Songs With Catchy Hooks From Recent TV Commercial Ads

Seems that lately there have been a plethora of lesser known or non-mainstream songs as well as artists being used in television advertising commercials that have a catchy hook or melody that I just can’t get out of my head. Some of these remind me of throw-back sounds reminiscent of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s while others have a very modern vibe that is very addictive. I find myself searching for info on Google as well as YouTube for the titles, artists and in some cases, lyrics.

So, with that being said, I present to you a few of my favorite memorable TV commercials featuring these addictive, catchy or simply irresistible songs in video format from YouTube. In a couple of cases, I also added lyric videos with audio from the original TV ad that others posted to YouTube who obviously had the same affection for them that I did. Hope you find these enjoyable and/or memorable as I did and please feel free to comment below. I also included a few of the classics from years gone by that you’re sure to remember if you’re old enough. To the younger viewers, discover some of the best and most popular advertisements in pop culture history.

I will more than likely be adding to this list as time goes on and new television ads with catchy lyrics or sounds pop up on the small screen. ENJOY 🙂

2013 Subaru “Take Your Daughter To Work Day” Commercial……….

“Future History” by Lightning

2012 Microsoft Windows 8 “Sign In With A Smile” Commercial…..

 “Bright Whites” by Kishi Bashi

2012 Apple iPad Mini “Piano” Commercial…..

“Heart & Soul” by legendary composer Hoagy Carmichael (1938)

2012 Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 Commercial…..

“Too Close” by Alex Clare

2012 Bing ‘Discovering Hawaii’ Commercial…..

“Ho Hey” by The Lumineers

2012 Visit San Diego “Enjoying Fall Season” Tourism Commercial…..

“Happiness Is Calling Me” by Mophonics

2012 Yoplait “Umbrellas” Commercial…..

“I’m Thinking Sunshine” by Max & Simon

2012 Kraft Cheese Commercial……….

“Bright Idea” by Mother Mother

2011 JC Penny “Back-to-School” Commercial…..

“Oh, Imagine That” by Max & Simon

Here is the full song with lyrics

2011 Pepsi “Flashback” Commercial…..

“Tonight Is The Night” by Outasight

2011 Nissan Versa Sedan “Headroom” Commercial…..

“Don’t Stop (Color On the Walls)” by Foster the People

2011 Travelers Insurance “Prized Possession” Commercial…..

“Trouble” by Ray LaMontagne

2010 Amazon Kindle Commercial…..

“Steal My Heart” by Little & Ashley

Here is the full song with lyrics

2010 Amazon Kindle 3 “Zest” Commercial…..

“Lovers Carvings” by Bibio

2010 Advil Commercial…..

“Chugjug” by Family of the Year

2009 Amazon Kindle Commercial…..

“Fly Me Away” by Annie Little

Here is the full song with lyrics

2009 Comcast “Future Hopping” Commercial…..

“Future Hopping” (an original)… very catchy! (lyrics below video)

Here are those fast spoken words to the video above:

New Sensation, Sending Shivers,
Flying Further, Dreaming Bigger,
Single Cable, One Decision,
Internet, Phone, Television

High-speed internet elation,
Crazy Fast Acceleration,
Awe Inspiring, Screaming, Yelling,
R O T F L O Ling

Voice-mail, E-mail, All connected,
Caller ID, Friend Detecting,
Kelly Calling, Conference Karen,
So much stuff to share with Sharon

More HD, awesome edition,
Def-defying definition,
Ninjas, Cowboys, Gangsters, Coppers,
Huge Explosions, Helicopters

Films Fantastic, Shows Outstanding,
Motherload of On-Demanding,
Hometown, Showdown, Perfect Timing,
Courtside, Kicking Back, Unwinding

Happy High-Tech Automatic,
Exponentially Ecstatic,
Speeding for future hopping,
Always dreaming, never stopping


2008 Sutter Health Commercial…..

“A Cold Wind Will Blow Through Your Door” by Bill Ricchini

2007 Toyota Prius “Yes” Commercial…..

“Rent A Wreck” by Suburban Kids With Biblical Names

2005 Diet Coke “Loft” Commercial…..

“I Like The Way You Move by” The BodyRockers

2005 Game Network Channel ‘G4’ ad for the Annual ‘E3’ Video Game Expo…..

“Believe It Or Not”

And here are a few more All-Time Favorites “Jingles”

from Way Back When…

1990 Coca-Cola “20 Year Hilltop Reunion” Commercial…..

“Can’t Beat The Real Thing”

1988 Wrigley’s Big Red Gum Commercial…..


1985 McDonald’s Big Mac Promo “It’s Mac Tonight” Commercial…..

“It’s Mac Tonight!” (2 different versions shown here)

1984 Pepsi “New Generation” Commercial…..

“Pepsi Generation” by Michael Jackson

1980 Coca Cola “Trucks” Christmas Commercial…..

“Holidays Are Coming”

1980 Hershey’s “Great American Chocolate Bar” Commercial…..

1978 Lowenbrau Beer Commercial…..

“Here’s To Good Friends” by Arthur Prysock

1971 Coca-Cola “Hilltop” Commercial…..

“I’d Like To Teach The World To Sing” by Hilltop Singers or the New Seekers

1970 Budweiser Commercial…..

“When You Say Bud”

1968 Kent Cigarette Commercial…..

“To A Smoker, It’s A Kent”

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  2. Hi,
    I just heard a song on a Movado watch commercial, I think for their new watch, “Sapphire Synergy”. I can’t find any info on the Internet about it and I believe it’s a brand new commercial, not the Katie Cole song they used in previous ads. Any thouhts how I can find out who the artist and what the song is?

  3. Reblogged this on Reflections of Pop Culture & Life's Challenges and commented:

    Just been updated once again with more catchy TV commercials, some newer, some older ones that I left out last year. Enjoy once again!

  4. Did anyone notice the “red bull” cooler in the 1978 Lowenbrau commercial? I didn’t know redbull was that old.

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