Cool New FREE Flag Counter For Your Blog or Website

There’s a great way to liven up your own blog, website or personal place in cyberspace with a relatively new cool simple device (widget).

Plain old “hit counters” are boring ––


Here’s an opportunity to add a very cool FREE “stat” or “hit” counter to your website with just a simple image. Every time someone from a new country visits your blog or website, a new flag will be added to your counter. The total number of visitors from each country is shown next to the flag. Clicking on the counter image will reveal additional informative charts and information!

  • Flag Counters are fast, fun, reliable, and best of all, FREE of charge!
  • You can now get your own Flag Counter with just one line of HTML code.
  • You can even customize your counter to give it your own personal and unique flair

You can put a flag counter on pretty much any site you publish, manage or own. All that is required is that the site supports images. This particular Flag Counter is a basic simple image!

It’s also quite simple to make changes to your Flag Counter. You can change and customize your counter’s colors, add rows, and much more, at any time. On the bottom of any of your statistics pages (that you can access after clicking on your counter) there is a “Regenerate HTML” link. Just follow that link and you’ll be modifying your existing Flag Counter. When you’re finished, just swap out your old HTML code with the new code and you’ll be all set!

It’s that easy!

One of the best parts about it for me is that it does not require any registration. Just configure how you want your flag counter to look like, it will then generate a HTML code, then just paste it into your blog or other website. It’s so simple.

There is also a forum section for members to interact with one another if they so desire – it is NOT mandatory. No personal information is required to activate your FREE stat counter unless you upgrade to their PRO EDITION.

To celebrate the launch of this new feature, they’re giving five lucky forum users FREE Flag Counter Pro, FOR LIFE! To see all the details, and to learn how to win, check out the forum section of their site.

Check out the Flag Counter on this site you’re on right now in the lower right-hand column (sidebar) of this page. There’s actually two of them – one for US visitors and one for Worldwide visitors.

Click this LINK to visit Flag Counter for yourself!

2 Responses

  1. I would like the flag counter of globe to be included onto my blog site.

  2. I posted the FlagCounter onto my blogsite, and somehow it duplicated itself.

    As humanity migrated over the expanse of the globe, realization of how vital our communications travel instantly, throughout the world. Speaking for myself, it causes me to reflect upon Good Will towards our fellow man, and the importance communications are in the establishing of peace on earth.

    So, what’s the other side of the coin? I am a direct descendant of the Roman General, Brittius. I am also very well informed of warfare and bleeding, firsthand. Peace and harmony is much nicer, and much better.

    Look at which nations are viewing your website. It will make you think about the importance of your choice of words, and your intended usage of written language.

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