Impressive Young Singers From Around The World: TV & Video Performances

Sensational Young Singers Round The WorldThere have been some really good stand out vocal performances from young people from around the world that have made a positive impression in their local viewing area. Some may have even become minor celebrities in their home communities. But unless you’re a diehard Youtube follower, or they made national news coverage or widespread social media most people from others parts of the country (or world) would have no way of discovering their great voices without someone bringing it to your attention. That’s what my goal is here. Over the past several years I’ve enjoyed exploring videos from around the world of kids & young people who have given some really impressive performances. Most of the videos below are from the past 10 years or so, but I’ll also be including a few retro videos from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s of some of the future stars early in their careers. Many of the more recent performers are not necessarily recording stars, at least for now anyways. Please feel free to comment on your thoughts of these performances. There will undoubtedly be others out there that I’m not familiar with or aware of. Let me know below.

Impressive Young Singers From Around The World:

TV & Video Performances

I’ll be adding several more videos to this post over the next few weeks as time permits. Enjoy!


Jai Waetford (2013)

Robbie Anderson (2014)

Olivia Swinton (2014)

Molly Sneddon (2014)

Jasmine Dale (2014)

Ky Baldwin (2014)

Angus Ross (2014)

Angus Ross, Ky Baldwin & Robbie Anderson (2014)

Jordan Jansen (2009)

Alexa Curtis (2014)

Ethan Karpathy (2014)

Justin Vasquez (2014)

Paris Morgan (2013)

Straalen McCallum (2010)


Fabian Feyaerts (2012)

Josefien Derijcke (2015)

Nalu (2015)

Zita (2015)

Florence (2015)

Zita, Josefien & Precious (2015)

Leeloo Love (2016)


Enzo & Eder (2016)


Jadyn Rylee (2017)

"Beaches Of Tofino" ORIGINAL song by Jadyn Rylee (2017)

Annabelle, Lee Anne, Rafaël Dolan-Bachand (2016)

The Moffats (1996)

The Moffats (1995)

Johnny Orlando (2015)

Sandrine Lamontagne (2016)


Jeffrey Li & Celine Tam (2015)

Jeffrey Li (2015)


Juan Andres (2015)

Adrián Londoño (2014)

Juan José Figueroa (2015)


Dino Jelusic (2003)


Oliver (2016) 

Tobias (2016)

Rumle, Oliver & Nicolai (2016)


Santiago Acuna (2013) 


Noor Uthman (2013)


Aino Morko (2015)

Lleucu “Leikki” Young (2014)


Max & Mango (2015)

Caroline Costa (2008)

Léo Ristorto (2015)

Nans (2016)

Johan (2015)


The Mini-Beats (Philip Lawall, Markus Attinger, Jonas Kenner, Andreas Schaupp) (2000)

Lukas Janisch (2016)

Luca Schatz (2015)

Soufjan (2014)


Connie Talbot (2007)

Connie Talbot (2009)

Declan Galbraith (2002)

Declan Galbraith (2007)

Ronan Parke (2011)

Charlie Green (2008)

Bars & Melody (Leondre Devries & Charlie Lenehan) (2014)

Natalie Okri (2009)

Henry Gallagher (2015)

Beau Dermott (2016)


Vishwaprasad Ganagi (2016)


Rachel Farial (2016) 


The Wee Amigos (Ben Troy, Gerald Ahern, Simon Peters) (2011)

The Wee Amigos (Ben Troy, Gerald Ahern, Simon Peters) (2011)

Ben Troy (2011)

Gerald Ahern (2011)

Jack & Cormac (Jack Duff & Cormac Connell) (2013)

Irish version of ‘The Cup Song’ (sung in Gaelic) (2013)


Samantha Ríos (2015)

Ashley Acosta (2015)


Jesse Pardon (2013)

Bodi Zong Bij Zijn (2014)

Isabel (2016)

Roeland Beelen (2014)

Jarmo de Rek (2013)

Cas Van Leeuwen (2013)


Angelina Jordan (2014)

Angelina Jordan (2017)

Marcus & Martinus (2015)

Marcus & Martinus (2015)


Valeria Zapata (2014)


Angelico “Echo” Claridad (2014)

Jal Joshua (2009)

Jal Joshua (2009)

Antonette Tismo (2016)

Ian Joseph (2016)

Lyca Gairanod (2014)


Artem Kolesnikov, Julia Serenko, Marsel Sabirov, Xenia Ponomarenko (2016)

Benjamin Nurgaleev , Anastasia Dmitrachkova , Vsevolod Rudakov (2016)

Taisiya Podgornaya , Nonna Yeganyan , Dmitry Kondakov (2016)

Michael Smirnov (2015)

Georgy Dolgolenko (2015) 

Alain Ershov (2014)

Danil Gilev (2013)

Arsene Shavlyuk (2012)

Ksenia Ponomarenko (2016)

Said Mukhametzyanova , Camilla Kusova, Renata Tazetdinova (2015)

Hallelujah (beautifully performed in 3 languages, Russian, English & Arabic)


Stuart Anderson Jr. (1992)


Park Ye Eum (2013)

Yoon Si Young (2013)

Lee Eunsung (2013)


Abraham Mateo (2010)

Diego Dominguez (2003)

Pedro Martin (2016)

Abraham Mateo & Caroline Costa (2012)

Adexe & Nau (2015)


Zara Larsson (2008)

Zara Larsson (2008)


Anastasia Petrik (2010)

Kyrylo Cherpita (2016)

Ivan Iastrebov (2016)

Taly Kuper (2016)


Billy Gilman (2000)

Jackie Evancho (2010)

Sawyer Fredericks (2012)

Grace Vanderwaal (2016)

Carson Leuders (2014)

Stone Martin (2013)

Reed Deming (2012)

Colton Jacobson (2011)

Griffin Tucker (2012)

Griffin Tucker (2014)

Taylor Ware (2006)

Brewer Boys (2011)

Pelican 212 (2016)

Celine Tam (2017)

Evie Clair (2017)


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