Optical Illusions: Seeing Is Not Always Believing

optical-illusions-blackThere’s an age-old adage that says “seeing-is-believing” – Well, that may not necessarily be true all of the time….. even if it IS with your OWN eyes. Sometimes your eyes and brain don’t  function together simultaneously as a team… at least at first glance. Presented here for your enjoyment is a nice little collection or gallery, if you will, of many different varieties of  Optical Illusions collected from around the net. Some of these have been around for decades while others are relatively newer. Whether these optical illusions are conveyed through fractals, photographs, architecture, art, or old-fashion pen and ink, they are bound to remind you again and again that “seeing is NOT always believing.”


Check out my latest post with newer as well as many more optical illusions by clicking the link below:  🙂  Posted on March 8, 2010

Sharpen Your Visual Skills With These Optical Illusions

One more similar post — but with a twist — a MUST see 😛

Find The Hidden Images


* Just A Word of CAUTION > Some people are adversely affected to images that are distorted so please be advised – Some of the optical illusions on this post may cause dizziness or possibly epileptic seizures. The latter happens when the brain is unable to grasp the conflicting information received from both of your eyes. If you start feeling dizzy or light-headed when viewing this page, try covering one eye immediately with your hand and either scroll down further or, if necessary, leave the page altogether. Do not close both of your eyes because that can enhance the awkward ill feeling. Most people will NOT be affected by viewing the following images – so sit back – and enjoy – and please pass this page along to your friends. 🙂

Some of these you may need to study a bit to figure out … or to get the full effect.


How many pandas can you discover in this image?


Is DaVinci painting a self-portrait or a man on a burro? – Check out both images carefully



Look carefully here – Do you simply see an older man & woman gazing at each other or can you find a young man serenading 2 young women?

rotating-discs-optical illusion 1



How many faces or creatures can you locate here within Mona Lisa?



Optical Illusions





How many faces or skulls do you see in this image?


Can you find at least 12 faces in the drawing above? How many can you find?





How many horses can you find here?


Stare at the center blue dot for a bit and you will sense the ferris wheel is rotating clockwise





Can you find both woman? One stunning young woman and one weathered older lady



Here’s another post (January/2010) from this website that includes more optical illusions and visual effects…

Check out my latest post (March/2010) with newer as well as many more optical illusions by clicking the link below: 🙂

Here’s one more similar post — but with a twist — a MUST see!! 😛


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59 Responses

  1. wow!!!!!!

  2. WOAH


  4. this optical illusions is so cool!!
    very addictive! i love it so much…
    and it hurts my eyes….

  5. the picture where u have to find 12 faces…i found 13?

  6. i love them all sooooooooooo much and think they are really cool and like what cody roberts said ive also found 13 faces in the picture where as there should be 12…

  7. i found 14 faces

  8. Those things amaze me they can be scary at sometimes!!!!!!

  9. that is unreal really good

  10. woww, that was sooo messing with my eyes lol

  11. I think that smoe of these pictures are sooooooo amazing they make me laugh don’t ask why they just do! lol x

  12. awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  13. the faris wheel if you stare at it for long enough you can see 2 faris wheels

    • learn how to spell *ferris wheel ya homo

      • Shut up loser. someone made a mistake. get a life and stop insulting other over accidents. I dont even know why the hell u care about spelling so much. btw just kuz someone cant spell feris doesnt mean they’re a homo.

  14. i found 18 faces in that picture. !! l0l
    look in the walls . 🙂

  15. it looks ways coollllllllllerrrrrrrrrrrr wwwwwwwwwheeeeeeen urrrrrr baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkked

  16. im dizzy

  17. It was wierd. My eyes have gone all funny.LOL

  18. These are very useful illusions that captures the idea of illusions.

  19. its so amazing.! isn’t?

    so cool..!!:D

    i want to see more… ^^

  20. These illusions are awesome and cool the people who designed this are making money and need allot of credit.

  21. OMG luv this website

  22. omg your optical ilusions are so awsome (realy cool)

  23. these are awesome and as my friend would say :


  24. skills
    these things are awesome
    the dice on do you think anyone could actually make that or do you think its our mindplaying with us abnd also dont you think that te flwer one is pretty weird and also your friend has a good chose in words i use things like that

  25. i think all these are so kl i mean the one that looked like a flower the bit in the middle kept gettin bigger and bigger ………..does anyone else see it or is it just me lol xxx

  26. i dont see the old lady, i never do 😦

    • funny because for me its hard to see the young girl I really have to focus

      • i cant see the young woman!
        somebody told me the old ladies chin is the young ladies nose..?? idunno

    • dont worry everyone has those questions
      well if u look at the womans neck ther is a red bit thats the mouth then figure it out from there!!! xx

  27. i love these

  28. Had lots of fun looking at these pics

  29. Mind Baffling! xoxoxoxox

  30. brahhh ive got the most epic trip while lookin at this fukn oath brahhh

  31. I live 4 optical illusions! I surf the web looking for great websites with optical illusions, and this is the far most impressive website I’ve found. I am working on a website that shows the most impressive illusions I have seen throughout the web.

  32. these liiusions are soooooooooooooo cool!
    LOVE it

  33. i found 21 on the face one

  34. i cant find the old woman in the younger woman help please!!!

  35. These are weird

  36. ha these are so cool i dont know about you guys but i can spot like the little pictures in the big pictures easily and what the big picture is also and it makes me so dizzy woh i think i am going crazy oh wait…. maybe not its just the pictures that are moving i dont see how this is posible its so weird its like its not possible but it really did happen lol crazy stuff there man!!!! :p

  37. 22 faces!! and the old ladies chin is the young womans cheeck bone/chin…. the young womans ear is the old ladies eye

  38. brilliant!!!!!!!! who done this????????


  40. the dice one hurt my eyes

  41. read this passage as fast as u can

    i went
    to the
    the shop
    on monday
    it was cool

    did u get it what is wrong with it

  42. huh??
    what does that mean?

  43. OMG…! damn im stupid hahaha
    it has the word THE two times… right….?

  44. U know i found 13 too on that pic but it says find ATLEAST 12 Cody lol

  45. WOW!!!

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