What Really Scares People: Top 10 Fears

What Really Scares People?

Here’s a question for you to ponder —

Is there anything you can think of, off the top of your head, that you have a fear (phobia) of ? — Be it real or imagined? — maybe ghosts, snakes, spiders, clowns, closets, thunder, the dark, enclosed places, the unknown, heights, flying, death, taxes as an example — Now, while it’s quite commonplace and normal for children to have a few fears while growing up, most of them are overcome as they get older. A few phobias, however, may possibly hang on into adulthood. With that being said, do you ever wonder what scares other people — specifically referring about adults?

A Little About Phobias

Phobias!Even the word sounds scary! — When you have an extreme fear (phobia) of something, it really IS scary.

Common phobias suffered by many people include:

  • Fear of public places (agoraphobia)
  • Fear of flying
  • Fear of public speaking
  • Fear of crowds
  • Fear of animals, or a particular kind of animal
  • Fear of darkness
  • Fear of crossing bridges
  • Fear of heights
  • Fear of driving
  • Fear of water
  • Fear of heart attacks (or other illness)
  • Social phobia

Sounds like quite a list, doesn’t it? — Believe me, this list is the tip of the iceberg. And don’t feel like you’re alone either. It is estimated that 1.8 million people suffer from agoraphobia alone! About 19.2 million people over the age of 18 suffer from some type of specific phobia in a given year! And YES – That’s a HUGE number.

Normal Fears -vs- Irrational Fears

Some fears are normal — We are born with some fears, which is actually a good thing, such as the fear of falling.

Other fears we acquire — Fear of getting hit by a car when you cross the street makes you more careful — Or the fear of cutting yourself helps you be more cautious when using knives and scissors.

However, some fears are irrational phobias. You may even understand that the fear or phobia you have is irrational. Yet, your extreme fear overshadows your rational mind and you give in to the phobia.

10 Most Common Fears

Here are the 10 most common fears (along with their scientific name) that have been widely reported by the adult population, including a brief description of the situation.

(1) – Arachnophobia – The fear of spiders

Seems to be no escape from these eight-legged creatures. They live in our houses, yards and even our work places. The most die-hard arachnophobes are even scared of pictures of spiders.

(2) – Social phobia – The fear of social situations

More than just simple shyness — This is an extreme fear of being scrutinised by others, or by being humiliated even by your own actions.

(3) – Aerophobia – The fear of flying

Generally meant to be by airplane, however it can crossover into another fear of being suspended above ground – known as acrophobia (see #6 below). Also, this can often be paired with claustrophobia (see #5 below).

(4) – Agoraphobia – The fear of inescapable situations

The result is anxiety and panic attacks, which can easily become self-perpetuating. Extreme agoraphobes are confined to their own home, which is the only place they consider to be safe.

(5) – Claustrophobia – The fear of confined spaces

These poor sufferers will stay well away from elevators, trains and tiny cupboards under the stairwells. May cause panic attacks if escape is not possible.

(6) – Acrophobia – The fear of heights

Sufferers may have panic attacks and put themselves in genuine danger if they can’t get down. Often confused with vertigo – which is merely a dizzy or spinning sensation and not necessarily caused by heights.

(7) – Emetophobia – The fear of vomit

This one nobody even likes to THINK about. No one likes the sight or smell of vomit, but these sufferers will go to extraordinary lengths to avoid the stuff.

(8) – Carcinophobia – The fear of cancer

Although it’s not contagious, a carcinophobe will believe he/she has cancer because he/she has touched someone else with the disease.

(9) – Brontophobia – The fear of thunderstorms

Also known as astraphobia. This is one of those fears that may ‘holdover’ from childhood. Child and adult sufferers alike hide away from thunder and lightning, lest they suffer panic attacks and have difficulty breathing.

(10) – Necrophobia – The fear of death

Derived from the fear of being buried alive, after early excavations of coffins showed scratch marks made by trapped victims. Also relates to coffins and corpses.

Overall Effects of Phobias

Phobias lead to anxiety attacks and depression. Those people affected many times prefer to lead a secluded life for fear of being laughed at. They feel awful and have an extremely difficult time facing the world and owning up to their strange and bizarre phobias. Professional help may be the order of the day to help overcome these fears and lead a somewhat normal existence.

Uncommon & Bizarre Phobias

Instead of an evolutionary or culture-led phobia, there may be a separate explanation for weird or strange phobias, such as the fear of cheese. This group of phobias may be linked to deep-seated psychological trauma. For whatever reason, that inanimate object or non-threatening situation has become the focus of the fear, and acts as a trigger for stored feelings of anxiety.

The common “specific phobias” – such as the fear of spiders, or snakes, or being struck by lightning – are all understandable… at least on some level. We may not fully understand the extreme fear response some people give them but somewhere in there is a threat to survival.

Below you will find a list of uncommon – and in some cases – bizarre phobias – which really do prove utterly terrifying and disgusting to a small part of the general population.

  • Ablutophobia – the obsessional fear of bathing
  • Adipophobia – the fear of appearing too fat
  • Agyrophobia – the fear of crossing roads
  • Ambulophobia – the fear of walking
  • Anablephobia – the fear of looking up
  • Androphobia – the fear of men
  • Anthophobia – the fear of flowers
  • Arachibutyrophobia – the fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of one’s mouth
  • Aulophobia – the fear of flutes
  • Barophobia – the fear of gravity
  • Cataptrophobia – the fear of mirrors
  • Chionophobia – the fear of snow
  • Chorophobia – the fear of dancing
  • Chromatophobia – the fear of colors
  • Chronomentrophobia – the fear of time
  • Cnidophobia – the fear of string
  • Cyberphobia – the fear of working with computers
  • Decidophobia – the fear of making decisions
  • Ephebiphobia the fear of teenagers
  • Ergophobia – the fear of work, finding work or functioning at work
  • Erotophobia – the fear of sex or talking about sex
  • Gelotophobia – the obsessional fear of being laughed at
  • Genuphobia – the fear of knees
  • Geumapobia – the fear of taste
  • Gerontophobia – the fear of growing old or fear of the elderly
  • Gymnophobia – the fear of being seen naked or seeing others naked
  • Gynophobia – the fear of women
  • Haptephobia – the fear of being touched
  • Heliophobia – the fear of sunlight
  • Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia – the fear of long words 😛 Really!
  • Hypnophobia – the fear of sleep
  • Kyphophobia – the fear of stooping
  • Levophobia – the fear of objects to the left
  • Megalophobia – the fear of large or oversized objects
  • Metrophobia – the fear of poetry
  • Mnemophobia – the fear of memories
  • Nomophobia the fear of being out of cellular/mobile phone contact
  • Octophobia – the fear of the figure eight
  • Ommetaphobia – the fear of eyes
  • Osmophobia – the fear of smells
  • Optophobia – the fear of opening one’s eyes
  • Papaphobia – the fear of the Pope
  • Peladophobia – the fear of bald people
  • Phagophobia the fear of swallowing
  • Phobophobia – the fear of having a phobia
  • Scopophobia the fear of being looked at
  • Scuirophobia – the fear of squirrels
  • Siderophobia – the fear of stars
  • Somniphobia – the fear of sleep
  • Spectrophobia the fear of mirrors
  • Trichophobia the fear of loose hairs
  • Triskaidekaphobia the fear of the number 13
  • Xenophobia – the fear of strangers, foreigners or aliens

A Final Thought

And finally, spare a thought for those very select poor folks who suffer from Panophobia – which translates to those  who are perpetually and continuously afraid of EVERYTHING…..


Humorous Headlines In The News

In today’s world of fast-paced and very competitive news coverage, as well as pressure of being the first to get a story to press (either online or offline), a lot of misplaced, slip-ups or poorly worded articles, taglines, captions or story headings seem to happen quite frequently. If you know what to look for and have a keen eye for stuff of this nature, you’ll probably find articles like these more often than you think.

JayLeno-HeadlinesIf you haven’t already discovered the new Jay Leno Show on NBC (comes on each weeknight at 10 PM Pacific Time), check out his Headlines segment he does every Monday night — actually Jay had routinely done the Headlines segment on the old Tonight Show ever since he took over as host replacing the late Johnny Carson back on May 25, 1992 through May 29, 2009, when Conan O’Brien took over as the newest host.


Here’s how the segment played out…

Headlines(Monday): Humorous print items sent in by viewers. These real-life headlines are usually headlines with typographical errors, or unintentionally inappropriate items. The segment usually starts out with a fake, humorous Headline during the introduction for the segment, such as Arabs Wish Bush “A Happy Shoe Year!”. Reflecting Jay’s moving of this segment to a 10PM ET/PT time slot, the lead Headline on the final broadcasting of this segment was 4 Out Of 5 Scientists Say “Headlines” Funnier at 10PM Than 11:30PM.

Headlines – Jay Leno Show/Tonight Show With Jay Leno

NBC/The Jay Leno Show/Headlines


Here is a compilation of several examples of amusing, funny, ironic, mis-worded, unintentional or inappropriate newspaper clippings from around the country and around the web. Enjoy!


Over Ruled!



"I wouldn't do it again -- she's been a pain this week!"


Well done Captain Obvious!




Very Observant!


Imagine That!



Would this be considered frugal spending?


student excited dad got head job





Here are even more strange ads……….




Bizarre Culinary Choices From Around The Globe

Bizarre Culinary Choices From Around The Globe

Here you will find a small sampling of bizarre or odd things that people eat from around the world. Now every culture tends to invent or savor food that is weird or disgusting – but only to those ‘outsiders’ from other parts of the globe. Many of these culinary delights are very normal to the locals and probably have been passed down from generation to generation. However, most of us here in America, as well as Canada and Great Britain, consider these strange foods as abnormal or disgusting and give many of us a ‘gag-reflex’ to even look at them, let alone to see or smell them up close. If you’re weak-of-heart or easily upset, you may not want to view the pictures below – You have been warned!

Ortolan Bunting

ortolan-buntingOnly 16 centimeters in length, this pretty songbird has a striking yellow body with a greenish-gray head. The Ortolan has a special mention in Larousse Gastromonique, the world famous French food gospel. Though it is illegal to sell these little birdies, it isn’t against the law to relish them. Traditionally the bird is caught and kept in a cage for about four days, where it is overfed to make it three times its size. After stuffing it to the brim, the Ortolan is drowned in cognac and roasted to make it crunchy.


Sugar Ants and Kangaroo Tail

sugar-antThe home of the Great Barrier Reef, great surfing and snorkeling, the home of Koala Bears and Kangaroos – That is what comes to mind when thinking of the land down-under, Australia. But did you know that Australians absolutely delight to gulping down sugar ants and kangaroo tails? Known to taste like sugary candies, these ants are often eaten during special occasions in Aussie land. A recent report by Greenpeace suggested that eating kangaroo meat will help Australia in controlling its carbon footprint. In addition, it is considered to be a delicious ‘superfood’. Now all you need to do is muster up some courage…


Canned Monkey Meat

monkey-meatJudging by the evolution theory (if that is your belief), eating our ancestors may not sound like the best idea. But that doesn’t stop Africans from having canned monkey meat every now and then. Some eateries in Africa, also dish out smoked monkey meat in various sauces; tomato sauce, peanut sauce, etc. Take your pick – Mmmmmm!


Calf Brains

calf-brainsIf you thought kangaroo’s tail was weird – this one will blow your mind! Savored in France and Mexico, baby cow brains  (aka calf brains) can be labeled a very controversial dish. A lot of locals refrain from trying it out because they fear getting the infamous “Mad Cow Disease”.


Horse Meat

horse-meat-packagedIf you happen to be a horse-lover or if riding a galloping horse is one of your favorite hobbies, then you probably are not going to like this one. Horse meat is actually lean and delicious. Served all over Europe, this one definitely gets thumbs up.


Here are a few more images from around the world…..





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Strange & Obscure Words To Expand Your Vocabulary With


Improve or Expand Your Vocabulary…

Impress or Baffle Your Friends…

Empower Yourself With New Words…obscure-word-collage

While doing some web surfing earlier in the day I came across a couple of websites that caught my eye which listed hundreds of strange, weird, old-fashion, unusual or seldom used words from the English language along with what they actually mean or describe. So I thought I’d list a few of the more intriguing ones that caught my attention. Each letter of the alphabet is covered at least once. So go ahead and try to dazzle your friends with brilliance or baffle them them bull@#$% — Enjoy! 🙂

Accismus – When you pretend to be not interested in something or someone, when you really are interested

Anglewitch – Obsolete word meaning a worm used as bait in fishing

Astrobleme – An eroded meteor impact crater

Battologist – Someone who repeats the same thing needlessly or excessively

Bloviate – To speak pompously or in an overbearing way

Bromopnea – Bad breath

Cleptobiosis – The act of plundering food

Crapulous – Relating to drunkenness or drinking of alcohol

Cumberground – Someone who takes up space

Dignotion – A birthmark, tattoo, mole or any other type of distinguishing mark on the body

Drazel – A vagabond wench, hussy or outright slut

Droogish – Relating to the nature or attitudes of a member of a street gang

Eccedentesiast – One who fakes a smile

Emacity – A fondness for buying things

Ergophobic – Someone who fears work

Faineant – A person who does nothing – a loafer – something that is idle

Farctate – The state of being stuffed with food – overeating

Fladge – pornographic literature

Furciferous – acting like a brat – mischievous

Ginglyform – Hinge-shaped

Gradgrind – One who is only interested in the cold, hard facts

Gymnophoria – The sensation that someone is mentally undressing you

Heimganger – A person who stays at home

Hibernacle – a winter retreat (like a cabin) – a hibernating animal

Hoddypeak – a blockhead or a fool

Honeyfugle – To swindle or cheat

Impignorate – to pawn or mortgage something

Inaniloquent – Pertaining to idle talk – to babble or speak foolishly

Ithyphallic – Indecent or obscene

Jargogle – To confuse or mix up things

Jiffle – To fidget or shuffle

Jollux – A rotund person – fat

Jumentous – smelling like horse urine

Kench – to laugh really loud

Knabble – to take small bites or to nibble

Kyriolexy – speaking literally

Lalochezia – The use of foul or abusive language to relieve stress or ease pain

Leggiadrous – being graceful or elegant

Lethologica – the inability to remember an exact word or name for something

Limerance – the initial exhilarating rush of falling in love – the state of being in love

Lubitorium – a service station

Mulligrubs – the state of depression or low in spirit

Mumpsimus – one who sticks obstinately and /or wrongly to their old ways

Mungo – A scavenger or one who extracts valuable things from the trash – nowadays commonly referred to as a “dumpster diver”

Nelipotsomeone who walks without shoes

Nihilarian – A person who deals with things lacking importance

Noceur – a person who stays up late

Nudiustertian – The day before yesterday

Obambulate – to walk around or wander about

Onychophagy – the habit of biting one’s fingernails

Octothorpe – Another name for the symbol ‘#’ on the telephone keypad or keyboard – also known as the ‘pound symbol‘ or ‘number sign’

Orgulous – proud – haughty

Ostrobogulous – bizarre – unusual – interesting – slightly risque or indecent

Panticulation – The stretching of one’s body that often accompanies yawning

Peenge – The act of complaining in a whiny voice

Petrichor – The smell of the first rain of the season after a long dry spell

Phenakism – Deception or trickery – cheating

Philosophunculist – One who pretends to know more than they do to impress others

Phlyarologist – A person who talks gibberish or nonsense

Pogonotrophy – Cultivation or growing of a beard

Polydipsia – The symptom of a person having abnormal or excessive thirst

Pronk – A weak or foolish person

Pulveratricious – Covered with dust

Pyknic – a person that is stocky with a round body, thick trunk and a small frame (in other words – short & fat)

Quaestuary – seeking money or trying to make money

Quagswag – to shake back and forth

Quidnunc – one who always wants to know what’s going on

Rastaquouere – A social climber who tries too hard to be in fashion

Relexification – Replacing a word (or phrase) in one language with a word (or phrase) from another language that corresponds to it

Retroition – Re-entrance or the act of returning – it also means to return to a party after all the goodbyes to retrieve something you forgot or left behind

Scofflaw – Someone who contemptuously breaks the law – especially a law that is hard to enforce

Scopperloit – Rude or rough play

Scrippage – Your baggage and personal belongings

Selcouth – Unfamiliar, rare, strange, marvelous, wonderful

Semiopathy – The tendency to read signs and translate it humorously into inappropriate or sarcastic meanings (check out my posts on funny, creative & weird signs for several examples)

Slubberdegullion – A filthy slobbering person

Snollygoster – A dishonest politician (geez, there’s enough to choose from – take you pick) 🙂

Steatopygic – having a fat behind

Sybarite – A person who is devoted to a life of luxury and sensual pleasure

Tachyphagia – Rapid or hasty eating – eating food fast

Testudineous – To be as slow as a tortoise

Troke – To fail or to deceive – unable to do something

Tropology – The use of metaphors in writing or while speaking

Tyrotoxism – To be poisoned by cheese

Ubiquarian – someone who goes everywhere

Ultracrepidarian – one who offers opinions or speaks on matters beyond their own knowledge

Vagarious – erratic or unpredictable in behavior or direction

Ventripotent – gluttonous or having a big belly

Viraginity – Masculine qualities in a woman

Voculation – Type of speaking where you give proper pronunciation and enunciation – to properly accent every word (A good example is Alex Trebek from TV’s Jeopardy)

Widdiful – Someone who deserves to be hanged

Windlestraw – A person who is tall, thin and unhealthy looking

Woofits – An unwell feeling or depression – also a hangover

Xanthippe – An ill-tempered woman

Xenology – The study of extraterrestrial phenomena

Xerophagy – A diet of bread and water

Yaffle – A green woodpecker

Yepsen – When you cup your hands to drink water out of the faucet or to form a bowl with your hands to receive food

Yisel – A hostage

Youf – A bark that is muffled

Zabernism – The abuse of military power or authority

Zoilist – A person who thoroughly enjoys finding fault with others or in things around him

Many of the words listed above are not easily found in most dictionaries. For additional research, you’ll need a decent unabridged or specialty dictionary (either online or the old fashion reference type)


10 Most Unusual Foods In The World For Adventurous Appetites

Hungry? Craving Something Different?

How about some Durian, Witchetty Grubs, Sannakji, Lutefisk or Pig’s Blood Cake?

bugsStrictly for Adventurous Appetites…

Let Your Taste Buds Run Wild…

Here are a few more Incredible Edibles…

If you ever have the opportunity at some point to travel abroad, part of the fun and adventure is experiencing something new and enjoying local culture and cuisine. With that being said, even the most daring explorer and purveyor of the best the local culture has to offer may draw the line when it comes to taste testing certain foods.

The issue may extend far beyond the price of a certain local delicacy, rather visually seeing or smelling certain foods may be enough to turn your head or experience a “gag-reflex”. Perhaps you may even gather enough “gumption” from within to take a little nibble before making your mind up. Either way, here you will find a list of 10 of the world’s most unusual foods, in no particular order other than alphabetically by country. Please don’t take this as a personal endorsement as I would hate to become responsible for the after-effects. 🙂


1st) – Australia >>> Witchetty Grubs –

grubsThese high-in-protein, white snacks are in actuality the larvae of moths and an important insect food of the desert, once considered a staple in the diets of some Aborigines. These are edible either raw or lightly cooked in hot ashes, they are sought out as a high-protein food by Indigenous Australians. The raw “witchetty” (meaning hooked stick) grub tastes like almonds and when cooked the skin becomes crisp like roast chicken while the inside becomes light yellow, like a fried egg.


2nd) – France >>> Pigeon (Squab) –

Squab_at_French_restaurantThe term “Squab” is the meat from a young domestic pigeon. The meat is dark, very lean, tender, fine-grained and is rich in protein, minerals and vitamins. While considered a dirty street animal by many, this poultry dish is an expensive and much-loved delicacy that graces the plates of some of the country’s finest restaurants. Considered to have a robust flavor, it still struggles to gain culinary acceptance in much of the world.


3rd) – Italy >>> Donkey


The Italian name for “Donkey” is “asino” or “asinello” and the various regions have different ways of preparing donkey meat, with which they make stews or even salami. Sliced and eaten much like prosciutto, this sandwich meat can be found — and accidentally ordered — rather easily in the country’s bars. In different regions of Italy they might call it by another name in the local dialect, so you would not be able to recognize it on menus… or at the local butcher.


4th) – Malaysia >>> Durian –

durian_fruitSome Malaysian hotels put up signs banning the Durian. The ultra-strong aroma of this spiky fruit may turn off tourists, but many Malaysians love its doughy taste. Durian Fruit can best be described as having a succulent, creamy filling but smelling like stinky socks… but don’t let that dissuade you from trying it.


5th) – Norway >>> Lutefisk –

lutefiskA traditional dish (made from dried whitefish) of the Nordic countries, this gummy fish marinated in lye, takes days to prepare and is described as one of the most vile-tasting foodstuffs ever created. In spite of this less-than-tasty reputation, it remains hugely popular in this part of the world.


6th) – South Africa >>> Ostrich –

ostrich-meatLow in cholesterol and considered healthier than other meats, the ostrich is becoming more and more popular all over the world. It is lower in fat grams per serving compared to chicken and turkey, and much lower in fat and cholesterol than beef. Everything from ostrich burgers to omelets made from the bird’s eggs are turning up on menus.


7th) – South Korea >>> Live Octopus (Sannakji)  –

octopus-SannakjiSannakji is the native term for live baby octopus. Unlike calamari which is dead and still, octopus in South Korea often arrives at the table alive and moving. The tentacles are slice up, seasoned with sesame oil, and delivered to your plate still squirming. If you think you’re up to the challenge – Beware – If you don’t chew it up carefully, those tiny suction cups can stick to your mouth or throat. Connoisseurs of the dish say it’s best to eat it quickly.


8th) – Taiwan >>> Pig’s Blood Cake (Ti-hoeh-koe) –

pigs_blood_cakeIn Taiwan, pig’s blood cake is a very common local favorite that is eaten just like ice cream. It is commonly dipped in ground peanuts and served on a wooden stick. Easily found at street markets, it’s a sweet treat made from pig’s blood and sticky rice. It can be found also in local resteraunts served fried or steamed as a snack or cooked in a hot pot.


9th) – Uganda >>> Grasshopper –

grasshoppers-friedCaught during the rainy season, they can be eaten either cooked or raw. Grasshoppers, full of minerals, proteins, fats and vitamins, are a perennial favorite and relished as a local delicacy. Sold with or without wings and legs, they are easily found at the local markets. The locals catch these insects at dusk, place them in water for 24 hours after which they fry, boil or add them to soups. They can even be eaten raw as snacks, however visitors are discouraged from doing so because there is a risk of contracting tape worms.


10th) – Vietnam >>> Snake Wine –

snake-wineSaid to have medicinal properties, this strong cocktail is best downed quickly. Not only is it made from snake blood, it’s bottled with a snake inside and occasionally other creatures, like scorpions. There are two varieties of snake wine… 1st) Steeped – A large venomous snake can be placed into a glass jar of rice wine, often with many smaller snakes, turtles, insects, or birds, and left to steep for many months. The wine is then drunk as a restorative in small shots… 2nd) Mixed – Body fluids of snake are mixed into wine and consumed immediately in the form of a shot. Snake blood wine is prepared by slicing a snake along its belly and draining its blood into a mixing vat with rice wine or grain alcohol. Snake bile wine is done through a similar method by using the contents of the gall bladder.


SURPRISE BONUS >>> South Korea >>> Beondegi –

BeondegiBeondegi are a popular snack food in Korean cuisine. Literally meaning “chrysalis” or “pupa” in Korean, Beondegi are steamed or boiled silkworm pupae which are seasoned and eaten as a snack. Beondegi are often served by street vendors, as well as in restaurants and drinking establishments. They are also sold in cans in grocery stores and convenience stores.


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