Best Times To Get Things Done

Your Guide for the Best Times To Do Stuff or Get Things Done

For many the early morning is the best time of day to get things accomplished and if you set a routine, it sure makes things easier. The quiet of the day helps create a pleasant environment. This is especially true for chores around the house, personal exercise and hygiene, menial tasks, and even for small nearby errands such as post office, bank, cleaners, a quick trip to the store, etc.

Now, as far as other times for the rest of the day go, here is a basic guide that may help you minimize your wait time to get other things done. Now I’m sure that, on occasion, there will be extenuating circumstances that won’t allow you to follow some of these suggestions, but let this serve simply as a helpful guide.

Best Time of Day to Get a Prescription Filled –

pharmacist-giving-prescription-clipartYour best bet for the shortest wait time is usually late morning between 10 am and noon. Most pharmacies are usually very busy when they first open, as well as during the  lunch hour. Then again there is a longer wait in the late afternoon, after 4 pm, until closing time.


Best Time of Day to Get an Oil Change –

oil-change-car-on-rackYour best bet here is just before closing time, especially if you’re going to a regional or national oil change outlet location. Why? Earlier in the day, when they have more time, they will give you car a quick look and recommend a variety of repairs or replacement parts that is one of their goals — to ‘upsell’ you. At the end of the day, they are more likely to just get the oil change done and send you on your way.


Best Time of Day to Go to the DMV (Dept. of Motor Vehicles) –

dmv-family-guySimply think M-I-D-D-L-E ….. It’s all about the middle. For the least amount of time waiting, head to the DMV in the middle of the month, middle of the week and either mid-morning or mid-afternoon. It might also save you substantial time if you are able to schedule an appointment in advance.


Best Time of Day to Buy Shoes –

Shoe Salesman Helping a Senior Woman Try on Shoes in a Shoe Store ClipartIn this case, go in the late afternoon. The reason being that your feet will have swollen to their largest size of the day – that way you can find a shoe that isn’t too tight when the later part of the day comes around.


Best Day of the Week to Exercise –

after-exerciseMonday….. because it sets the psychological tone for the rest of the week. People who work out on Mondays are usually more likely to exercise the rest of the week. Also, the early morning hours are best for your daily routine as it gears you up for the rest of the day.


Best Time of Day to Have Your Picture Taken –

photographerLate morning or early afternoon when the puffiness from your face and/or head is gone from the previous night’s sleep and fatigue of the day hasn’t had a chance to kick in yet.


Best Time to Fly –

airplane-with-peopleAround the lunch hour … noon-ish — You’ll avoid the biggest crowds and the rush of business people during workday commutes. Best day of the week: Saturday. There are fewer flights, shorter lines, less hassle and flights are more likely to be on time.


Best Day of the Week to Eat Dinner Out –

restaurant-dining-family-clipartTuesday. Restaurants usually don’t get deliveries of fresh foods over the weekend and many are closed on Mondays. Therefore, fresh food is typically delivered on Tuesday, which also happens to be a day when fewer people eat out.


Best Day of the Week to Ask for a Raise –

asking-for-raise-clipartThursday or Friday. People are more open to negotiation on those days because they want to finish their workweek with a minimum of conflict. Also, be sure to avoid Wednesday. That’s when tensions tend to peak.