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While doing some web surfing earlier in the day I came across a couple of websites that caught my eye which listed hundreds of strange, weird, old-fashion, unusual or seldom used words from the English language along with what they actually mean or describe. So I thought I’d list a few of the more intriguing ones that caught my attention. Each letter of the alphabet is covered at least once. So go ahead and try to dazzle your friends with brilliance or baffle them them bull@#$% — Enjoy! 🙂

Accismus – When you pretend to be not interested in something or someone, when you really are interested

Anglewitch – Obsolete word meaning a worm used as bait in fishing

Astrobleme – An eroded meteor impact crater

Battologist – Someone who repeats the same thing needlessly or excessively

Bloviate – To speak pompously or in an overbearing way

Bromopnea – Bad breath

Cleptobiosis – The act of plundering food

Crapulous – Relating to drunkenness or drinking of alcohol

Cumberground – Someone who takes up space

Dignotion – A birthmark, tattoo, mole or any other type of distinguishing mark on the body

Drazel – A vagabond wench, hussy or outright slut

Droogish – Relating to the nature or attitudes of a member of a street gang

Eccedentesiast – One who fakes a smile

Emacity – A fondness for buying things

Ergophobic – Someone who fears work

Faineant – A person who does nothing – a loafer – something that is idle

Farctate – The state of being stuffed with food – overeating

Fladge – pornographic literature

Furciferous – acting like a brat – mischievous

Ginglyform – Hinge-shaped

Gradgrind – One who is only interested in the cold, hard facts

Gymnophoria – The sensation that someone is mentally undressing you

Heimganger – A person who stays at home

Hibernacle – a winter retreat (like a cabin) – a hibernating animal

Hoddypeak – a blockhead or a fool

Honeyfugle – To swindle or cheat

Impignorate – to pawn or mortgage something

Inaniloquent – Pertaining to idle talk – to babble or speak foolishly

Ithyphallic – Indecent or obscene

Jargogle – To confuse or mix up things

Jiffle – To fidget or shuffle

Jollux – A rotund person – fat

Jumentous – smelling like horse urine

Kench – to laugh really loud

Knabble – to take small bites or to nibble

Kyriolexy – speaking literally

Lalochezia – The use of foul or abusive language to relieve stress or ease pain

Leggiadrous – being graceful or elegant

Lethologica – the inability to remember an exact word or name for something

Limerance – the initial exhilarating rush of falling in love – the state of being in love

Lubitorium – a service station

Mulligrubs – the state of depression or low in spirit

Mumpsimus – one who sticks obstinately and /or wrongly to their old ways

Mungo – A scavenger or one who extracts valuable things from the trash – nowadays commonly referred to as a “dumpster diver”

Nelipotsomeone who walks without shoes

Nihilarian – A person who deals with things lacking importance

Noceur – a person who stays up late

Nudiustertian – The day before yesterday

Obambulate – to walk around or wander about

Onychophagy – the habit of biting one’s fingernails

Octothorpe – Another name for the symbol ‘#’ on the telephone keypad or keyboard – also known as the ‘pound symbol‘ or ‘number sign’

Orgulous – proud – haughty

Ostrobogulous – bizarre – unusual – interesting – slightly risque or indecent

Panticulation – The stretching of one’s body that often accompanies yawning

Peenge – The act of complaining in a whiny voice

Petrichor – The smell of the first rain of the season after a long dry spell

Phenakism – Deception or trickery – cheating

Philosophunculist – One who pretends to know more than they do to impress others

Phlyarologist – A person who talks gibberish or nonsense

Pogonotrophy – Cultivation or growing of a beard

Polydipsia – The symptom of a person having abnormal or excessive thirst

Pronk – A weak or foolish person

Pulveratricious – Covered with dust

Pyknic – a person that is stocky with a round body, thick trunk and a small frame (in other words – short & fat)

Quaestuary – seeking money or trying to make money

Quagswag – to shake back and forth

Quidnunc – one who always wants to know what’s going on

Rastaquouere – A social climber who tries too hard to be in fashion

Relexification – Replacing a word (or phrase) in one language with a word (or phrase) from another language that corresponds to it

Retroition – Re-entrance or the act of returning – it also means to return to a party after all the goodbyes to retrieve something you forgot or left behind

Scofflaw – Someone who contemptuously breaks the law – especially a law that is hard to enforce

Scopperloit – Rude or rough play

Scrippage – Your baggage and personal belongings

Selcouth – Unfamiliar, rare, strange, marvelous, wonderful

Semiopathy – The tendency to read signs and translate it humorously into inappropriate or sarcastic meanings (check out my posts on funny, creative & weird signs for several examples)

Slubberdegullion – A filthy slobbering person

Snollygoster – A dishonest politician (geez, there’s enough to choose from – take you pick) 🙂

Steatopygic – having a fat behind

Sybarite – A person who is devoted to a life of luxury and sensual pleasure

Tachyphagia – Rapid or hasty eating – eating food fast

Testudineous – To be as slow as a tortoise

Troke – To fail or to deceive – unable to do something

Tropology – The use of metaphors in writing or while speaking

Tyrotoxism – To be poisoned by cheese

Ubiquarian – someone who goes everywhere

Ultracrepidarian – one who offers opinions or speaks on matters beyond their own knowledge

Vagarious – erratic or unpredictable in behavior or direction

Ventripotent – gluttonous or having a big belly

Viraginity – Masculine qualities in a woman

Voculation – Type of speaking where you give proper pronunciation and enunciation – to properly accent every word (A good example is Alex Trebek from TV’s Jeopardy)

Widdiful – Someone who deserves to be hanged

Windlestraw – A person who is tall, thin and unhealthy looking

Woofits – An unwell feeling or depression – also a hangover

Xanthippe – An ill-tempered woman

Xenology – The study of extraterrestrial phenomena

Xerophagy – A diet of bread and water

Yaffle – A green woodpecker

Yepsen – When you cup your hands to drink water out of the faucet or to form a bowl with your hands to receive food

Yisel – A hostage

Youf – A bark that is muffled

Zabernism – The abuse of military power or authority

Zoilist – A person who thoroughly enjoys finding fault with others or in things around him

Many of the words listed above are not easily found in most dictionaries. For additional research, you’ll need a decent unabridged or specialty dictionary (either online or the old fashion reference type)


Amusing Oxymorons

Definition of Oxymoron

Oxymorons are literary figures of speech usually composed of a pair of neighboring contradictory words (often within a sentence). A simpler way of saying this is … An oxymoron is a combination of words that contradict each other. However, this is not always the case. Webster’s Dictionary defines oxymoron as “a combination of contradictory or incongruous words”.


"jumbo shrimp"

Oxymorons can be used for dramatic effect, such as crash landing and deafening silence. They can also be amusing or comical, such as in criminal justice. Clearly this is not an oxymoron in the true and strict sense, but the suggestion that it is oxymoronic is humorous.

Perhaps the most well-known of all oxymorons is Jumbo Shrimp, at least in the United States. Now in the UK, a Jumbo Shrimp is better known as a King Prawn.


Take a good look at the paragraph below – –  Notice anything strange about it?

It makes some sort of sense — but it is loaded with contradictions as well.

These are called oxymorons.

Now read the paragraph that follows.

Have you ever noticed that it’s simply impossible to find seriously funny oxymorons online? The only choice is to ask one of those paid volunteers at the library – the ones in the long-sleeved T-shirts – for an original copy of some obviously obscure documents that were found missing amongst some paperwork almost exactly one hundred years ago.


Here is a collection of 100 amusing oxymorons — That is oxymorons in a “loose sense” of the word — Enjoy 🙂

  1. accidentally on purpose
  2. act naturally
  3. adult children
  4. Advanced BASIC
  5. alone together
  6. almost done
  7. almost exactly
  8. almost perfect
  9. Anarchy Rules!
  10. barely dressed
  11. bitter sweet
  12. blind eye
  13. butt-head
  14. clean dirt
  15. clearly confused
  16. clearly misunderstood
  17. clogged drain
  18. constant change
  19. constant variable
  20. crash landing
  21. criminal justice
  22. deafening silence
  23. definite maybe
  24. definite possibility
  25. detailed summary
  26. Dodge Ram
  27. dry lake
  28. even odds
  29. exact estimate
  30. extinct life
  31. fail safe
  32. first annual
  33. found missing
  34. free love
  35. free trade
  36. freezer burn
  37. friendly fire
  38. front end
  39. fuzzy logic
  40. genuine imitation
  41. good grief
  42. Great Depression
  43. Hell’s Angels
  44. high ground
  45. Holy War
  46. home office
  47. hot chili
  48. ill health
  49. industrial park
  50. inside out
  51. jumbo shrimp
  52. larger half
  53. legally drunk
  54. light tanks
  55. liquid gas
  56. living dead
  57. long-sleeved T-shirt
  58. loose tights
  59. mild sensation
  60. military intelligence
  61. minor crisis
  62. near miss
  63. new tradition
  64. now then
  65. numb sensation
  66. obviously obscure
  67. old news
  68. once again
  69. only choice
  70. open secret
  71. original copy
  72. paid volunteer
  73. Park Drive
  74. peace force
  75. peacekeeping missile
  76. plastic glasses
  77. plastic silverware
  78. pretty ugly
  79. real phony
  80. recent history
  81. rolling stop
  82. same difference
  83. sanitary landfill
  84. seriously funny
  85. silent scream
  86. simply impossible
  87. stand down
  88. stationary orbit
  89. student teacher
  90. sweet sorrow
  91. Sweet Tart
  92. taped live
  93. tight slacks
  94. tragic comedy
  95. turn up missing
  96. unbiased opinion
  97. vegetarian meatballs
  98. virtual reality
  99. working holiday
  100. working vacation

I know there have to be more oxymorons out there but this was all I was able to come up with for now. Can you think of any others that I missed or overlooked? Your input is encouraged in the comment section below…..

Here are some visual images of oxymorons that need no explanation – They kinda “speak” for themselves ……….




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