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thumbs-upI simply wanted to post (and share) a pleasant and rewarding critique that I received from one of my guests/viewers that had just been posted on her own website/blog. I very much appreciated the accolades and kudos in her review. My goal has always been to capture readers attention, show a little humor in our day-to-day lifestyles and still have some relevent content that would be of interest to everyone – some serious, light light-hearted – be it dealing with music, travel, health, nutrition, sports, animals, funny stories, amusing pictures, referrals, tips, ideas or whatever.thankyou!

Once again – I just wanted to express my thanks for this review – and here it is…..



The Good, the Bad, and the Funny. November 4, 2009

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My personal critiques on 3 “journalistic” blogs that caught my eye… for one reason or another!

**Note: I only searched within the WordPress parameters for these reviews, so the strength of journalism probably isn’t the most prominent in comparison to accessible news blogs as a whole. Enjoy all the same!**

Props for:


I stumbled across this blog on my hunt for various news sources, and was intrigued with the writer’s take on journalism.  He made both his interests and his intended audience clear from the get-go.  His blog is focused around news that caters to highly populated cities, with relevance to the lifestyles within them.  The articles he posted had a wide range of topics, from “The Rubber Duck Project 2009″ that took place is Osaka, Japan, to Green Waste issues here in the U.S.

The blog is eye-catching from the moment you open the page. By showcasing a photo of a subway terminal coupled with the line “Cities.Transit.Cycles.Cultures” beside its title, you immediately get a sense for what to expect from the page, and whether or not it caters to your interests. The writer offered his own unique flavor to the articles, which is refreshing with the cut-and-dry reporting most of us are used to. Overall, I think it targets audiences well, is direct and fairly simple to navigate.

Not so sold on:

Eye for News

My first personal tip-off as to the nature of this blog hit me when I first saw the headline… which featured the title of the page in all lower case letters, and no supporting text.  I gave it a try anyways though, and came away from the encounter slightly lost and confused.  A major factor to this dissatisfaction had to do with the range and order of topics covered in the blog’s reports… The latest story on an upcoming tennis match, followed by articles for the latest Gucci and Chanel fashion lines, and then on to a community fundraiser… (Whose community are we talking about here? Beats me. There was no mention of a home-base in the title, or weaved into the page upon entrance.)  At this point, I started to question this source.  I did note a side bar with various topics in which these stories fall within, so a shred of hope was regained here as I cut the site some slack for its seemingly random purge of information in the archives.  It was then though that I dove further into a story, only to realize that after going through two pages of intro to the article… the pot of gold at the end of this rainbow only contained a link to the ABC News website… No, not linking you to the original article’s source… Simply a lead to the ABC homepage.  Needless to say, I was disappointed.

The site put up a tidy front for the most part, despite the lack of capitalization and confusing context.  But alas, it was an empty cannon, with no actual reporting included.  It’s easy to say that the target audience for this site is not much of a target at all!  And any news-seeker on the prowl would be better off saving their time by hitting ABC, CNN, or NBC’s websites from the start.

And Finally,

The entertainment award goes to:

Reflections of Pop Culture & Life’s Challenges

accoladesOkay, so the purpose of this particular blog is not necessarily as an outlet for news… but I could not help but comment on its section titled “Humorous Headlines in the News” from the  journalism evaluation perspective.  I think it’s a great way to make light of an industry that is known for its hard-hitting impacts and direct deliverance of updates.  The way that not only this section, but the entire web site is set up is amazingly engaging compared to many blogs I came across beforehand.  With all areas taken into account, this blog is slightly reminiscent of a magazine publication, with sections on health/nutrition tips and updates, suggested travel destinations and articles on various news topics that may not fit into the “urgent” or “breaking” news category.  Aesthetically it is pleasing with bright colors, a sensible layout and easily accessible tabs and links.  On the “Humorous Headlines” page there are all sorts of links, TV clips and photos of newspaper stories depicting unintentionally hilarious headlines!  With the all things taken into consideration, I’d say this blog in particular is tuned more towards women… and effectively does so.  But sections such as these make the blog appealing to all sorts of people! Minus those who may be in search of today’s top stories… or who were born lacking a sense of humor.

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