Amazing Ability of The Human Mind

The human mind is incredibly amazing….. and powerful as well if put to a test.

Speaking of tests…..

Try reading the following paragraph and see if you have any problem in doing so – Good Luck!

Were you able to do so without too much effort or hesitation?

Research has proven that the average person can read this with little effort – but only if the first and last letter are placed in the proper order.

Amzanig — ins’t it?

yaeh….. and I awlyas thuohgt slpeling was ipmorant 😛

Brain Teaser Color Test

Sometimes it’s an all-out battle between what your eyes are seeing and what your brain is processing – resulting in confusion of the most frustrating kind! This truly is a brain-teaser!

Try this experiment for yourself and see how far you get before messing up……….


Questionable Thought Process

man-scratching-headHave you ever wondered how someone comes up with names of things or words that mean the opposite of what they are really meant to describe? There’s a questionable thought process involved here somewhere. If you think about it, there are quite a few examples of them in the English language. Here are a few to start you off .

There’s gotta be tons more out there – Do any more come to mind off the top of your head?

  • Why is it that we park on driveways and drive on parkways?
  • Why is it that freight packages sent on trucks are called shipments and freight packages sent on ships are called cargo?
  • Why are they called apartments when they are all stuck together?
  • Why is the man who invests all of your money called a broker?
  • When the stars are out they are visible, but when the lights are out, they are invisible.
  • Who tastes dog food when it says ‘new & improved’ flavor on the label?
  • If lawyers can be disbarred and clergymen can be defrocked, doesn’t it make sense that electricians can be delighted, musicians denoted, cowboys deranged, models deposed, tree surgeons debarked and dry cleaners depressed?

Here are a few more to ponder that I came across recently…..

  • Why is it that if someone tells you that there are 1 billion stars in the universe you will believe them, but if they tell you that the bench has wet paint you will have to touch it to be sure?
  • If people from Poland are called “Poles,” why aren’t people from Holland called “Holes?”
  • The shortest sentence in the English language is reportedly, “I am” . So isn’t it possible that “I Do” might be considered the longest sentence?
  • When cheese gets its picture taken, what does it say?

Strange & Obscure Words To Expand Your Vocabulary With


Improve or Expand Your Vocabulary…

Impress or Baffle Your Friends…

Empower Yourself With New Words…obscure-word-collage

While doing some web surfing earlier in the day I came across a couple of websites that caught my eye which listed hundreds of strange, weird, old-fashion, unusual or seldom used words from the English language along with what they actually mean or describe. So I thought I’d list a few of the more intriguing ones that caught my attention. Each letter of the alphabet is covered at least once. So go ahead and try to dazzle your friends with brilliance or baffle them them bull@#$% — Enjoy! 🙂

Accismus – When you pretend to be not interested in something or someone, when you really are interested

Anglewitch – Obsolete word meaning a worm used as bait in fishing

Astrobleme – An eroded meteor impact crater

Battologist – Someone who repeats the same thing needlessly or excessively

Bloviate – To speak pompously or in an overbearing way

Bromopnea – Bad breath

Cleptobiosis – The act of plundering food

Crapulous – Relating to drunkenness or drinking of alcohol

Cumberground – Someone who takes up space

Dignotion – A birthmark, tattoo, mole or any other type of distinguishing mark on the body

Drazel – A vagabond wench, hussy or outright slut

Droogish – Relating to the nature or attitudes of a member of a street gang

Eccedentesiast – One who fakes a smile

Emacity – A fondness for buying things

Ergophobic – Someone who fears work

Faineant – A person who does nothing – a loafer – something that is idle

Farctate – The state of being stuffed with food – overeating

Fladge – pornographic literature

Furciferous – acting like a brat – mischievous

Ginglyform – Hinge-shaped

Gradgrind – One who is only interested in the cold, hard facts

Gymnophoria – The sensation that someone is mentally undressing you

Heimganger – A person who stays at home

Hibernacle – a winter retreat (like a cabin) – a hibernating animal

Hoddypeak – a blockhead or a fool

Honeyfugle – To swindle or cheat

Impignorate – to pawn or mortgage something

Inaniloquent – Pertaining to idle talk – to babble or speak foolishly

Ithyphallic – Indecent or obscene

Jargogle – To confuse or mix up things

Jiffle – To fidget or shuffle

Jollux – A rotund person – fat

Jumentous – smelling like horse urine

Kench – to laugh really loud

Knabble – to take small bites or to nibble

Kyriolexy – speaking literally

Lalochezia – The use of foul or abusive language to relieve stress or ease pain

Leggiadrous – being graceful or elegant

Lethologica – the inability to remember an exact word or name for something

Limerance – the initial exhilarating rush of falling in love – the state of being in love

Lubitorium – a service station

Mulligrubs – the state of depression or low in spirit

Mumpsimus – one who sticks obstinately and /or wrongly to their old ways

Mungo – A scavenger or one who extracts valuable things from the trash – nowadays commonly referred to as a “dumpster diver”

Nelipotsomeone who walks without shoes

Nihilarian – A person who deals with things lacking importance

Noceur – a person who stays up late

Nudiustertian – The day before yesterday

Obambulate – to walk around or wander about

Onychophagy – the habit of biting one’s fingernails

Octothorpe – Another name for the symbol ‘#’ on the telephone keypad or keyboard – also known as the ‘pound symbol‘ or ‘number sign’

Orgulous – proud – haughty

Ostrobogulous – bizarre – unusual – interesting – slightly risque or indecent

Panticulation – The stretching of one’s body that often accompanies yawning

Peenge – The act of complaining in a whiny voice

Petrichor – The smell of the first rain of the season after a long dry spell

Phenakism – Deception or trickery – cheating

Philosophunculist – One who pretends to know more than they do to impress others

Phlyarologist – A person who talks gibberish or nonsense

Pogonotrophy – Cultivation or growing of a beard

Polydipsia – The symptom of a person having abnormal or excessive thirst

Pronk – A weak or foolish person

Pulveratricious – Covered with dust

Pyknic – a person that is stocky with a round body, thick trunk and a small frame (in other words – short & fat)

Quaestuary – seeking money or trying to make money

Quagswag – to shake back and forth

Quidnunc – one who always wants to know what’s going on

Rastaquouere – A social climber who tries too hard to be in fashion

Relexification – Replacing a word (or phrase) in one language with a word (or phrase) from another language that corresponds to it

Retroition – Re-entrance or the act of returning – it also means to return to a party after all the goodbyes to retrieve something you forgot or left behind

Scofflaw – Someone who contemptuously breaks the law – especially a law that is hard to enforce

Scopperloit – Rude or rough play

Scrippage – Your baggage and personal belongings

Selcouth – Unfamiliar, rare, strange, marvelous, wonderful

Semiopathy – The tendency to read signs and translate it humorously into inappropriate or sarcastic meanings (check out my posts on funny, creative & weird signs for several examples)

Slubberdegullion – A filthy slobbering person

Snollygoster – A dishonest politician (geez, there’s enough to choose from – take you pick) 🙂

Steatopygic – having a fat behind

Sybarite – A person who is devoted to a life of luxury and sensual pleasure

Tachyphagia – Rapid or hasty eating – eating food fast

Testudineous – To be as slow as a tortoise

Troke – To fail or to deceive – unable to do something

Tropology – The use of metaphors in writing or while speaking

Tyrotoxism – To be poisoned by cheese

Ubiquarian – someone who goes everywhere

Ultracrepidarian – one who offers opinions or speaks on matters beyond their own knowledge

Vagarious – erratic or unpredictable in behavior or direction

Ventripotent – gluttonous or having a big belly

Viraginity – Masculine qualities in a woman

Voculation – Type of speaking where you give proper pronunciation and enunciation – to properly accent every word (A good example is Alex Trebek from TV’s Jeopardy)

Widdiful – Someone who deserves to be hanged

Windlestraw – A person who is tall, thin and unhealthy looking

Woofits – An unwell feeling or depression – also a hangover

Xanthippe – An ill-tempered woman

Xenology – The study of extraterrestrial phenomena

Xerophagy – A diet of bread and water

Yaffle – A green woodpecker

Yepsen – When you cup your hands to drink water out of the faucet or to form a bowl with your hands to receive food

Yisel – A hostage

Youf – A bark that is muffled

Zabernism – The abuse of military power or authority

Zoilist – A person who thoroughly enjoys finding fault with others or in things around him

Many of the words listed above are not easily found in most dictionaries. For additional research, you’ll need a decent unabridged or specialty dictionary (either online or the old fashion reference type)


8 Common Grammar & Spelling Mistakes

Just a quick post here this time. Below you will find 8 simple yet very common grammar and/or spelling mistakes that many of us make when writing or typing on a somewhat frequent basis. See if any of these apply to you…..

(1) – YOU’RE and YOUR

If you are not sure when to use which word, you are not alone. This is one of the most common mistakes made by many folks.

The difference is actually quite simple…..

* You’re – is used as a substitute or contraction (shorter form) for the words “you are”

* Your – is used when referring to something that belongs to the person that you are speaking to.

(2) – IT’S and ITS

* It’s (with an apostrophe) – replaces “It is” or “It has.” (It’s easy to remember!)

* Its (with no apostrophe) – refers to something that belongs to “it.” (Its meaning is clear!)


* They’re – is short for “They are.”

* Their – refers to something that belongs to “them.”

* There – is simply “not here.”

(4) – TO and TOO

* When you mean “overly,” add the extra O.

(5) – LOOSE and LOSE

* Lose – When what you want to say is the “opposite of find” — then lose the extra O.

* Loose – is the “opposite of tight”.


Tons of people use this word but the truth is — it doesn’t exist!

The real word is regardless.

(7) – ALOT

Anyone who thinks this is a word is mistaken (wrong).

If you’ve ever written this word, what you probably meant to say was either a lot (meaning “many”) or allot (to ration or allocate).

(8) – AHOLD

That word should actually be split in two.

It should actually be — “a hold.


Amusing Oxymorons

Definition of Oxymoron

Oxymorons are literary figures of speech usually composed of a pair of neighboring contradictory words (often within a sentence). A simpler way of saying this is … An oxymoron is a combination of words that contradict each other. However, this is not always the case. Webster’s Dictionary defines oxymoron as “a combination of contradictory or incongruous words”.


"jumbo shrimp"

Oxymorons can be used for dramatic effect, such as crash landing and deafening silence. They can also be amusing or comical, such as in criminal justice. Clearly this is not an oxymoron in the true and strict sense, but the suggestion that it is oxymoronic is humorous.

Perhaps the most well-known of all oxymorons is Jumbo Shrimp, at least in the United States. Now in the UK, a Jumbo Shrimp is better known as a King Prawn.


Take a good look at the paragraph below – –  Notice anything strange about it?

It makes some sort of sense — but it is loaded with contradictions as well.

These are called oxymorons.

Now read the paragraph that follows.

Have you ever noticed that it’s simply impossible to find seriously funny oxymorons online? The only choice is to ask one of those paid volunteers at the library – the ones in the long-sleeved T-shirts – for an original copy of some obviously obscure documents that were found missing amongst some paperwork almost exactly one hundred years ago.


Here is a collection of 100 amusing oxymorons — That is oxymorons in a “loose sense” of the word — Enjoy 🙂

  1. accidentally on purpose
  2. act naturally
  3. adult children
  4. Advanced BASIC
  5. alone together
  6. almost done
  7. almost exactly
  8. almost perfect
  9. Anarchy Rules!
  10. barely dressed
  11. bitter sweet
  12. blind eye
  13. butt-head
  14. clean dirt
  15. clearly confused
  16. clearly misunderstood
  17. clogged drain
  18. constant change
  19. constant variable
  20. crash landing
  21. criminal justice
  22. deafening silence
  23. definite maybe
  24. definite possibility
  25. detailed summary
  26. Dodge Ram
  27. dry lake
  28. even odds
  29. exact estimate
  30. extinct life
  31. fail safe
  32. first annual
  33. found missing
  34. free love
  35. free trade
  36. freezer burn
  37. friendly fire
  38. front end
  39. fuzzy logic
  40. genuine imitation
  41. good grief
  42. Great Depression
  43. Hell’s Angels
  44. high ground
  45. Holy War
  46. home office
  47. hot chili
  48. ill health
  49. industrial park
  50. inside out
  51. jumbo shrimp
  52. larger half
  53. legally drunk
  54. light tanks
  55. liquid gas
  56. living dead
  57. long-sleeved T-shirt
  58. loose tights
  59. mild sensation
  60. military intelligence
  61. minor crisis
  62. near miss
  63. new tradition
  64. now then
  65. numb sensation
  66. obviously obscure
  67. old news
  68. once again
  69. only choice
  70. open secret
  71. original copy
  72. paid volunteer
  73. Park Drive
  74. peace force
  75. peacekeeping missile
  76. plastic glasses
  77. plastic silverware
  78. pretty ugly
  79. real phony
  80. recent history
  81. rolling stop
  82. same difference
  83. sanitary landfill
  84. seriously funny
  85. silent scream
  86. simply impossible
  87. stand down
  88. stationary orbit
  89. student teacher
  90. sweet sorrow
  91. Sweet Tart
  92. taped live
  93. tight slacks
  94. tragic comedy
  95. turn up missing
  96. unbiased opinion
  97. vegetarian meatballs
  98. virtual reality
  99. working holiday
  100. working vacation

I know there have to be more oxymorons out there but this was all I was able to come up with for now. Can you think of any others that I missed or overlooked? Your input is encouraged in the comment section below…..

Here are some visual images of oxymorons that need no explanation – They kinda “speak” for themselves ……….




Check out more “unusual” signs under the post titled “Amusing Signs That Make You Wonder” For your convenience, here is the link.

Catchphrases, Expressions & Slogans of the 50’s – 60’s – 70’s – 80’s

peace_sign_rainbow_300Here you will find a large assortment of the best known (or long forgotten) slogans, jargons, catchphrases and expressions of the fifties, sixties, seventies and eighties (and a few into the 90’s). Some came from TV shows and commercials. Some are actually symbols or hand gestures. Most were passing fads of  long lost pop culture. A select few even actually stuck around or came back after skipping a generation. They were likely, but not limited, to be found on T-shirts, posters, bumper stickers, buttons, plackards – or doodled on schosmiley-faceol book covers, bedroom doors, closets, walls, high school yearbooks, etc…..I’m sure you get the idea. See how many of these you remember. There are probably a few more that you can think of ….. as I’m sure these will bring back memories of school days, summer fun, bored minds and mischievous adventures. Enjoy!! 🙂

* Check out more catchphrases, taglines, jingles , slogans and mascots from Television’s glorious past. The links are at the end of this posting. Simply scroll down and click!

  1. Flower power
  2. Have a nice day
  3. I’m with stupid –>
  4. Sit on it!keep_on_truckin'
  5. Sit on a happy face
  6. Up your nose with a rubber hose
  7. Kiss my grits
  8. Bag your face
  9. Keep on truckin’
  10. Keep on keepin’ on
  11. Let’s boogie
  12. Sock it to mesitonitfonzbutton
  13. Disco sucks
  14. Easy does it
  15. Try it – You’ll like it
  16. Let it all hang out
  17. Hang ten
  18. What’s your sign?
  19. It’s your thang
  20. You’ve come a long way, baby
  21. Here comes da judgebaby_on_board
  22. Good grief
  23. The devil made me do it
  24. What you see is what you get
  25. Black is beautiful
  26. Black power
  27. Power to the people
  28. Right On!
  29. Rock On!
  30. Far out man
  31. Outta sight!
  32. Rad!PeaceNotWarSmallLogo
  33. That was totally rad!
  34. That was radical, man!
  35. Cool Daddy-O!
  36. Dy-no-mite!!
  37. Shazzam!
  38. Bodacious
  39. Totally rad!
  40. Gnarly Dude!
  41. Funky
  42. Kewl!
  43. Chillhang_ten_hand_sign
  44. Fab
  45. Bitchin’
  46. Groovy
  47. Feelin’ groovy
  48. Psyche!
  49. Psychadelic
  50. Bummer
  51. Mellow out!
  52. Hang in there babyamerica_love_it_or_leave_it
  53. Butterflies are free
  54. To know me is to love me
  55. God is dead
  56. Jesus is coming
  57. Jesus is coming and boy is he going to be pissed
  58. Honk if you love Jesus
  59. Jesus savesmork_and_mindy
  60. Save the whales
  61. Save water – shower with a friend
  62. Save a tree – eat a beaver
  63. Real people wear fake furs
  64. Express yourself
  65. Peace out
  66. Think peace!
  67. Give peace a chance
  68. Make love, not wargive_a_hoot_owl
  69. Make babies, not bombs
  70. One nuclear bomb can ruin your whole day
  71. Ban the bomb
  72. War is not healthy for children and other living things
  73. Suppose they gave a war and nobody came
  74. Draft beer, not boys
  75. POW/MIA – You are not forgotten
  76. Don’t trust anyone over 30
  77. When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns
  78. America – Love it or leave itwheresthebeef
  79. American and proud of it
  80. Keep America beautiful
  81. Give a hoot – don’t pollute
  82. Whip inflation Now [WIN]
  83. I am not a crook
  84. Eat beans – America needs the gas
  85. Get your shit together
  86. Question authority
  87. I’m OK – You’re so-so
  88. Today is the first day of the rest of your life
  89. It’s about time, it’s about space, it’s about time to slap your facespock_livelongandprosper
  90. Nanoo – Nanoo
  91. I can’t believe I ate the whole thing
  92. Plop, plop, fizz, fizz, oh what a relief it is
  93. Where’s the beef?
  94. Live long and prosper
  95. May the force be with you
  96. Beam me up Scotty – There’s no intelligent life here
  97. Virginia is for lovers
  98. Love means never having to say you’re sorrymaytheforcebewithyou
  99. TGIF (Thank God It’s Friday)
  100. You look mahvelous
  101. Well, isn’t that special
  102. No soup for you
  103. Homey don’t play that!
  104. How sweet it it!
  105. Stifle!
  106. Shit happens
  107. Eat shit and dieNo Soup For You
  108. Take it easy
  109. Peace, love, dove
  110. Catch a wave
  111. Life’s a beach
  112. Life’s a bitch and then you die!
  113. Take this job and shove it
  114. Love thy neighbor – but don’t get caught
  115. Love is the answer … what was the question?archiebunker_stifle
  116. Go nekked! (naked)sex-drugs-and-rock-n-roll
  117. Cure virginity
  118. I’m a virgin (this is a very old shirt)
  119. If this van’s a rockin’ – don’t bother knockin’
  120. Smile if you’re horny
  121. If it feels good – Do it
  122. Let’s get it on
  123. Turn me on
  124. Sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll
  125. Let’s get wasted
  126. Party hardy
  127. Suck face
  128. We’re movin’ on upcan_you_dig_it
  129. Born to be wild
  130. Live fast – Die young
  131. Can you dig it?
  132. Go with the flow
  133. Kick out the jams
  134. Cruisin’ for a bruisin’
  135. Phony Baloney
  136. No duh!
  137. Freak out
  138. Freak-me-out
  139. Soulbrother
  140. A friend with weed is a friend indeedmake-my-day
  141. Where there’s dope, there’s hope
  142. Up against the wall, mutherfucka!
  143. Turn in, turn on, drop out
  144. I get high with a little help from my friends
  145. What goes around comes around
  146. A mind is a terrible thing to waste
  147. If it’s too loud, you’re too old
  148. Cancer cures smoking
  149. Love is a many-gendered thingbart_simpson_don'thaveacowman
  150. Have you hugged your kid today?
  151. Baby on board
  152. Baby in trunk
  153. Nobody on board
  154. Choose life
  155. No intelligent life down here
  156. Read my lips
  157. You talkin’ to me?
  158. Go ahead – Make my day
  159. Don’t have a cow, man
  160. Eat my shortsjustsayno
  161. Just say no
  162. Just do it
  163. Go for it
  164. To the max
  165. Book it!
  166. That’s sick!
  167. Don’t mess with ‘the man’
  168. Boogie on down the road
  169. Born to boogie
  170. Born to shop
  171. A woman’s place is in the mallflower_power_peace
  172. Girl’s just want to have fun
  173. Girl’s just want to have funds
  174. The one who dies with the most toys wins
  175. The difference between men and boys is the price of their toys
  176. Ain’t that a kick in the butt
  177. How YOU doin’?
  178. Greed is good
  179. Wanna drag?
  180. Save an alligator – Shoot a preppy
  181. Die yuppie scumhomework_brain_damage-4851
  182. Who shot JR?
  183. May the force be with you
  184. I brake for unicorns
  185. Feel my wrath
  186. Homework causes brain damage
  187. Make me an offer I can’t refuse
  188. Mean people suck
  189. Hate is not a family value
  190. Visualize world peace
  191. Visualize whirled peas
  192. What’s your tale, nightingale?mean-people-suck
  193. What’s buzzin, cuzzin?
  194. Rattle my cage
  195. Pop the clutch
  196. Party pooper
  197. Paper shaker
  198. Catch some zzzzz’s
  199. No sweat
  200. Meanwhile, back at the ranch
  201. Make the scene
  202. Let’s make out
  203. Made in the shadePacman.svg
  204. Crazy, man, crazy!
  205. Like crazy, like wow!
  206. Let’s get crazy
  207. Lay a patch
  208. Later gator
  209. See ya later alligator
  210. After while crocodile
  211. That’s kookie
  212. How’d ya like a knuckle sandwich
  213. That’s a kick
  214. Let’s haul ass!seeyoulater_alligator
  215. Grody to the max!
  216. Goose it!
  217. Get with it
  218. That’s the bomb!
  219. You dig?
  220. Don’t get all bent out of shape
  221. Don’t get your panties in a bunch
  222. Floor it!
  223. Fire that puppy up!
  224. I got dibs on
  225. Cut it out!
  226. Warm it up
  227. He who smelled it, dealt it
  228. 1, 2, 3, beaver (after someone farted)
  229. Like crazy, man!
  230. I’m cranked!
  231. You got creamed
  232. You’ve got kooties
  233. Cool it!
  234. Feel like I’m on cloud 9deadhead
  235. Classy chassis
  236. He’s a cool cat
  237. Let’s burn rubber
  238. They’re bad news
  239. Boob-tubedeadhead_logo
  240. In your face!
  241. Don’t spaz out
  242. Want not, waste not
  243. Good night, John-boy
  244. Catch you on the flip-side
  245. Feel tha funk
  246. Such a ‘putz’
  247. What it is
  248. What’s up?
  249. Airhead
  250. Awesome Possumcool_beans
  251. Backatcha!
  252. Don’t bogart
  253. Be There or be square
  254. I’m bugged out
  255. That’s so bunk
  256. Buzz Off!
  257. Deadhead
  258. What a long strange trip it’s been
  259. Catch my drift?just-kidding
  260. That’s so cheesy
  261. That was really choice man
  262. That was funkadelic
  263. Choke-n-puke
  264. Just kidding!
  265. Cool beans
  266. Pass the doobie
  267. Who cut the cheese?
  268. Way decent!no_dice
  269. Totally dig those shades, man
  270. What a doofus
  271. What a dork
  272. He’s so dorky
  273. Are you down with it?
  274. No dice!
  275. What a drag!
  276. That’s a drag, man
  277. Faked him out
  278. Having a ‘flash back’
  279. fer shure (for sure)take_it_easy_life_is_short
  280. Just testing
  281. Hey foxy lady
  282. She’s pretty foxy
  283. Foxy mama
  284. The “Fuzz”high5
  285. That was a gas
  286. Gag me with a spoon
  287. What a geek
  288. What a nerd
  289. Gee whizz
  290. That’s messed up!
  291. Get real!
  292. Gimme Five
  293. High 5
  294. Gimme some skinMickey_ThatsSwell
  295. That was gnarly!
  296. Good vibes
  297. That’s gross!
  298. Stoners, jocks and nerds
  299. Hey man, how’s it hangin’?
  300. That’s heavy, man
  301. What’s the skinny?
  302. What’s crackin?
  303. Hubba hubba!
  304. Call ya out!
  305. I’m trippin’
  306. You ain’t got Jack Squat
  307. Jive turkey
  308. You ain’t jivin’, man
  309. Keep it real
  310. Killer diller
  311. Later days
  312. That’s nifty
  313. Let it all hang out
  314. Time to ‘peel out’
  315. Give me the lowdown
  316. No way, Jose!
  317. That’s ‘off the hook’!
  318. She’s a real ‘piece of work’
  319. Pop a wheelie
  320. Quit raggin’ on me!
  321. You got reamed!
  322. Say what?
  323. Shotgun!
  324. Smooth move, exlax!
  325. That’s spiffy!
  326. I’m gonna split
  327. Let’s blow this joint
  328. What a square
  329. I’m stoked!
  330. That was swell!
  331. That was sweeeet!
  332. Take a chill pill!
  333. Ten-four, good buddy!
  334. That’s so tubular, man
  335. That’s tight, man
  336. That’s so wicked!
  337. Tight!
  338. Toke
  339. Totally!
  340. That’s sooo trippy!
  341. That’s unreal, man
  342. That was way cool!
  343. What’s happenin?
  344. Wipeout!
  345. Wowzers!
  346. Yeah, right!
  347. Barf me out
  348. Bite me!
  349. Big time!
  350. Quit buggin’ me
  351. That dude is wiggin’
  352. Wannabe
  353. Damn skippy!
  354. Wherever you go, there you are
  355. Don’t worry ….. Be happy

Added 7/8/09

  1. Verrry Eeen-ter-es-ting (Very Interesting) from Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In on TV
  2. Look that up in your Funk and Wagnalls from Laugh-In TV
  3. “One ringy-dingy…two ringy-dingies…” said by Lilly Tomlin on Laugh-In TV
  4. Go To Your Room
  5. You bet your sweet bippy
  6. That’s easy for you to say
  7. And that’s the truth
  8. Ring my chimes
  9. Blow in my ear and I’ll follow you anywhere
  10. Same bat time ….. same bat channel from TV’s Batman
  11. To the moon ….. Alice! said by Jackie Gleason from the Honeymooners TV
  12. Bang ….. zoom!

Added 7/20/09

  1. Hot-diggity-dog
  2. Heavens to Betsy
  3. Holy Moly
  4. Whoa Nelly!
  5. Big Whoop!
  6. Whoop-De-Doo!
  7. Yippie!
  8. Yikes!
  9. Eeee Gads!
  10. Wanna chew the fat?
  11. Saved by the bell
  12. Mind your own bees wax!


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