Fake Ad Contest Highlights

Over the past few months our local weekly advertising newspaper decided to put on an amusing promotion/contest to encourage more thorough readership of the classified ad section. The idea was to have readers spot the fake ads before a given deadline  and submit them (by mail or in person) to its local office to be put into a weekly drawing. The first three correct entries drawn each week would win dining certificates to local eateries. Not a bad promotion and very low-key – Pretty good ‘PR’ also –

As you read these, do keep in mind these listings are FAKE and the website listings are FICTICIOUS. The samples listed below are some of the better ones that are actually kinda clever and funny.

Enjoy 😛

Winning ads from the SPOT THE FAKE AD CONTEST

  • Is The Time Change Causing Rooster Rucus?

Amazing new training tape for local birds – Just play our special tapes 5 nights in a row and your roosters will shift their crowing to the new time automatically! Works in all time zones – Order yours today at http://www.crow-on-cue.com

  • Reusable Firewood

Save $$$ with specialty firewood – After burnt down to ashes, simply add water and hand-form back into log shapes – No Chemicals – Completely Organic – 18’ lengths of Oak, Cedar, Fir & Madrone – Patent pending – Order Today and get a FREE custom-made measuring cup plus pair of latex gloves with your purchase – To order visit http://www.ashes2wood.com

  • Did Your Tree Trimmer Get A Little Carried Away?

Limb Re-attaching & Tree Reconstruction Services – We send our top-notch, hyperactive team to find, glue & tape missing branches, limbs & leaves – No Guarantees – No Charge – It’s Our Hobby! Check us out at http://www.TweekTrees.com

  • Facial Cleansing Mask

Guaranteed to unclog huge pores – rips away those unwanted zits – exfoliates three layers of skin while removing unwanted eyelashes – Put it on before going to bed on Friday night – Toss it down the commode when you wake up Monday morning – They’re Biodegradable too! Get ‘em before they harden at http://www.GooberFacials.com

  • Why Deprive Yourself During The Holidays?

Enjoy extra holiday helpings and treats without guilt this Thanksgiving – Just slip into this new revolutionary girdle that allows you to eat three times as much without anyone noticing! Special “manly” truss also available for males. Do not remove before Valentine’s Day! – Get 2 For 1 if ordered before Thanksgiving! http://www.Gobble-N-Go.com