Veterans Day Tribute: Songs Honoring Soldiers & Veterans

veterans-day-honoring-all-who-served-flagVeterans Day – also known as Remembrance Day and formerly called Armistice Day (the event it commemorates) is a day to commemorate the dedication and sacrifices of members (veterans) of the armed forces, past and present, who have served our country bravely during times of war as well as times of peace, specifically since the First World War. Usually observed on the 11th of November, this particular date was used  to recall the end of World War I on that same date in 1918. Major hostilities of World War I were formally ended at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918 with the German signing of the Armistice. We are eternally grateful for those who unselfishly served during World War I (1917-1918), World War II (1941-1945), the Korean War (1950-1953), the Vietnam War (1964-1975), the Gulf War (1990-1991) and to those actively serving in the current War on Terror (2001-Present).

As far as songs dedicated to those who have served as veterans, I present you with a wide array of songs from different eras, that should be able to help you in preparing a playlist or burn to cd a compilation of favorites or maybe introduce you to some older material you may not have heard before but would be ideal for a tribute. A number of the songs listed here will probably overlap the ones listed on other posts that I  have made for Memorial Day, Independence Day (4th of July), American Pride & Patriotic Songs and the 9/11 (Patriot Day) Songs of Remembrance.

Songs Honoring Soldiers & Veterans

  1. 8th of November – Big & Rich
  2. 50,000 Names – George Jones
  3. A GI Wish – The Four Vagabonds
  4. A Soldier’s Prayer – Colline Raye
  5. America Is My Home – James Brown
  6. America We Stand As One – Dennis Madalone
  7. America Will Always Stand – Randy Travis
  8. America Will Survive – Hank Williams Jr.
  9. American Soldier – Toby Keith
  10. American Trilogy – Elvis Presley/Mickey Newberry
  11. American Tune – Paul Simon
  12. Arlington – Trace Adkins
  13. Ashes To Ashes – Steve Earle
  14. Ballad of Ira Hayes – Johnny Cash
  15. Ballad of The Green Beret – SSgt. Barry Sadler
  16. Bang The Drum Slowly – Emmylou Harris
  17. Battle Hymn of The Republic – Mitch Miller & His Gang
  18. Belleau Wood – Garth Brooks
  19. Billy Don’t Be A Hero – Bo Donaldson & The Heywoods
  20. Born In The USA – Bruce Springsteen
  21. Bring Them Home – Pete Seeger
  22. Brothers Under The Bridge – Bruce Springsteen
  23. Comin’ In On A Wing & A Prayer – The Four Vagabonds (1943)
  24. Courtesy of The Red, White & Blue (The Angry American) – Toby Keith
  25. Day For Decision – Johnny Sea (1966)
  26. Days of America – Blackhawk
  27. Empty Boots – Carol Williams
  28. Everyday Angels – Radney Foster
  29. Far Away – Nickelback
  30. Fightin’ Side Of Me – Merle Haggard
  31. The Forgotten Soldier Boy – The Monroe Brothers (1936)
  32. Freedom – Paul McCartney
  33. God Bless The Soldier – Rhonda Vincent
  34. God Bless The USA – Lee Greenwood
  35. God, Country & Family – Craig Morgan
  36. Goodnight Saigon – Billy Joel
  37. Green Fields of France – Dropkick Murphys
  38. Hands That Built America – U2
  39. Have You Forgotten? – Darryl Worley
  40. He Wears A Pair Of Silver Wings – Dinah Shore
  41. Hello God – Dolly Parton
  42. Hello Vietnam – Dave Dudley/Johnnie Wright
  43. Here Comes The Freedom Train – Merle Haggard
  44. Homeland – Kenny Rogers
  45. I Am Mine – Pearl Jam
  46. I Told Them What You’re Fighting For – Mother Maybelle Carter (1966)
  47. I Will Be Home Again – Golden Gate Quartet (1945)
  48. I’m Already There – Lonestar
  49. If You’re Reading This – Tim McGraw
  50. The Immigrant – Neil Sedaka
  51. In America – Charlie Daniels Bandveterans-day-honoring-all-who-served-flag2
  52. Just A Dream – Carrie Underwood
  53. Last Band of Brothers – Keni Thomas
  54. Last Day At Gettysburg
  55. Last Fallen Angel – Charlie Daniels
  56. Last Letter Home – Dropkick Murphys
  57. Let’s Roll – Neil Young
  58. Let’s Roll America – Bellamy Brothers
  59. Letter From America – The Proclaimers
  60. Letters From Home – John Michael Montgomery
  61. Letters From War – Mark Schultz
  62. Living In The Promised Land – Willie Nelson
  63. More Beautiful Today – Mark McGuinn
  64. No One To Welcome Me Home – Hank Williams Sr.
  65. Oh Freedom – Pete Seeger
  66. One Letter Home – Jazz Gillum (1941)
  67. Only In America – Brooks & Dunn
  68. Our Country – John Mellencamp
  69. Overcome – Live
  70. The Patriot – Johnny Cash
  71. Point of Light – Randy Travis
  72. Poor Rebel Soldier – Flatt & Scruggs
  73. Praise The Lord & Pass The Ammunition – Kay Kyser & His Orchestra
  74. Ragged Old Flag – Johnny Cash
  75. Red, White & Blue – Brian McKnight
  76. Red, White & Blue – Lynyrd Skynyrd
  77. Remember Pearl Harbor – Sammy Kaye & His Orchestra
  78. Remembrance Day – Bryan Adams
  79. Riding With Private Malone – David Ball
  80. The Rising – Bruce Springsteen
  81. Shhh, It’s A Military Secret – Glenn Miller & His Orchestra
  82. Singin’ The Vietnam Talkin’ Blues – Johnny Cash (1971)
  83. Soldier’s Joy – Jimmy Driftwood (1957)
  84. Some Gave All – Billy Ray Cyrus
  85. Song Of The Patriot – Johnny Cash
  86. Still In Saigon – Charlie Daniels Band
  87. The Big Parade – 10,000 Maniacs
  88. There You’ll Be – Faith Hill
  89. There’s A Star Spangled Banner Flying Somewhere – Elton Britt (1942)
  90. These Colors Don’t Run – Iron Maiden
  91. This Ain’t No Rag (It’s A Flag) – Charlie Daniels Band
  92. This Is My Country – The Impressions (Curtis Mayfield)
  93. This Is Worth Fighting For – Shep Fields (1942)
  94. This Land Is Your Land – Woody Guthrie/Peter, Paul & Mary/The Kingston Trio
  95. Travelin’ Soldier –  Dixie Chicks
  96. V-Day Stomp – The Four Clefs
  97. What About Me – Kris Kristofferson
  98. What Made America Famous – Harry Chapin
  99. When A Soldier Makes It Home – Arlo Guthrie
  100. When Johnny Comes Marching Home – Glenn Miller & His Orchestra
  101. When Johnny Comes Marching Home – Mitch Miller & His Gang
  102. When You’re A Long, Long Way From Home – Hal Mcintyre & His Orchestra
  103. Where Have All The Flowers Gone – Pete Seeger/Kingston Trio/Peter Paul & Mary
  104. Where The Stars & Stripes & The Eagle Fly – Aaron Tippin


3 Responses

  1. Patriotic Song Lyrics :

    To Whom It Would Be of Interest,

    I wrote this song to pay tribute to All Veterans and

    would be honored if you choose to post it on your Patriotic

    Web Site. I thank you and God Bless!

    A Tribute To Veterans

    In Vietnam, Korea and World Wars Past
    Our Men Fought Bravely so Freedom Would Last
    Conditions Where Not Always Best They Could Be
    Fighting a Foe You Could Not Always See:

    From Mountain Highs to Valley Lows
    From Jungle Drops to Desert Patrols

    Our Sinewy Sons Were Sent Over Seas
    Far From Their Families And Far From Their Dreams
    They Never Wrote Letters Of Hardships Despair
    Only Of Love, Yearning That One Day Soon:

    They Would Come Home, They Would Resume
    And Carry On With The Rest of Their Lives

    The P.O.W.’S Stood Steadfast
    Against the Indignities And Cruelties Of War
    They Could Not Have Lasted as Long as They Did
    If They Had Relinquished Their Hope That Some Day:

    They Would Come Home, They Would Resume
    And Carry On the Rest Of Their Lives

    Medics, Nurses, and Chaplains Alike
    Did What They Needed To Bring Back Life
    They Served Our Forces From Day Into Night
    Not Questioning If They Would Survive:

    They Mended Bones And Bodies Too,
    They Soothed the Spirits of Dying Souls

    And for Those M.I.A’S, Who Were Left Behind
    We Echo This Message Across the Seas
    We Will search For as Long As It Takes
    You’re Not Forgotten And Will Always Be:

    In Our Hearts, In Our Prayers,
    In Our Minds For All Time

    A Moment of Silence, a Moment of Summons
    Is Their Deliverance of Body And Soul
    To a Sacred Place That We All Know
    Deep In the Shrines of Our Soul:

    In Our Hearts, In Our Prayers
    In Our Minds For All Time


    These Immortalized Soldiers Whose Bravery Abounds
    They’re Our Husbands, Fathers, and Sons
    They Enlisted For the Duty at Hand
    To Serve the Cause of Country and Land:

    They Had Honor, They Had Valor,
    They Found Glory That Change Them Forever

    Men Standing Tall and Proud They be
    A Country Behind Them in a Solemn Sea
    So Let the Flags of Freedom Fly
    Unfurled in Their Majesty High:

    In the Sun, In the Rain
    In the Winds Across This Land

    Years of Tears Has Brought Us Here
    Gathering Around to Hear This Sound
    So Let the Flags of Freedom Fly
    Unfurled in Their Majesty High:

    In the Sun, In the Rain,
    In the Winds Across This Land


    In the Sun, In the Rain,
    In the Winds For All Time

    Jerry Calow (copyright 2003 )

  2. I wanted to know who designed the drawing with the soldeirs in a V formation. I am working for a non-profit organization that is helping veterans and they want to use the drawing as their logo.

    Please contact me with their information if any one has it.


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