Gallery of Famous Cartoon Cat Characters Over The Years

Alright CAT lovers everywhere, here’s the long awaited counterpart to the dog list I presented several years back….. about 7 years ago to be exact. The canine post became one of the all-time most popular posts on this site (according to the overall visitor count)

disney-cat-collageOnce again – a little intro… Nostalgia tends to take center stage when it comes to collective thoughts of your favorite childhood felines over the years.  Over the years you’ve encountered cats of various shapes, sizes, colors, spieces as well as dispositions in all sorts of media…..TV, movies, childrens books, comic books, billboards, commercials, advertisements, video games, brand name mascots, products, toys, etc. We’ve been exposed to a sensory overload of images – which kept us entertained. A lot of those memories were embedded in our minds on those Saturday morning cartoons. It’s kinda funny how you’ll remember many of these characters that you haven’t thought about in ages once you come across some of the images below.

So with that being said, there should be quite a number of familiar pictures below that all cat-collagegenerations will recognize, or I should say, American TV audiences primarily, from the pre-1940’s through the present. I’m sure there are some of these that you may still enjoy. The following gallery captures the majority of those felines that really stood out over the years. Many of these can be traced back to the early days of television (1940’s), (a few are even currently on the air). Some evolved from movies, others from the comic strips and funny pages (with many of these dating back to the 1920’s-1930’s). Many classic Disney, Hanna-Barbera, Warner Brothers, MGM, Terrytunes, Nicktoons, Looney Tunes, etc.

Keep in mind that these not only cover house cats but also include the big kitty cats too….. lions, tigers, leopards, panthers, cheetahs, wildcats, cougars, lynx, puma, etc.

Quite a few of these famous feline critters make us laugh with their quirky, irreverent, unique, carefree, styles which we never seem to tire of over the years. Hopefully your favorite is included below. If not, let me know and I’ll see what I can do to find them.


…Pictures are displayed below in alphabetical order to make it easier to use as for reference. This pictorial list be be updated periodically as time & reasearch allows. Your suggestions will also be taken into consideration when possible. Enjoy!!!!!


Gallery of Famous Cartoon Cat Characters

Alex (Alakay)

(from Madagascar)



(from Garfield)



(Toulouse, Berlioz, Marie, Duchess, Thomas O’Malley)



(from The Smurfs)


Babbitt & Catstello



(from Jungle Book)


Bill The Cat (aka Bill D. Cat)

(from Bloom County)


Bonkers T. Bobcat


Bucky Katt

(from Get Fuzzy comic strip)


Butch Cat

(from Tom & Jerry)


Cat In The Hat

(the Dr. Seuss classic)


Cheshire Cat

(from Alice in Wonderland)


Chester Cheetah

(the Cheetos mascot)


Claude Cat

(from Looney Tunes)


Cool Cat

(from Looney Tunes)


Courageous Cat

(from Courageous Cat & Minute Mouse)


Cringer [aka Battlecat]

(from He-Man / Masters of the Universe)


Crusty The Cat

(from Chuck E Cheese)



(from The Aristocats)


Eek The Cat


Exxon Tiger

(mascot from the Exxon Oil Company)


Fat Cat

(from Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers)


Felix The Cat



(from Pinocchio)


Fluff, Muff & Puff

(from Tom & Jerry)



(from Rugrats)


Fraidy Cat


Fritz The Cat

(from the first adult (x-rated) animated movie from the 70’s)






(from Pinocchio)




Hello Kitty



(from Calvin & Hobbes)


Itchy Brother

(from The King & Odie)


King Leonardo

(from The King & Odie / Tennessee Tuxedo)


King Leonidas

(from Bedknobs & Broomsticks)


Klondike Kat


Korky The Cat

(from Dandy comics in the UK)


Lightning & Meathead

(from Tom & Jerry)


Linus the Lionhearted

(the Crispy Critters Cereal lion mascot)


Lippy The Lion

(from Lippy The Lion & Hardy Har Har)



(from Cinderella)



(from Sailor Moon)


M.A.D. Cat (aka Furball)

(antagonist of Inspector Gadget)



(from The Aristocats)



(from Pokemon)



(from Bolt The Movie)


Mr. Jinks

(from Pixie & Dixie)


Mr. Kitty

(from South Park)


Mufasa & Nala

(from Lion King)



(from Garfield)



(from Oliver & Company)



(from Underdog)


Peg-Leg Pete

(from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse)


Penelope Pussycat

(from Pepe Le Pew)


Pink Panther


Punkin Puss


Puss in Boots



(from Marc Antony & Pussyfoot)


Rags The Tiger

(from Crusader Rabbit)



(from Aladdin)



(from Ruff & Reddy)


Sagwa The Chinese Siamese Cat


Scat Cat

(from The Aristocats)



(Itchy & Scratchy from The Simpsons)



(from Josie & The Pussy Cats)


Shere Khan

(from Jungle Book)


Si & Am (The Twin Siamese Cats)

(from Lady & The Tramp)



(from Lion King)


Simon’s Cat

(from the British comic & book series)

Simon Tofield Simon's Cat for Magazine interview. 24 October 2009




(from Snooper & Blabber)



(from The Simpsons)



(from Pac Man the cartoon)



(from Ren & Stimpy)


Sylvester The Cat


Thomas O’Malley

(full name: Abraham de Lacy Giuseppe Casey Thomas O’Malley, the Alley Cat)

(from The Aristocats)



(Lion-O, Jaga, Tygra, Cheetara & Panthro)


Tibbs (Sgt. Tibbs)

(from 101 Dalmations)



(from Winnie The Pooh)



(from Kung Fu Panda)


Tom  (aka Thomas “Tom” Cat)

(from Tom & Jerry)


Tony The Tiger

(the iconic mascot from Kelloggs Frosted Flakes cereal)


Top Cat


Top Cat (with friends)

(TC, Benny The Ball, Choo-Choo, Brain, Fancy-Fancy, Spook, Officer Dibble)



(from Tom & Jerry)


Waffles & Chainsaw

(from Goof Troop)





You Know You’re Over The Hill If…

over-the-hill-clipartYou know, it seems as we grow older, our own perception of being “over the hill” appears to increase as well. But, it never fails that younger members of your family and/or society tend to remind you about that “age” thingy from time to time (how thoughtful of them!). It’s been said many times that age is nothing more than a number. For the most part, that’s true, however, the amount of activity you do, how active you are, the things you’re involved with, the family around you, and your health all determine just how old you really feel.old-folks-with-cane

The list here is referenced from a few sources around the net. Some are probably repetitive. But you just gotta take some things with a grain of salt.

So ……. Here goes!

You know you’re over the hill if….

  • Your back goes out but you stay home
  • You and your teeth don’t sleep together
  • You try to straighten out the wrinkles in your socks and discover you’re not wearing any
  • At the breakfast table you hear snap,crakle,pop and you’re not eating cereal
  • When you wake up looking like your drivers license picture
  • It takes two tries to get up from the couch
  • When you yell at your kids to “turn that darn music down”
  • When your idea of a night out is sitting on the patio
  • When happy hour is a nap
  • When you’re on vacation and your energy runs out before your money does
  • When you say something to your kids that your mother said to you and you always hated it
  • When all you want for your birthday is to not be reminded of your age
  • You go to step off a curb and look down one more time to make sure the street is still there
  • Your idea of weight lifting is standing up
  • It takes longer to rest than it did to get tired
  • Your memory is shorter and your complaining lasts longer
  • Your address book has mostly names that start with Dr.
  • You sit in a rocking chair and can’t get it going
  • The pharmacist has become your new best friend
  • Getting lucky means you found your car in the parking lot
  • The twinkle in your eye is only a reflection from the sun on your bifocals
  • The iron in your blood turns to lead in your pants
  • It takes twice as long to look half as good
  • If everything hurts and what doesn’t hurt doesn’t work
  • If your house catches fire and the first thing you grab is your metamucil
  • You look for your glasses for half an hour and they were on your head the whole time
  • You get two invitations to go out on the same night and you pick the one that gets you home the earliest
  • You sink your teeth into a steak and they stay there
  • You give up all your bad habits and still don’t feel good
  • You get to the check out line,see how long it is,and decide what you have in your buggy isn’t worth the wait
  • You have more patience,but actually it’s just that you don’t care anymore
  • Rocking in a rocking chair feels like a roller coaster ride
  • You confuse having a ‘clear conscience’ with a bad memory
  • You finally ‘get your head together’ and your body starts falling apart
  • You turn off the lights for economic reasons instead of romantic reasons
  • You wonder how you could be over the hill when you don’t even remember being on top of it
  • Getting a little action means your prune juice kicked in
  • You have too much room in your house and not enough room in your medicine chest
  • You wonder why everyone has started mumbling
  • You don’t care where your spouse goes as long as you don’t have to go along
  • Caution is the only thing you excercise
  • You wake up with that morning after feeling and you didn’t go anywhere the night before
  • You’re not worried about losing your looks, only your glasses
  • You find yourself beginning to like accordion music.
  • You’re sitting on a park bench and a Boy Scout comes up and helps you cross your legs.
  • Lawn care has become a big highlight of your life.
  • You tune into the easy listening station… on purpose.
  • You discover that your measurements are now small, medium and large. In that order.
  • You light the candles on your birthday cake and a group of campers form a circle and start singing Kumbaya.
  • Someone compliments you on your layered look… and you’re wearing a bikini.
  • You keep repeating yourself.
  • You start video taping daytime game shows.
  • At the airport, they ask to check your bags… and you’re not carrying any luggage.
  • You wonder why you waited so long to take up macramé.
  • Your Insurance Company has started sending you their free calendar… A month at a time.
  • At cafeterias, you complain that the gelatin is too tough.
  • Your new easy chair has more options than your car.
  • When you do the “Hokey Pokey” you put your left hip out… and it stays out.
  • One of the throw pillows on your bed is a hot water bottle.
  • Conversations with people your own age often turn into “dueling ailments”.
  • You keep repeating yourself.
  • It takes a couple of tries to get over a speed bump.
  • You discover the words, “whippersnapper”, “scalawag” and “by-cracky” creeping into your vocabulary.
  • You’re on a TV game show and you decide to risk it all and go for the rocker.
  • You begin every other sentence with, “Nowadays…”
  • You run out of breath walking DOWN a flight of stairs.
  • You look both ways before crossing a room.
  • Your social security number only has three digits.
  • You keep repeating yourself.
  • You come to the conclusion that your worst enemy is gravity.
  • You go to a Garden Party and you’re mainly interested in the garden.
  • You find your mouth making promises your body can’t keep.
  • The waiter asks how you’d like your steak…and you say “pureed”.
  • You start beating everyone else at trivia games.
  • You frequently find yourself telling people what a loaf of bread used to cost.
  • Your back goes out more than you do.
  • You keep repeating yourself.
  • Cafeteria food starts tasting GOOD.
  • You refer to your $2500 stereo system as “The Hi-Fi.”
  • You make it a point to attend all the RV shows that come to town.
  • You realize that a stamp today costs more than a picture show did when you were growing up.
  • Your childhood toys are now in a museum.
  • Many of your co- workers were born the same year that you got your last promotion.
  • The clothes you’ve put away until they come back in style… come back in style.
  • All of your favorite movies are now revised in color.
  • The car that you bought brand new becomes an antique.
  • You keep repeating yourself.
  • You find this list tasteless and insensitive.


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You Can Tell You’re Getting Old When…


You Can Tell You’re Getting Old When…

dog-mailman-outranYou say you’re feeling your age lately? Well then, I’m sure the following “reminders” will help put things a little more in perspective for you, whether you’re turning 30, 40, 50 or older. I’m sure you could probably add a few more to this list from your own vast personal experiences.

Just remember….. You’re only as old as you feel. 🙂

See how many of these you can relate to.

You can tell you’re getting old when……….

  • You hear someone talk about a Magic Jack and think they’re talking about a childhood game.
  • You need to explain to your teenagers that your collection of “45’s’ is not about a collection of beer cans or handguns.
  • You tell your kids or grand kids about about your favorite childhood toy back then, your “Erector Set” and they get get the idea that you’re talking about something dirty.
  • You’ve recently horrified yourself by using any one of the following phrases: – “When I was younger” – “When I was your age” – “You know, back when…” – “Because I SAID so, that’s why” – “What the HELL is that noise on the radio?”, “Turn that crap down/off!”
  • The movie “2001: A Space Odyssey” was eons into the future.
  • Partying “like it’s 1999” seemed so far away.
  • You remember how to use a rotary phone.
  • You actually remember staying up late enough to watch a channel “go off the air” right after the playing of The Star Spangled Banner and the seeing the screen turn into a “target pattern” with a weird high pitch sound.
  • Schoolhouse Rock played a HUGE part in how you actually learned the English language, learned about the constitution of the United States and solved math equations.
  • You remember when music that was labeled “alternative” really was.
  • You remember when Atari, Betamax and Commodore were considered “cutting edge” of technology.
  • You couldn’t wait to get home from school to see if your unbelievable “Sea Monkeys” kit had come in the mail yet today.
  • You remember when your Amana Radar Range was the revolutionary “cutting edge” appliance.
  • You remember when McDonald’s served their burgers in styrofoam boxes.
  • Atari 2600, IntelliVision and ColecoVision were the ultimate gaming systems to own.
  • You’ve ever uttered the words, “Radical!”, “Bitchin!”, “Far Out” or “Right On!”.
  • You thought that rolling a pack of cigarettes up your t-shirt sleeve meant that you were hip.
  • You actually remember when there were only three channels to choose from.
  • Your first musical purchase was an 8-track tape.
  • You have ever called 867-5309.
  • You still own a pair of  parachute pants, platform shoes or leg warmer.
  • You were in Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts or Brownies and now you have no idea what all the badges and patches you’d earned were for.
  • You held the top score on Pac-Man or Space Invaders.
  • Your hair defied gravity.
  • Your first Walkman weighed about as much as a brick.
  • You remember when cellular phones weighed 15 lbs. and had to be carried in a specially-made suitcase with straps over your shoulder.
  • You remember the days when “safe sex” meant “my parents are gone for the weekend”.
  • You had thoughts of wanting to be on TV’s “Star Search”.
  • You carried you lunch to school in a Gremlins or an ET lunchbox.
  • You were led to believe that by the year 2000 we’d all be living hovering around in “flying modules” like we saw on “The Jetson’s”.
  • Your first computer was either an Adam, Commodore 64 or an Atari 800.
  • You thought that “four-square” was the ultimate playground game and you ruled at it .
  • Your dream car was a tough choice between “The Batmobile”,  “KITT” or “The General Lee”.
  • “Dingbat”, “meathead” and “stifle” are still part of your vocabulary.
  • You still occasionally utter the phrase, “I pity the fool”.
  • You remember the hand gestures for “Nanu Nanu” and “Live long and prosper”.
  • You remember that a guy having his ear pierced  meant either he was “rad cool” or “gay” but can’t remember which ear meant what.
  • You’re starting to view “getting carded” to buy alcohol as a complement or a GOOD thing, and not getting pissed off anymore about not looking old enough.
  • You thought that smoking cigarettes meant you were cool like you saw on television commercials or the movies.
  • You spend a majority of your time in your late 20’s or 30’s obsessing over how much better things were “back then”.
  • You remember when “loafers” were cool and you wore them with everything.
  • You know who “Max Headroom”, “Spuds McKenzie” and “The Noid” are.
  • You can remember the time when “going out for coffee” did NOT involve 9999 selections to choose from.
  • You remember “Friday Night Videos” before the days of MTV.
  • You remember when “Pong” was the “state-of-the-art” or “cutting edge” video game that you couldn’t get enough of.
  • You still occasionally suffer “flashbacks” from your 21st birthday party.
  • You’re starting to believe that maybe 30 isn’t so old after all, but in reality it’s those people over 40 you have to look out for.
  • You had to resort to an actual dictionary or encyclopedia to research information or look up stuff.
  • You remember that it was time to come into the house when the street lights came on.
  • You wore a feather roach clip in your hair from the local fair or carnival because you didn’t know what it was actually for.
  • You still wonder if Mikey died from a lethal cocktail of Pop Rocks and Coca Cola.
  • If you still remember the words to “The Name Game”, “The Night Chicago Died”, “I Will Survive” or “Jessie’s Girl”
  • You remember when your cable TV box had a sliding selector switch and your “cable or VCR remote” was connected to the TV by an actual CORD!
  • You actually remember Mr. Bill, Mrs. Beasley, Lambchop or Howdy Doody.
  • You took family trips BEFORE the invention of the mini-van and remember riding in the back of the station wagon trying to get passing trucks to honk at you.
  • You remember the days when wearing seatbelts in cars and wearing helmets while bike riding weren’t even an issue.
  • You remember the days when you and your friends use to ride your bike over to the local “Speedy Mart” for actual “penny candy” and a “slurpie” in a collectors cup.
  • You learned to swim at about the same time “Jaws” came out… and still carry the emotional scars to prove it.
  • If  you’re a guy, your first love was Ellie May, Jeanie, Marcia Brady, Laurie Partridge, Daisy Duke, Samantha Micelli (Alyssa Milano) or Samantha from Bewitched.
  • If you’re a girl, your first heart throb was Mickey Dolenz, David Cassidy, Shaun Cassidy, Donny Osmond, Rick Springfield, Leif Garrett, Chachi, Paunch or secretly lusted after “Ted, your ship’s photographer” from the Love Boat.
  • You remember having to get off the couch or out of the “beanbag chair” to change the channel on TV.
  • You were not allowed to see “Psycho”, “Valley of The Dolls”, “Midnight Cowboy”, “The Exorcist”, “The Omen”, or “The Blue Lagoon” when they came out.
  • Most of the fillings in your mouth are directly related to Bazooka, Chicklets, Double Bubble or Bubble Yum.
  • You’re currently employed doing something that has absolutely nothing to do with your college major.
  • You can’t remember a time when “hitting the outlet stores” didn’t mean going to an electrical warehouse.


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5 Summer Food Mysteries Revealed

Every now and then we hear things from other people and wonder what truth there may be to the matter. Case in point ….. Here just happens to be some misperceptions about food and what it does or doesn’t do for you. Take a little time to learn and educate yourself so you can be more informed.

PS – By clicking on each image below, you’ll be taken to Yahoo Foods for some wonderful summer recipes that you can make yourself (associated with that particular picture)

True or False?

  • Eating garlic wards off mosquitoes.

> False <

Researchers at the University of Connecticut tested the theory. It didn’t work, but maybe because the participants didn’t eat enough, say the scientists.


True or False?

  • Watermelon isn’t very nutritious ….. It’s all water!

> False <

Watermelon is mostly water > 92 percent < But it also has its share of nutrients. One cup of watermelon provides good amounts of vitamin C and red watermelon contains lycopene, an antioxidant that’s associated with reduced risk for certain types of cancer.


True or False?

  • Licking ice cream is more satisfying than eating it with a spoon.

> True <

According to Kay McMath, a food technologist for New Zealand’s Massey University. “Flavor in ice cream is released when the fat-which carries the flavor-is warmed to at least body temperature,” says McMath. When you lick ice cream it coats the tongue and fully warms the frozen treat. A spoon, on the other hand, insulates the ice cream. And then there’s the psychological aspect of savoring the treat more slowly …..  you just cannot lick ice cream as fast as you can spoon it.


True or False?

  • A piña colada can have as many calories as a cheeseburger.

> True <

Both have about 400 calories. Some of summer’s most popular drinks can boost your daily calorie tally substantially. A margarita has about as many calories (367) as a hot dog with cheese and chili (375). And, from a calorie perspective, drinking a wine cooler is like eating a generous scoop of potato salad.


True or False?

  • The antioxidants in raspberries help keep your heart healthy.

> True <

Two antioxidants which are found in raspberries — anthocyanins (where raspberries get their red) and ellagic acid — are associated with increased levels of “good” HDL cholesterol and lowered blood pressure, two positives when it comes to heart health. The yummy berries are also loaded with vitamin C and are high in fiber.


For more informative articles and advice, check out Eating Well, an excellent source for good food, recipes and healthy eating.

Did You Know? – Strange But True Facts & Trivia

They say that knowledge is power. You’re never suppose to be through acquiring or learning new things just because you’re out of school. Learning should be a lifelong process. Learning something new everyday can assist in making you wiser and helps keep your mind intact by acquiring and absorbing more information. Just like exercise is good for your body, learning something new is basically exercise for your brain. It keeps your mind sharp. Studies have shown it may also be a good way to help delay or fight against dementia.

Some of the facts you’ll find here may already be familiar to you. Some you may even have doubts about. All of the information contained here was derived from multiple sources both on as well as offline. Who knows — It may even prompt you to seek more information if your curiosity gets the best of you!

    1. – Did You Know? ….. Mosquito repellents don’t really “repel”. All they actually do is hide or “camouflage” you. The spray blocks the mosquito’s sensors so they don’t know you are there!

    2. – Did You Know? ….. The first CD pressed in the United States was Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in the USA.”

    3. – Did You Know? ….. Dentists have recommended that a toothbrush be kept a minimum of 6 feet away from a toilet to avoid airborne particles that result from the toilet being flushed.

    4. – Did You Know? ….. If you chew gum while peeling onions, you won’t tear up or cry.

    5. – Did You Know? ….. No piece of paper can be folded in half more than 7 times.

    6. – Did You Know? ….. Honey is the only food that doesn’t spoil.

    7. – Did You Know? ….. You burn more calories sleeping than you do watching television.

    8. – Did You Know? ….. In a deck of cards, the king of hearts is the only king without a mustache.

    9. – Did You Know? ….. Venus is the only planet that rotates clockwise.

    10. – Did You Know? ….. Apples are more efficient at waking you up in the morning than . – caffeine.

    11. – Did You Know? ….. Most dust particles in your house are made from dead skin.

    12. – Did You Know? ….. The more intelligent you are, the more zinc and copper you have in your hair.

    13. – Did You Know? ….. Pearls melt in vinegar.

    14. – Did You Know? ….. Thirty-five percent of the people who use personal ads for dating are already married.

    15. – Did You Know? ….. Turtles can breathe through their butts.

    16. – Did You Know? ….. Butterflies taste with their feet.

    17. – Did You Know? ….. A rat can last longer without water than a camel.

    18. – Did You Know? ….. In 10 minutes, a hurricane releases more energy than all of the world’s nuclear weapons combined.

    19. – Did You Know? ….. Your stomach must produce a new layer of mucus every two weeks or it will digest itself.

    20. – Did You Know? ….. Elephants are the only animals that can’t jump.

    21. – Did You Know? ….. Only one person in two billion will live to be 116 or older.

    22. – Did You Know? ….. Women blink nearly twice as much as men.

    23. – Did You Know? ….. It’s physically impossible for you to lick your elbow.

    24. – Did You Know? ….. Our eyes always remain the same size from birth, but our nose and ears never stop growing.

    25. – Did You Know? ….. By raising your legs slowly while lying on your back, you cannot sink into quicksand.

    26. – Did You Know? ….. An ostrich’s eye is bigger than its brain.

    27. – Did You Know? ….. There are no words in the American dictionary that rhyme with orange, purple and silver.

    28. – Did You Know? ….. TYPEWRITER is the longest word that can be made in the English language using the letters from only one row of the keyboard.

    29. – Did You Know? ….. Because metal was scarce during World War II, all Oscars given out during the Academy Awards were made of wood.

    30. – Did You Know? ….. The first couple to be shown in the same bed together on prime time TV were Fred and Wilma Flintstone.

    31. – Did You Know? ….. “Go,” is the shortest complete sentence in the English language.

    32. – Did You Know? ….. A crocodile cannot stick its tongue out.

    33. – Did You Know? ….. If you place a tiny amount of liquor on a scorpion, it will instantly go mad and sting itself to death.

    34. – Did You Know? ….. The average number of people airborne over the United States at any given hour is approximately 61,000.

    35. – Did You Know? ….. The Guinness Book of World Records holds the record for being the book most often stolen from public libraries.

      Strange, Funny & Stupid Laws That Make You Wonder Why: State By State

      cartoon copAmazingly enough, there are many quirky and peculiar laws still “on the books” (so to speak) in the United States (at least by today’s standards). Quite a few of them are older laws that were never repealed, or long forgotten about as time has passed while others exist for surprising or unknown reasons. A few are simply “bloopers”, maybe due to how they were interpreted over the years ….. It makes me wonder what our lawmakers were actually thinking (or smoking) when these laws were initially enacted ….. who knows? The following is just a sampling of  some of the dumb, funny, intriguing, crazy, strange, weird (sometimes even thought provoking) and downright stupid laws we still have intact (although not necessarily enforced) around this country.

      So here they are — state by state — for your viewing pleasure  – Enjoy 🙂

      PS — Please don’t miss the disclaimer at the bottom of this post …..


      • It is illegal for a driver to be blindfolded while operating a vehicle.
      • It is illegal to marry any animal that is not already a relation.
      • Use of motor boats are forbidden on city streets in Brewerton.
      • Women are able to retain all property they owned prior to marriage in the case of divorce. However, this provision does not apply to men.


      • A person may only carry a concealed slingshot if that person has paid for the appropriate license.
      • It is forbidden to push a moose out of a plane which is in motion.
      • Stealing snow from a neighbors garden to make a snowman is against the law. Using it for an igloo is acceptable.
      • Waking a bear for the purpose of taking photographs is strictly prohibited.


      • Anyone caught stealing soap must wash himself with it until it’s all used up.
      • Elephants must have a bell around their necks to warn swans of their approach.
      • Hunting camels is strictly prohibited.
      • It is an offense to manufacture imitation cocaine.


      • Alligators may not be kept in bathtubs.
      • It’s illegal to mispronounce the name of the state of Arkansas.
      • It is an offense to eat cheese on a Friday unless it is accompanied by a large bottle of beer.
      • In Fayetteville, it’s against the law to make bats and owls into burgers.


      • In Blythe, a person must own at least two cows before they are allowed to wear cowboy boots in public.
      • In Hollywood, it’s illegal to drive more than 2000 sheep down Hollywood Boulevard simultaneously.
      • It is illegal for anyone to try and stop a child from playfully jumping over puddles of water.
      • It is illegal to set a mousetrap without a hunting license.
      • In Belvedere, no dog shall be in a public place without its master on a leash.
      • In Ventura County, cats and dogs are not allowed to have sex without a permit.


      • Boulders should not be rolled on city property in the city of Boulder
      • Catapults must not be fired at buildings in the city of Aspen
      • In Alamosa, throwing missiles at cars is against the law.
      • It is illegal to ride a horse while drunk.
      • It is against the law to take horse or pack mules above ground floor of any building in the city of Cripple Creek


      • Crossing the street walking on your hands is not allowed in the city of Hartford
      • It is illegal to discharge a firearm from a public highway on a Wednesday.
      • It is unlawful to walk backwards after sunset in the city of Devon
      • Silly String has been banned in the city of Southington


      • Animals are banned from mating publicly within 1,500 feet of a tavern, school or place of worship.
      • It is a violation of the local law for any pilot or passenger to carry an ice cream cone in their pocket while either flying or waiting to board a plane in Lowe’s Crossroads.
      • In Rehoboth Beach, no sand may be taken from the beach. The law states that sand must be removed from body, shoes and clothing before leaving the beach.
      • Ugly women must call out ‘Hideous Hag Coming‘ before entering a building where men may be.


      • An elephant tied to a parking meter must pay a regular parking fee.
      • Hunting and killing a deer while swimming is illegal.
      • In Miami, it’s against the law for a man to force his wife to dress as a parrot, even if she is hideously ugly.
      • Rats are forbidden from leaving the ships while docked in Tampa Bay.


      • By law all signs are required to be written in English.
      • It is against the law for bald men to allow sunlight to reflect off their heads and dazzle oncoming traffic.
      • It’s against the law for any citizen to attend church on a Sunday unless he is carrying a loaded rifle.
      • Onions must not be eaten while driving on a major road.


      • A law dating back to 1418 makes it illegal to sink the island.
      • All girls under the age of 12 must own a grass skirt and must take Hawaiian dancing lessons.
      • Billboards have been banned from the island.
      • By law all citizens must own a boat.
      • It’s against the law for a person to insert pennies into his ear
      • Men from the ‘Orakama’ tribe are not permitted to eat their second wife!


      • Cutting off a friend’s head with an axe is against the law.
      • Residents are not permitted to fish from a giraffe’s back in Boise.
      • In Coeur d’Alene, if police officers suspect a couple is having sex inside a vehicle they must honk their horn three times, and wait two minutes before they approach the scene.
      • It’s illegal for a man to give his sweetheart a box of candy weighing less than fifty pounds.
      • Snakes have been banned from biting humans on a Sunday … except when it’s snowing.
      • You are not allowed to sleep in a dog kennel unless you are a dog in the city of Wallace.


      • A man can force any single woman to marry him is he discovers her picking her nose while sitting in a car at traffic lights in Zion.
      • Eating in a place that is on fire is against the law in Chicago.
      • In Evanston, it is unlawful to change clothes in an automobile with the curtains drawn, except in case of fire in the.
      • It is illegal to drive a car without a steering wheel.
      • It is against the law for a man to wear his wife’s panties on a Sunday unless he has prior permission from the Bishop in the city of Oblong.
      • Roosters must be at least three hundred feet away from any residence if it wishes to crow.
      • You can be arrested for vagrancy if you do not have at least one dollar bill in your possession.


      • Any person with a puppet show, wire dancing act or tumbling act in the state of Indiana, who receives money for performing, will be fined $3 under the Act to Prevent Certain Immoral Practices.
      • Anyone over the age of 14 who profanely curses, damns or swears, by the name of God, Jesus Christ or the Holy Ghost, shall be fined one to three dollars for each offense, with a maximum fine of ten dollars per day.
      • Citizens are not allowed to attend a movie house or theater, nor ride in a public streetcar within four hours of eating garlic.
      • Residents are not allowed to eat their own severed body parts on Fridays.


      • It is against the law to suggest that any of the state laws are ‘silly’, ‘weird’ or ‘stupid’. Doing so on an internet website will result in a fine of $5000.
      • It is unlawful to masturbate in front any man who has a very small penis.
      • Horses are forbidden to eat fire hydrants in Marshalltown.
      • One-armed piano players must perform for free.


      • By law, school children are not permitted to eat their teachers.
      • Fog has been banned in the state since 1793.
      • It’s against the law to annoy squirrels in Topeka.
      • Nude woman are not allowed to teach Science without a permit.
      • Pedestrians who wish to cross a highway at night must wear tail lights.
      • It is illegal for any person to cut off an arm or leg so that they can earn more money from begging.
      • When two trains meet on the same track, neither shall proceed until the other has passed.


      • Anyone who has been drinking is sober until he ‘cannot hold onto the ground’.
      • In Kentucky, it’s the law that a person must take a bath at least once a year!
      • It is against the law to stop swans mating in libraries.
      • It’s against the law for women to swallow live frogs.
      • No female shall appear in a bathing suit on any highway within this state unless she be escorted by at least two officers or unless she be armed with a club.


      • Bananas must not be carried in public.
      • In Louisiana, biting someone with your natural teeth is considered ‘simple assault‘ while biting someone with your false teeth is ‘aggravated assault’. Biting with a toothless mouth is acceptable.
      • It is against the law to use a map while walking.
      • It is illegal to gargle in public places.
      • Pigs must not be forced to smoke cigarettes unless they are first given a token of affection such as a gold ring.
      • While robbing a bank it’s illegal to shoot the bank teller with a water pistol.


      • After January 14th you can be fined for still having your Christmas decorations up and lit.
      • Due to a law passed in 1827 there is no February 19th in Maine.
      • In Rumford, it’s against the law to bite the landlord under any circumstance.
      • You may not step out of a plane that is still in flight.


      • Anyone over the age of 90 must, on each birthday, publicly apologize for still being alive.
      • In Baltimore, it’s illegal to throw bales of hay from a second-story window within the city limits.
      • It is illegal for any boy under the age of 16 to wear lipstick.
      • It is illegal to mistreat oysters.


      • Anyone who wishes to rob a bank must receive written permission from his doctor.
      • Cooling one’s feet by hanging them out the window is forbidden.
      • It is unlawful to deliver diapers on Sunday, even in emergencies.
      • Snoring is illegal unless all bedroom windows are closed and securely locked.


      • A woman’s hair legally belongs to her husband, consequently she’s not allowed to cut it without her husband’s written consent.
      • Anyone bathing in public must have his or her bathing suit inspected by a police officer in Rochester.
      • It is against the law to have a gnome in your garden.
      • It is against the law for a lady to lift her skirt more than 6 inches while walking.


      • Before a man can ask a girl on a date he must stamp on her left foot twice.
      • In Alexandria, it’s illegal for a man to make love to his wife if his breath smells like garlic, onions, or sardines. The wife can, by law, make her husband brush his teeth.
      • It is against the law for any woman to laugh at the size of a man’s penis.
      • It’s illegal to cross state lines with a duck on your head.


      • Children who disobey their parents can have their hair shaved off.
      • It is against the law to kill a rat by throwing stale bread at it.
      • It’s illegal to make soup from eagles ….. but eagle pie is okay.
      • You are allowed to have one illegitimate child but if you have a second, you will be thrown in jail for at least a month.


      • In Kansas City, children are not allowed to purchase cap pistols, however, they can buy shotguns freely.
      • It is against the law to smoke a pipe through your ear.
      • Ministers of the Church must not strike parishioners with a pot that’s larger than 12 inch.
      • Women are prohibited from wearing corsets because ‘The privilege of admiring the curvaceous, unencumbered body of a young woman should not be denied to the normal, red-blooded American male.’


      • In Helena, a woman cannot dance on a saloon table unless her clothing weighs more than three pounds two ounces.
      • It is against the law to throw candy at the President after 4 pm.
      • It is illegal for a wife to open her husband’s mail.
      • Laughing in public can result in a fine of more that $1000.


      • Anyone eating in a restaurant who does not leave a tip of at least 10% may be arrested.
      • False teeth made of leather are banned.
      • In Hastings, hotel owners are required by law to provide a clean, white cotton nightshirt to each guest. According to the law, no couple may have sex unless they are wearing the night-shirt.
      • In Omaha, it is against the law for a barber to shave a man’s chest.


      • Anyone walking the streets is required by law to wear a mask.
      • Chocolate is banned between the 21st of February and the 8th of April.
      • It is illegal to ride a camel on the highway.
      • It is illegal for any man to buy drinks for more than three people other than himself at any one period during the day.

      New Hampshire

      • Any car abandoned at the side of a highway is subject to ‘Piracy Law’ and can be claimed by any citizen of the state.
      • Cattle must be fitted with a device to gather its feces.
      • It is against the law to hang yourself from any tree that’s older than 100 years.
      • It is illegal to pick seaweed up off of the beach.
      • It’s illegal to sell the clothes you’re wearing to pay off a gambling debt.
      • Men wearing kilts must use the female restrooms.

      New Jersey

      • Birds are not permitted to defecate on public statues. Those that do may be shot.
      • By law, motorists must honk before passing another car, cyclist, skater, or a skateboarder.
      • In Cresskill, cats must wear three bells to provide a warning to birds.
      • It is against the law to stick your tongue into another persons ear with the intent of eating his ear wax.
      • Cabbage can’t be sold on Sunday. A special permit is required to sell carrots to anyone under the age of 28.
      • It is illegal to wear a bullet-proof vest while committing a murder.
      • In Trenton, it’s unlawful to throw any tainted pickles in the streets.

      New Mexico

      • In Carrizozo, it is illegal for a female to appear unshaven in public.
      • Hunting is prohibited in Mountain View Cemetery in the city of Deming.
      • Idiots may not vote in New Mexico.
      • Men with beards must not bend down to tie their shoe laces in a public place.
      • No man may marry his donkey unless they have lived together for more than 8 years.

      New York

      • By law children are not allowed to attach wings to their arms and fly.
      • Citizens are not allowed to greet each other by “putting one’s thumb to the nose and wiggling their fingers”.
      • In Greene, it’s illegal to eat peanuts and walk backwards on the sidewalk during a concert.
      • It’s against the law in New York City to open or close an umbrella in the presence of a horse.
      • In Ocean City, it’s illegal to slurp soup.
      • It is against the law for children to pick up or collect cigarette and cigar butts.

      North Carolina

      • Couples staying in the same hotel room must have beds that are at least two feet apart.
      • If a boy sees a girl’s ankle, he must immediately wash his face to remove the evil sin.
      • It is illegal for birds to fly south over the state.
      • It is illegal to take a deer swimming in water above its knees.
      • Monkeys must not be used to deliver groceries.
      • Smelly feet were banned in 1926 – Anyone causing a nuisance by having feet that smell may be sent to prison for 6 weeks.

      North Dakota

      • Beer and pretzels cannot be served at the same time in any bar or restaurant.
      • In Fargo, it is against the law for women to be overweight.
      • It is an offense to call the governor ‘baldy‘, ‘fat arseorsnot trotter‘.
      • It is illegal for men to tickle bears during the hunting season.
      • It’s legal to shoot an Indian who is on horseback provided you are in a covered wagon.


      • In the city of Berea, any animal that is out after dark must have a tail light.
      • It is against the law to allow any of your teeth to fall out.
      • A law introduced in 1968 forbids women to wear skirts shorter than 4 inch above the knee. Maximum penalty > $500.
      • It is illegal to get a fish drunk.
      • By a law passed in 1843, it’s illegal to kiss a polar bear in public. Anyone disobeying this law may be hung.
      • Running out of gas is against the law in Youngstown.


      • Dogs need a permit signed by the mayor to congregate in groups of three or more on private property.
      • It is against the law to make “ugly faces” at dogs. You can be fined, arrested or jailed.
      • It is illegal for the owner of a bar to allow any customer to pretend to be having sex with a buffalo.
      • In Tulsa, it’s against the law to open a soda bottle without the supervision of a licensed engineer.
      • Whale hunting is strictly forbidden throughout the entire state.


      • A dead person cannot be made to serve on a jury.
      • In Hood River, you can’t juggle without a license.
      • It is against the law to have a sexual relationship with a chicken unless both of its parents have given written consent.
      • It is against the law to use canned corn for fishing.
      • No vehicle can be parked on top of another vehicle.


      • Any motorist driving along a country road at night must stop every mile and send up a rocket signal, wait 10 minutes for the road to be cleared of livestock, before continuing.
      • In Danville, all fire hydrants must be checked one hour before all fires.
      • Fireworks stores must not sell fireworks to Pennsylvania residents.
      • If a down-and-out asks to marry your daughter, you must allow him to stay at your home for 2 weeks before you are allowed to turn down his offer.
      • It is illegal to have over 16 women live in a house together as that might constitute a brothel.
      • No man may purchase alcohol without written consent from his wife.

      Rhode Island

      • Any marriage where either of the parties is an idiot or lunatic is null and void.
      • If a bird makes its nest in your vehicle, you are not allowed to use it until the chicks have left the nest.
      • It is illegal to wear transparent clothing in Providence.
      • Pilots are only allowed to fly an airplane in the nude on religious occasions.

      South Carolina

      • By an act of law musical instruments may not be sold on a Sunday.
      • By law anyone who is poor must work free of charge for a rich person.
      • Garden ponds must contain at least six fish.
      • It is against the law to eat mushrooms while in the bath.

      South Dakota

      • It is illegal to screen movies that show police officers being struck, beaten or tickled.
      • It is illegal to fall asleep in a cheese factory.
      • No more than 23 people may live in a single trailer.
      • In Sioux Falls, hotels are required by law to furnish their rooms with twin beds only. There should be a minimum of two feet between the beds, and it is illegal for a couple to make love on the floor between the beds.


      • It is illegal to drive a car while sleeping.
      • It is illegal to drown after 10 pm.
      • It is illegal to use a lasso to catch a fish.
      • It is legal to shoot Elvis Presley impersonators.
      • In Memphis, it’s illegal for a woman to drive by herself – “A man must walk or run in front of the vehicle, waving a red flag in order to warn approaching pedestrians and motorists if the vehicle is going over 5 mph”.
      • In Memphis, it is against the law to say ‘The King is dead’ or ‘Elvis has left the building’.
      • You can’t shoot any game, other than whales, from a moving automobile.


      • Criminals are required to give their victims 24 hours notice, either orally or in writing, and to explain the nature of the crime to be committed.
      • If two girls are fighting, it is permissible to tie their hair together until they stop.
      • It is illegal to shoot a buffalo from the second floor of a hotel.
      • In Corpus Christie, it is illegal to raise alligators in your home.
      • It’s against the law for anyone to have a pair of pliers in his or her possession.
      • When two trains meet each other at a railroad crossing, each shall come to a full stop, and neither shall proceed until the other has gone.
      • In Galveston, it is illegal to have a camel run loose in the street.


      • A husband is responsible for every criminal act committed by his wife while she is in his presence.
      • Birds have the right of way on all highways.
      • It is illegal to wave a white flag near lakes or beaches in case it attracts pirates.
      • It is illegal to detonate a nuclear weapon.
      • Pharmacists may not sell gun powder as a headache cure in Trout Creek.


      • Cars are forbidden from backfiring in Rutland.
      • Delivery men must walk backward in driveways of houses worth more than $500,000.
      • It is illegal to tie a giraffe to a telephone pole.
      • It is obligatory for everyone to take at least one bath each week … this should be done on a Saturday night.


      • A man must not kiss a girl unless he is willing to kiss one of her parents if requested to.
      • Gay men, by law, must wear a pink flower on their left sleeve.
      • Men are not permitted to wear their underwear on top of their regular clothes.
      • The statute of The Virginia Code states  ‘To prohibit corrupt practices or bribery by any person other than candidates.


      • It is illegal to photograph ghosts.
      • It is mandatory for a motorist with criminal intentions to stop at the city limits and telephone the chief of police as he is entering the town.
      • In Seattle, you may not carry a concealed weapon that is longer than six feet.
      • Light bulbs of greater than 60 watts have been banned.

      West Virginia

      • In Peewee, it is illegal to let your horse fall asleep in the airport.
      • It is against the law to watch television for more than 8 hours per day.
      • It is illegal to sleep on a train.
      • It is legal for a man to have sex with an animal as long as it doesn’t weigh more than 40 lbs.
      • Naturists must be fully clothed at all times.


      • It is against the law to chop onions within 200 yards of a gay man.
      • It is illegal to serve apple pie in a public restaurant without cheese.
      • In Racine, it’s illegal to wake a fireman when he is asleep.
      • Time travel is against the law.


      • Blind men are not allowed to fly helicopters between the hours of 9am and 6pm.
      • Junk dealers are not allowed to undertake business transactions with drunks.
      • In Newcastle, couples are banned from having sex while standing inside a store’s meat freezer.
      • Stupid people are not allowed to take IQ tests.
      • Using a firearm to fish is strictly forbidden.

      DISCLAIMER: Now that you have finally made it to the end – You must be warned that I will NOT be held accountable or liable  for your actions after reviewing this list and contemplating any ideas of experimenting with anything that you have just read here — 😛