Bizarre Culinary Choices From Around The Globe

Bizarre Culinary Choices From Around The Globe

Here you will find a small sampling of bizarre or odd things that people eat from around the world. Now every culture tends to invent or savor food that is weird or disgusting – but only to those ‘outsiders’ from other parts of the globe. Many of these culinary delights are very normal to the locals and probably have been passed down from generation to generation. However, most of us here in America, as well as Canada and Great Britain, consider these strange foods as abnormal or disgusting and give many of us a ‘gag-reflex’ to even look at them, let alone to see or smell them up close. If you’re weak-of-heart or easily upset, you may not want to view the pictures below – You have been warned!

Ortolan Bunting

ortolan-buntingOnly 16 centimeters in length, this pretty songbird has a striking yellow body with a greenish-gray head. The Ortolan has a special mention in Larousse Gastromonique, the world famous French food gospel. Though it is illegal to sell these little birdies, it isn’t against the law to relish them. Traditionally the bird is caught and kept in a cage for about four days, where it is overfed to make it three times its size. After stuffing it to the brim, the Ortolan is drowned in cognac and roasted to make it crunchy.


Sugar Ants and Kangaroo Tail

sugar-antThe home of the Great Barrier Reef, great surfing and snorkeling, the home of Koala Bears and Kangaroos – That is what comes to mind when thinking of the land down-under, Australia. But did you know that Australians absolutely delight to gulping down sugar ants and kangaroo tails? Known to taste like sugary candies, these ants are often eaten during special occasions in Aussie land. A recent report by Greenpeace suggested that eating kangaroo meat will help Australia in controlling its carbon footprint. In addition, it is considered to be a delicious ‘superfood’. Now all you need to do is muster up some courage…


Canned Monkey Meat

monkey-meatJudging by the evolution theory (if that is your belief), eating our ancestors may not sound like the best idea. But that doesn’t stop Africans from having canned monkey meat every now and then. Some eateries in Africa, also dish out smoked monkey meat in various sauces; tomato sauce, peanut sauce, etc. Take your pick – Mmmmmm!


Calf Brains

calf-brainsIf you thought kangaroo’s tail was weird – this one will blow your mind! Savored in France and Mexico, baby cow brains  (aka calf brains) can be labeled a very controversial dish. A lot of locals refrain from trying it out because they fear getting the infamous “Mad Cow Disease”.


Horse Meat

horse-meat-packagedIf you happen to be a horse-lover or if riding a galloping horse is one of your favorite hobbies, then you probably are not going to like this one. Horse meat is actually lean and delicious. Served all over Europe, this one definitely gets thumbs up.


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