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laughing_monkeySometimes we all need a little break from our day to day routine. A good way to help relieve some stress is to take time to mellow out, relax and enjoy some lighthearted laughs or humorous stories. And there’s so much to chose from too! There’s so much going on in this crazy world  in which we live and  sometimes, you just have to stand back and observe what others are doing … or not doing. Some of the posts here are simply observations of stuff we see, read and hear. Of course, not everyone can be as practical, grounded or intelligent as you or I. Fortunately, this provides us with lots of amusing situations and things that make you laugh or wonder what the hell someone was thinking before or while doing something crazy or insane. Sometimes you laugh at the person but more often at what that person says or does. Check some of these posts out for yourself and you’ll see what I mean. Well, that’s what this section provides for you. I’ve also included some favorite stories I’ve come across just to give a little more variety.



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Amusing Oxymorons  laughter-yellow-ball

Fake Ad Contest Highlights

“Having Guts” vs “Having Balls”: Do You Know The Difference?

How To Use Math Logic To Succeed

Humorous Headlines In The News

Humorous Observations of Real Life Experiences

Questionable Thought Process

Saga of The 7 Dwarves In The 21st Century

Strange, Funny & Stupid Laws That Make You Wonder Why: State By State

Strange & Obscure Words To Expand Your Vocabulary With

Worst Corporate Slogan Translations Ever Made

You Can Tell You’re Getting Old When…

You Know You’re Over The Hill If…

You’ll Know The Current Recession Is Over When…





April Fool’s Day Fun & Traditions

Can You Pass A Gullibility Test?

Incredible Hoax Websites For The Gullibly Challenged


VALUABLE LESSONS:  valuable-lessons-greenboard-e1269978316952

25 Priceless Lessons On Life Learned From Mom

Lessons Learned Living By The Rules of Life

Murphy’s Law – With Some New Insight




Amusing Animal Antics Picture Gallery

Funny of the Day

Images That Say A Lot

Remote Control Fantasy

The Wheels of Life



STUPID FILES: stupid-files

Annoying Expressions & Stupid Sayings

Idiot Awards – Here’s Your Sign!

Strange, Funny & Stupid Laws That Make You Wonder Why: State By State

Stupid Criminals Across America

Stupid Questions or Stupid People?

Stupid Warning Labels



UNUSUAL SIGNS: unusual-signs-collage

Amusing Signs That Make You Wonder

Creative Funny & Unusual Signs

Look! More Amusing Funny & Stupid Signs



FUNNY STORIES: boy-laughing

A Funny Story About Teaching Your Kids Morals

Deer Hunter’s Log: A Day In The Life Of A Deer Hunter


Medical Problem

Proud Dads’ Discovery At Golf

Purina Diet

Sarcastic Burglar

Stuttering Cat

The Cuckoo Clock

Weight Loss Plan




10 More Ideas or Thoughts To Ponder Over

12 Not-So-Deep Thoughts

How To Use Math Logic To Succeed

Is Life Really Measured By Numbers?

Questionable Thought Process

Random Thoughts To Make You Think

Thought For The Day #1



SOUND F/X:sound_fx_machine

Fun Sound Effects … In An Instant




Movie Lists By Subject To Enjoy At Home

Enjoy watching movies at home tonight on your blu-ray, computer, dvd or vhs system by checking here first before you head out to the video store (Blockbuster), kiosk (Redbox) , online (iTunes) or mail order (Netflix).

dvdmovies-popcorn-ticketIf you happen to be in the mood tonight for a particular topic or subject of movie(s) to enjoy an evening of entertainment at home with the family or significant other or simply to enjoy a quiet evening alone, you’ve come to the right place. Here you will find movies listed for common or related themes. A vast array of movies are covered under each topic or heading, complete with an overview of each film listed as well as a cover picture or image of the dvd. A wide time frame is included, from the golden age of film classics to some relatively new releases — something for just about everybody who enjoys or loves movies (comedies, drama, suspense, etc) of a film-montageparticular topic. While I’m not necessarily rating the movies in any particular order, I’ve included virtually the best of the best of each particular subject matter.

* Please note that this is an ever expanding compilation list that was just recently added (10/12/09) ……….

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