A Video Retrospect: Never A Year Like 2009

A fitting way to start off the new year is a humorous look at the year we just made it through. With all it’s highlights as well as “low-lights” – seemed to be a lot more “downers” this past year than upbeat  events and happenings – or at least it sure felt that way – it’s all summed up in this fitting two-minute or so original video. The folks over at JibJab really know how to bring it all together or sum things up in a classic, cool  and often hilarious way. They’ve been doing this for a better part of this past decade – (since 1999 to be exact). Also lots of other fun and interesting things to check out while you’re there – you can even make your very own “sendable ecard” greetings for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, baby showers, retirement, holidays, congratulations, get well,  good luck, and other special occasions starring you, your friends, your family,  etc. I’ve also included a number of previous original JibJab videos here (on this website) in my VodPod Video Feature located in the left sidebar . (You’ll probably need to scroll down a little to view them in the left column).

Several links are provided below for easy access.

Enjoy ’em and pass ’em on to your family and friends. 🙂

"Never A Year Like 2009" - An Original JibJab Video

Please Note > You’ll probably need to watch this a few times to fully understand and appreciate what it  portrayed here as it moves along quite fast….. all put to the tune of Marvin Hamlisch’s classic masterpiece, “The Entertainer” from 1974. You can even take a look behind the scenes as to how it was made by clicking here at the Behind the Scenes blog. A truly funny and original production.

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