Saga of The 7 Dwarves In The 21st Century

The Saga of The 7 Dwarves In The 21st Century

The saga, traits and personalities of the Seven Dwarves have sure changed over the years… especially in the 21st century. Each one of us as individuals have our mood swings (or things that really get to us) from time to time… brought on by the various stresses of everyday life, including, but limited to, bills, expenses, work, household, income, health, relationships, our aging parents, children, etc. Both men and women can relate to the following examples… but in very different aspects. Enjoy the pictorials below as I’m sure you can probably recognize which personalities or traits apply to you, your significant other, your in-laws, your friends, your bar buddies or acquaintances, your work associates, etc. from time to time.