reliable sources. Included on many of them are direct links to each listings website, referral center or tourist bureau.

Also featured will be a few other off-the-wall and out-of-the-way attractions from times past  through modern day. Call them cheesy, kitschy, tourist traps or whatever but they definitely are unique and give you a chance to pull off the road to stretch your legs, grab a refreshment, use the restrooms or at the very least, a needed rest stop break.

More posts will continue to be added here over time…..

All of the following post links are located within this website.



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