Bid Online For Your Healthcare Needs & Medical Services

You Can Now Bid Online For Your Healthcare Needs & Medical Services

It’s been said over the years that you can’t really put a price on good health. However, there is now a FREE service online that allows you to actually bid on the cost of hundreds of health and medical procedures and tests that include several that aren’t covered by health insurance plans.

This particular FREE online service has now expanded to both cash as well as credit card using patients in over 30 major U.S. cities.  There are about 3,000 medical, dental, vision, cosmetic and mental health specialists as well as other types of practitioners included and the numbers are growing.

New listings of providers are continually being added to this FREE online service.

Here is an Overview of How it Works –

  • First you select the procedure you need from one of seven tabs…
  • Then enter your ZIP code or city…
  • Next you choose from local providers, clinics and/or practices…
  • You can then “reserve” a price from published fees OR make a lower offer OR “name your price”…
  • Then go ahead and print your “voucher”…
  • Finally you call the “winner” to set up an appointment.

Providers will decide on an individual basis whether they want to accept your insurance for their procedures.

For more information – go to or click this link.


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