Sharpen Your Visual Skills With These Optical Illusions

Sharpen Your Visual Skills With These Optical Illusions & Visual Challenges

Give yourself a little break from your daily routine or online activities and try to sharpen up your eyesight and brain functions by checking out these mind stimulaters, visual challenges and optical illusions. Each image has a caption below it explaining what to do or what to look for. Good Luck & Enjoy 🙂

“3 In 1” – Can you find all 3 different faces in this drawing?

The image appears to change from people to houses as you look at it from top to bottom – You might wanna call this one a “neighborhood watch group” 😛

This colorful 3D type spiderweb image gives the impression of pulsating or throbbing and has the potential for a sure-fire way to get a quick headache 😛 But it’s sure trippy looking!

Do you see 2 animals above? Which animal do you see first in this drawing? a cat or a mouse?

This cool image gives off a 3D effect of a throw pillow, bulging in the middle, covered in alternating black & white “X’s”

“The Hidden Tiger” – Can you find the hidden tiger in this pic? This one may elude you if you don’t look carefully! I will give you a hint only if you comment below and ask for one 😛

“The Bicyclist” – Do you get a sense of “forward motion” if you stare at the entire image long enough?

Can you figure out what’s not quite right about this picture here in this weird but tranquil pool scene?

Study this one carefully – Would you consider this a parade of ships or an ocean gateway?

Look very carefully — Do you see a profile of an old man’s face? — Look even closer — The entire picture is made up of several animal faces or heads — How many animal faces or heads can you find?

Here’s another picture of a human face looking straight at you – If you look closely once again, it’s created entirely from animals – How many can you count?

Here’s a cool advertising illusion (possibly from Germany). Can you figure out how it was accomplished?

Is this image straight or curved? — Don’t let your eyes deceive you 🙂

How many facial images can you find in the above sketch?

“Checker Shadow Illusion” – Would you believe that the squares marked “A” and “B” are the same shade of gray.

“The Never-Ending Loop” – Where does it start? Where does it end?

If you stare at the blue dot in the center long enough, it will eventual be overpowering enough to fade away or disappear completely.

“Alternating Dots” – Can you focus your eyes long enough to count the black dots? 😛

“Crazy Stairs Illusion” – You keep walking and walking and walking and… (good exercise though) 😛

“Dual Image” – Can you see both a demonic-type face as well as a person looking down at a book reading?

“Face or Hands”?? – A facial image made up entirely of people’s hands – How many hands can you count in this artistic pic?

“Twin Image Deception” – Examine both windows – What do you see? – A closed fist or a naked woman hugging her baby tightly? – This one will definitely play tricks with your eyes 😛

Speaking of playing tricks on your eyes… You might call this one the “Headache Illusion” – Are you able to focus your eyes on this image at all?

Look carefully – How many wolves can you find hidden in this forest drawing?

Take a close look – How many horses can you find hidden in the beautiful painting above?

“National Leaders Tree” – Can you find all 10 faces of world leaders looking at each other “face-to-face” in this strange but unique tree above?

Study this picture carefully – There are 11 human faces hidden in it somewhere – How many can you find?- 8 or more is very perceptive – Good Luck!

Can you read the message here? You may want to try moving further away from your monitor to read this more clearly 😛

If you stare at the hole in the center of this image long enough, you kinda feel the motion somewhat of being sucked into the middle.

Study the drawing above – What do you see at first glance? – An old man with a crown of ivy leaves on his head or do you see two lovers kissing underneath an arch of ivy?

“The Water Mill” – Do you get the sense of it spinning slowly clockwise?

What does this image look like to you? Could it be a steep mountain waterfall – or maybe a ghost invasion – or perhaps an ancient civilization?

Look closely here – Do you simply see a woman strolling towards a bridge or an intense looking man’s face? You may need to move away from the screen to focus better.

Look closely at this creative mousepad – Do you only see a Hispanic man on horseback with a woman shrouded in a body covering on the ground or do you see an old man looking to the left with balding white hair and beard to match?

How many people can you count in this pic? — Wait about 10-15 seconds and count again

Optical Illusions: Seeing Is Not Always Believing

optical-illusions-blackThere’s an age-old adage that says “seeing-is-believing” – Well, that may not necessarily be true all of the time….. even if it IS with your OWN eyes. Sometimes your eyes and brain don’t  function together simultaneously as a team… at least at first glance. Presented here for your enjoyment is a nice little collection or gallery, if you will, of many different varieties of  Optical Illusions collected from around the net. Some of these have been around for decades while others are relatively newer. Whether these optical illusions are conveyed through fractals, photographs, architecture, art, or old-fashion pen and ink, they are bound to remind you again and again that “seeing is NOT always believing.”


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Sharpen Your Visual Skills With These Optical Illusions

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Find The Hidden Images


* Just A Word of CAUTION > Some people are adversely affected to images that are distorted so please be advised – Some of the optical illusions on this post may cause dizziness or possibly epileptic seizures. The latter happens when the brain is unable to grasp the conflicting information received from both of your eyes. If you start feeling dizzy or light-headed when viewing this page, try covering one eye immediately with your hand and either scroll down further or, if necessary, leave the page altogether. Do not close both of your eyes because that can enhance the awkward ill feeling. Most people will NOT be affected by viewing the following images – so sit back – and enjoy – and please pass this page along to your friends. 🙂

Some of these you may need to study a bit to figure out … or to get the full effect.


How many pandas can you discover in this image?


Is DaVinci painting a self-portrait or a man on a burro? – Check out both images carefully



Look carefully here – Do you simply see an older man & woman gazing at each other or can you find a young man serenading 2 young women?

rotating-discs-optical illusion 1



How many faces or creatures can you locate here within Mona Lisa?



Optical Illusions





How many faces or skulls do you see in this image?


Can you find at least 12 faces in the drawing above? How many can you find?





How many horses can you find here?


Stare at the center blue dot for a bit and you will sense the ferris wheel is rotating clockwise





Can you find both woman? One stunning young woman and one weathered older lady



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Check out my latest post (March/2010) with newer as well as many more optical illusions by clicking the link below: 🙂

Here’s one more similar post — but with a twist — a MUST see!! 😛


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