MTG – Magic The Gathering 1997 World Championship Deck – Jakub Slemr

MTG – Magic The Gathering 1997 World Championship Deck – Jakub Slemr – $20

MTG – Magic The Gathering 1997 World Championship Deck

World Champion Jakub Slemr – World Championships – Seattle – August 1997

Officially licensed product of Wizards of The Coast – copyright 1997

The is a pre-constructed deck

Box description is as follows…………

“Relive the Excitement of the 1997 World Championships”

“Jakub Slemr’s deck features a horde of fast, black creatures. Strengthening the speed kill are a variety of spells from all five colors. Master the deck that ruled the Worlds.”

This deck contains different backs than normal Magic the Gathering cards

88 out of 90 cards are included within this deck

1997 World Champion Jakub Slemr’s Championship Deck includes the following:

Main Deck
# 10 Swamp, Fifth Edition
# 3 City of Brass, Fifth Edition
# 3 Gemstone Mine, Weatherlight
# 2 Sulphurous Springs, Fifth Edition
# 1 Underground River, Fifth Edition
# 3 Undiscovered Paradise, Visions
# 2 Shadow Guildmage, Mirage
# 4 Fallen Askari, Visions
# 4 Black Knight, Fifth Edition
# 4 Knights of Stromgold, Fifth Edition
# 1 Necratog, Weatherlight
# 4 Nekrataal, Visions
# 4 Choking Sands, Mirage
# 4 Contagion, Aliances
# 4 Man-o’-War, Visions
# 4 Incinerate, Fifth Edition
# 2 Earthquake, Fifth Edition
# 2 Uktabi Orangutan, Visions

# 2 Ebony Charm, Mirage
# 2 Forsaken Wastes, Mirage
# 2 Dystopia, Aliances
# 2 Hydroblast, Fifth Edition
# 3 Pyroblast, Fifth Edition
# 2 Disenchant, Fifth Edition
# 1 Honorable Passage, Visions
# 1 Excile, Aliances

The deck contains a ready to play 60 card deck, a 15 card sideboard, and handful of blank cards — Not legal for sanctioned play.

This has been opened (used) but still Overall is in EXCELLENT to NEAR MINT CONDITION in ORIGINAL COLLECTORS BOX

Method of Payment: PAYPAL


INSURANCE is Available (for a fee) but Optional

Shipping Charges & a small PayPal Fee will apply after a weight and zip code are determined

———- As Shown Below ———-

If interested please email me at

I’ll get back to you generally within 24 hours – usually much quicker than that

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