H1N1 Virus – Swine Flu Resources & Tips

H1N1-pandemic-logoInformation within the ever-changing world of the H1N1 epidemic pandemic needs a place for resources to turn to for assistance as well as a place to answer questions about this particular virus. The links below should help keep you informed with up to date information and news sources on the Swine Flu pandemic as well as tips on how to deal with it when you find yourself surrounded by it.

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H1N1 Fears Lead to Rush on Tamiflu

Parents are scrambling to find the liquid medicine for their kids

TAMIFLUThe medicine Tamiflu can make the flu milder, go away more quickly and may cut the risk of serious, potentially life-threatening complications. But some parents are having a tough time finding the liquid version to treat their young children…..

…article continues here [LINK] —> from MSNBC/Washington Post [28 October 2009]

* Update – The LINK above is a re-posting of the original link that had already expired.


Helpful Links:

  • AAP.orgAmerican Academy of Pediatrics

  • Flu.govA service of the US Depatment of Health and Human Services

  • FDAUS Food and Drug Administration

  • NIAIDNational Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

  • OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Administration

  • USDA United States Department of Agriculture

  • Medline PlusUS National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health

  • WHOWorld Health Organization


The most current and updated information can be found at the website of the Center for Disease Control & Prevention.

Here is their link >>CDC


Healthy Eating & Nutrition Guide


There is one thing that we all have in common….. no matter where you live….. and that is the basic human need for good health and well-being. The links below will focus on eating healthy, maintaining fitness, proper diet, natural energy, and health safety issues.  New content is added from time to time so keep checking back. Many of the posts below have had steady stream of daily visitors over the last several months.



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HEALTH & SAFETY ISSUES:safety_first_sign

Hidden Supermarket Dangers That Can Make Your Family Sick

Plastic Bottles: Are They Safe & What Do The Numbers Mean?

Proper Hand Washing Tips To Prevent Infection


ENERGY & EXERCISE:exercise-clipart

Easy Exercises Just About Anyone Can Do

Fight Fatigue & Boost Energy With Exercise

Need A Quick Energy Boost – The Natural Way?


DIET & WEIGHT LOSS:Weight_Loss_Help

Common Diet Myths & Reality

Lose Weight & Boost Energy With The Super Nutrients Known As The Fat-Fighting 4

Truth About Abs: The Honest Source on Abdominals & Fat Loss


Money Saving Ideas Tips & Suggestions

We realize as we grow older that cash just doesn’t seam to go as far as it used to. Many people today live from paycheck to paycheck. With ever-rising prices and out of control inflation, many of us look for ways to save that hard-earned cash any way we can. Here you will find several money saving ideas, tips and suggestions that can help you stretch those hard-earned paychecks as far as possible. Your comments and suggestions are always appreciated so drop a comment below if you have something to add or suggest.

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10 Alternate Uses For Brand Name Products

10 Alternate Uses For Car Wax

13 Tips For Saving Money On Groceries At The Supermarket

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Cell Phone Plans: Should You Go PrePaid or Contract?

Cell Phone Secrets You May Want To Know

FREE 411 Directory Assistance – Now More Choices!

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Best of The Web

globe_in_flat_screen_monitorThe “Ultimate Web Resource Directory”, which really lists the BEST-OF-THE-WEB, listed below was recently posted here, covering over 200 different entries on various topics – focusing on several highly searched subject matter such as health issues, nutrition, insurance, real estate, automotive, childcare, school-related, product safety, online services, food, weight loss, exercise, swine flu, travel, events, coupons, recipes, schools, saving money, going green, cutting back on household costs, and the list goes on. and on. There really is something for everyone. Check It Out!

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Lots of FREE information located within this directory that could save you plenty of money, lots of time, and probably some stress too!

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