Best Halloween Movies For Kids

ItstheGreatPumpkinCharlieBrownFor parents wishing to keep Halloween in check for the younger ones, here is aMickeys-house-of-villians helpful list containing some suggestions of the best scary films for children to watch during the Halloween holiday week or weekend. Some of these films are not appropriate for some of the younger children, so please use your discretion. Film ratings have been provided.

In reverse chronological order of release, the following few films are commonly referred to as the “Best Kids Halloween Movies” from a small collective of ‘family friendly’ websites that include Common Sense Media, and

  • 2008 >> Igor (Rated PG)Haunted-Mansion
  • 2006 >> Monster House (Rated PG)
  • 2005 >> Wallace & Gromit in The Curse of the Were Rabbit (Rated G)
  • 2005 >> Pooh’s Heffalump Halloween Movie (Rated G)
  • 2003 >> The Haunted Mansion (Rated PG)
  • 2002 >> Mickey’s House of Villains (Not Rated)
  • 2001 >> Monsters, Inc. (Rated PG)
  • 2000 >> Scooby Doo’s Creepiest Capers (Not Rated)
  • 1998 >> Halloweentown (RatedPG)
  • 1995 >> Casper (Rated PG)
  • 1993 >> Hocus Pocus (Rated PG)escape to witch mountain
  • 1993 >> The Nightmare Before Christmas (Rated PG)
  • 1991 >> Ernest Scared Stupid (Rated PG)
  • 1989 >> Little Monsters (Rated PG)
  • 1983 >> Something Wicked This Way Comes (Rated PG)
  • 1982 >> E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (Rated PG)
  • 1981 >> The Watcher In The Woods (Rated PG)
  • 1975 >> Escape To Witch Mountain (Rated G)
  • 1971 >> Bedknobs and Broomsticks (Rated G)
  • 1966 >> It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (Not Rated)
  • 1939 >> The Wizard of Oz (Rated G)



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