Customer Service: I Wanna Speak To A Human Being!

frustration_on_the_phoneEver get frustrated by not being able to get a LIVE voice, specifically an operator, customer service representative or (better yet) a supervisor,  for customer service help or a billing or tech support  problem?

Tired of having to deal with a voice activated computer or being lead around in circles by voice prompts, none of which pertain to the reason why you’re actually calling?

There are a couple of websites out there that may be able to help you out and get through all the red tape a lot quicker. It’s absolutely ridiculous to have to go through a dozen or so voice prompts to have to get through to a representative. and are websites dedicated to telling frustrated consumers the right buttons to push on a telephone to reach a human in the customer service department at hundreds of companies.

Ever Been Through This Scenario?

You’ve been on hold for anywhere from 15 minutes to (God forbid) an hour waiting for the next available customer service representative, then get dropped or  disconnected (whether it be accidentally or intentionally) when you actually get a live voice. This happens countless times everyday to good, everyday people just trying to remedy a situation.

Some larger companies (phone companies, banks, credit card issuers, insurance companies, mortgage companies, real estate agents, cable or satellite companies, ticket agencies, ebay, Amazon, computer tech, credit unions, hospitals, airlines and government agencies, are notorious for this type of runaround.

You really want to speak to a LIVE person and the longer it takes to get to one, the more  your frustration level builds and the higher your blood pressure rises. Sometimes you need some inside knowledge on how to “beat the system” so that YOU’RE the one in control “pushing buttons”.

Dealing with corporate giants this way can really add to the stress you already have. Also, many people with various medical conditions (stroke victims, hearing impaired, speech impaired, deaf-mutes) as well as the elderly can have a difficult time understanding or even communicating with a computer activated voice.

Having a bad cell phone connection or noisy environment around you can make this this very difficult also.

There are 2 websites out there now with a solution to getting through all this BS. It’s very thorough and updated on a regular basis. It actually lists hundreds of various companies and tells you how to get through to a human voice a lot quicker. Each company is individualized for maximum results telling you which buttons to push  specifically to get through easier as well as quicker.  You can also add your imput or rate your experience here also.


Check them out using these 2 links below…..


Get 2

PS – I absolutely love this Translation Interpretation Guide to messages that the automated phone systems generate. Check this out here.

Fun Sound Effects … In An Instant

sound_fx_machineEver wish that you had some kind of device to help lighten up an  awkward moment or get you out of an uncomfortable situation? I’m sure we all have had a similar experience at one time or another.

Well ….. Fear Not Anymore! …..

Here are a few sites to check out for thousands of cool and fun “instant gratification” sound effects.And best of all, the key element to this list is that they are all FREE (as well as royalty-free) with minimum effort involved. They run the full gamut from funny to scary in range, including sounds of animals, applause, people, transportation, sirens, lasers, instruments, household appliances, doors, machines, TV, space, occupational, nature, weather and so forth as well as a whole slew of alarms, bells, beeps, clicks, chimes, screams and whistles ….. all designed for personal use on your projects, blogs, websites, etc.

Go Ahead! — Give it a Try! — Indulge A Little! — You know you wanna! 🙂


11 Instant Sound Effect Sitesmagic-button-anim

This is the classic and most likely the original site in the genre. Load this site up before you tell a joke and hit the button to punctuate your punch line.

Created in response to instant rimshot, sad trombone is useful when delivering bad news to someone such as “Honey, I accidentally drove the car into the garage door…” Insert sad trombone sound here.

An alternative that is probably a good idea to have open alongside instant rimshot when telling a joke, you might want to use instant crickets when your joke doesn’t go over too terribly well. This site is particularly useful in corporate meetings when telling “politically-incorrect” jokes.

When everything seems to be getting you down, you can always rely on your emergency yodel button. Yodels are like hugs, giving you a warm and fuzzy feeling inside and making everything just a little bit better.

This reminds me of the sad horn sound effect, from a well-known television game show, where you attempt to guess the prices of everyday products. You probably know which one I’m inferring to.

Basically just an up and down slide whistle sound ….. In some ways, it appears more pathetic than a sad trombone. Doesn’t really sound all that festive but you could stretch your imagination and find a creative use for it.

The classic scream from “Won’t Get Fooled Again” by Roger Daltrey of the legendary rock group “The Who”, which just happens to be the theme song from “CSI:Miami”.  Also, David Caruso’s acting skills are legendary, so why not punctuate your day with sunglasses and his serious mug?

Be Fore-Warned!! – Beware, that by clicking this link, you will be exposing yourself to a full-screen image of William Shatner’s face….. Again ….. You Have Been Warned!!

Bad Taste Alert!! – This is one of those pull-my-finger episodes. May be lame and kitschy, but may work when the “essense of you” time rolls around and pointing your finger at the dog just doesn’t work anymore.

Reminds you of an old black and white TV western in the mindset of “High Noon” starring Gary Cooper. Gives kind of a desolate or lonely aura. Also, ideal to use when one of your jokes bombs or goes over your audience’s heads.

Personally I find this one quite annoying, but others may find it perfect for that moment when someone in your office makes a ridiculously obvious suggestion or comment, or is prone to spilling coffee all over himself/herself.


13 More Sound F/X Sites With Large Libraries sound effects logo

As a bonus, thousands of additional sound effects as well as  sound bytes can be found at the various sites listed below. Simply click on the name/link and you’ll be taken right to the  website. These are also FREE and are Royalty-Freeas well.



Here are a few more just addedcreate farts

Create and customize virtual farts and email them to your family and friends.

A collection of either gross or funny (depending on how you look at it) belches and burps – It’s a simple fact of life – just depends on how vocal you are 😛