Songs About The Apocalypse Doomsday & The End of the World

doomsday 12.21.12

Well…. the long awaited day of reckoning is finally here….. 12/21/12

The loooong predicted date with destiny, known affectionately as Doomsday, is upon us due to the ancient Mayan “long count” Calendar finishing up it’s lengthy cycle today, which actually started 5,125-years back.

apocalypse-2012For those expecting solar flares to singe the earth’s surface, mass volcanic erruptions, mountains to collapse into the ocean, birds to plummet from the skies, meteors and planets to collide, crash, burn or explode, such awe-inspiring sights would seem to demand an encore musical soundtrack…. a well choreographed, synced-up, apocalypse-themed playlist. So…. If it’s truly the end of the world, gather the family, including the pets, friends and/or neighbors, grab your favorite “winter-time” beverage (as today is the first day of winter also, at least in the northern hemisphere) and enjoy the show with your favorite tunes you customized from the playlist below.

doomsday 2012And even if Doomsday doesn’t materialize this time around, you will always have it handy for the next time around.

So I present to you a somewhat extended list of songs which feature either an “apocalyptic” or a “post-apocalyptic” theme within it’s title or throughout it’s content. I know there’s more out there, but this should be a great start covering many genres of music to create your very own playlist when the mood strikes!

Enjoy the “end times” with choice music…. and if you’re still around afterwards, feel free to comment or add additional songs that you think should be here, at the bottom of this post.

Doomsday 2012:

An Apocalyptic Playlist

Songs About The Apocalypse, Doomsday & The End of the World

‘2 Minutes To Midnight’ – Iron Maiden

’99 Red Balloons’ (’99 Luftballons’ in German) – Nena

‘After Forever’ – Black Sabbath

‘All Along The Watchtower’ – Jimi Hendrix

‘Aenima’ – Tool

‘And Further On’ – Jethro Tull

‘Another Way To Die’ – Disturbed

‘Apocalypse Dreams’ – Tame Impala

‘Apocolypse Now’ – Squad Five-O

‘Apocalypse Please’ – Muse

‘Apocalypso’ – The Motels

‘Armageddon’ – Gamma Ray

‘Armageddon Blues’ – The Uninvited

‘Bad Moon Rising’ – Creedence Clearwter Revival

‘Before The Deluge’ – Jackson Browne

‘Black Hole Sun’ by Soundgarden

‘Calamity Song’ – The Decemberists

‘Christmas At Ground Zero’ – “Weird Al” Yankovic

‘Children of The Sun’ – Billy Thorpe

‘Countdown To Extinction’ – Megadeth

‘Day of Reckoning’ – Warrior

‘Doomsday Clock’ – Smashing Pumpkins

‘Doomsday Jesus’ – Black Label Society

‘(Don’t Fear) The Reaper’ – Blue Oyster Cult

‘Don’t Open ‘Til Doomsday’ – The Misfits

‘Dust In The Wind’ – Kansas

‘Earth Died Screaming’ – Tom Waits

‘End of the Line’ – Traveling Wilburys

‘End Times’ – Eels

‘Epitaph’ – King Crimson

‘Eve Of Destruction’ – Barry McGuire

‘Everyday Is Like Sunday’ – Morrissey

‘Five Years’ – David Bowie

‘Floods’ – Pantera

‘For Whom The Bell Tolls’ – Metallica

‘Four Winds’ – Bright Eyes

‘Gimme Shelter’ – Rolling Stones

‘Goodbye Cruel World’ – Pink Floyd

‘Gypsy’ – Moody Blues

‘Have You Seen The Stars Tonight’ – Jefferson Starship

‘Hellbound Train’ – Savoy Brown

‘Hells Bells’ – AC/DC

‘Here Comes The Flood’ – Peter Gabriel

‘Humanity’ – Scorpions

‘Idioteque’ – Radiohead

‘In This Twilight’ – Nine Inch Nails

‘It’s The End of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)’ – REM

‘Judgement Day’ – Van Halen

‘Knockin On Heaven’s Door’ – Bob Dylan

‘Knockin On Heaven’s Door’ – Guns N Roses

‘Last Day On Earth’ – Marilyn Manson

‘Last Night of The World’ – Bruce Cockburn

‘Last Night On Earth’ – Green Day

‘Last Page of History’ – Godley & Creme

‘My Apocalypse’ – Arch Enemy

‘Nothing But Flowers’ – Talking Heads

‘Out of Time’ – Rolling Stones

‘Preaching The End of The World’ – Chris Cornell

‘Progenies of The Great Apocalypse’ – Dimmu Borgir

‘Rapture’ – Blondie

‘Red Skies’ – The Fixx

‘Run Like Hell’ – Pink Floyd

‘Silent Running’ – Mike & The Mechanics

 Sound of The Apocalypse ‘ – Black Bonzo

‘South of Heaven’ – Slayer

‘Spirit In The Sky’ – Norman Greenbaum

‘Symphony of Destruction’ – Megadeath

‘The Apocalypse Song’ – St. Vincent

‘The Catalyst’ – Linkin Park

‘The Day The World Went Away’ – Nine Inch Nails

‘The End’ – The Beatles

‘The End’ – The Doors

‘The End Is The Beginning Is The End’ – Smashing Pumpkins

‘The End of The World’ – The Cure

‘The End of The World’ – Bob Geldof

‘The End of The World’ – Gary Moore

‘The End of The World’ – Skeeter Davis

‘The Final Countdown’ – Europe

‘The Flames of The End – At The Gate

‘The Four Horsemen’ by Metallica

‘The House At Pooneil Corners’ – Jefferson Airplane

‘The Number of The Beast’ – Iron Maiden

‘The Other Side’ – Aerosmith

‘The Raven’ (Edgar Alan Poe)– Alan Parsons Project

‘The Wicked End’ – Avenged Sevenfold

‘This World Over’ – XTC

‘Through The Fire & Flames’ – Dragonforce

‘Til The World Ends’ – Three Dog Night

‘Time’ – Alan Parsons Project

‘Time Has Come Today’ – Chamber Brothers

‘Two Suns In The Sunset’ – Pink Floyd

‘Until the End of the World’ – U2

‘Waiting For The End of The World’ – Elvis Costello

‘Waiting For The Rapture’ – Oasis

‘We Will All Go Together When We Go’ – Tom Lehrer

‘We Will Become Silhouettes’ – The Postal Service

‘When The Man Comes Around’ – Johnny Cash

‘When The World Ends’ – Dave Matthews Band

‘When the World Is Running Down,You Make the Best of What’s Still Around’ – The Police

‘World Destruction’ – Zone Time

Save this one for the encore…..

‘O Fortuna’ from Carmina Burana

apocalypse earth exploding