Humorous Headlines In The News

In today’s world of fast-paced and very competitive news coverage, as well as pressure of being the first to get a story to press (either online or offline), a lot of misplaced, slip-ups or poorly worded articles, taglines, captions or story headings seem to happen quite frequently. If you know what to look for and have a keen eye for stuff of this nature, you’ll probably find articles like these more often than you think.

JayLeno-HeadlinesIf you haven’t already discovered the new Jay Leno Show on NBC (comes on each weeknight at 10 PM Pacific Time), check out his Headlines segment he does every Monday night — actually Jay had routinely done the Headlines segment on the old Tonight Show ever since he took over as host replacing the late Johnny Carson back on May 25, 1992 through May 29, 2009, when Conan O’Brien took over as the newest host.


Here’s how the segment played out…

Headlines(Monday): Humorous print items sent in by viewers. These real-life headlines are usually headlines with typographical errors, or unintentionally inappropriate items. The segment usually starts out with a fake, humorous Headline during the introduction for the segment, such as Arabs Wish Bush “A Happy Shoe Year!”. Reflecting Jay’s moving of this segment to a 10PM ET/PT time slot, the lead Headline on the final broadcasting of this segment was 4 Out Of 5 Scientists Say “Headlines” Funnier at 10PM Than 11:30PM.

Headlines – Jay Leno Show/Tonight Show With Jay Leno

NBC/The Jay Leno Show/Headlines


Here is a compilation of several examples of amusing, funny, ironic, mis-worded, unintentional or inappropriate newspaper clippings from around the country and around the web. Enjoy!


Over Ruled!



"I wouldn't do it again -- she's been a pain this week!"


Well done Captain Obvious!




Very Observant!


Imagine That!



Would this be considered frugal spending?


student excited dad got head job





Here are even more strange ads……….




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  2. How do you enter a funny headline to the show?

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