Amusing Animal Antics Picture Gallery

Here is a nice collection of AMUSING ANIMAL ANTICS from around the web just for you animal lovers out there. Some of these are natural while others looked staged. I’ve tried to include somewhat of a variety of creatures (as well as pets) for your enjoyment – some domestic – others captive or wild. Some have captions – some don’t. Allow a little loading time if you have a slower connection speed as there are several pictures (about 40) loading here –

Simply sit back and enjoy the show! 😛

“Pay Attention!”

“Go Speed Racer!”

“Now I lay me down to sleep…”

“What are YOU looking at?”

“Sorry Puppy”

“Chimp Mugging For The Camera”

“Commando Chipmunk”

“Cool Beagle”

“Casserole Cat”

“Good Ducky”

“Deep Thought”

“Thanks for the lift”

“Having a Bad Day!”

“Now Smile and Say Cheese”

“The Good Life”

“The Look”

“Bear Hug for Best Friend”

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