Song Lists By Subject or Theme

jukeboxIf you happen to be looking for a list of songs for an event, party, celebration, gathering, tribute, vacation, cruise, holiday theme, or simply to make an mp3 playlist or cd burn to take along with you in your everyday activities or errands, you’ve come to the right place. Here you will find songs listed for several common or related themes. Generally speaking, majority of the songs listed have the “key words” mentioned in the song title (such as cars, trains, dreams, money, animals, rain, fire, luck, magic, sunshine, seasons, cities, flying, school, alcohol, break-ups, sports, patriotic, holidays, etc). A vast array of music genres are covered including big band, showtunes, pop standards, blues, adult contemporary, easy listening, instrumentals, TV themes, bubble gum, doo-wop, folk, bluegrass, country, swing, reggae, classic rock, pop-rock, jazz, funk, soul, r & b, disco, new wave, punk, alternative, grunge, progressive rock, hard rock, heavy metal, modern rock, modern country, novelty, dance, techno and hip hop — In other words, something for just about everybody who loves music, as we all can relate  certain songs to special moments in our lifetime. Also, you’ll find a wide time frame here — usually from the 1920’s (some even earlier than that) through the current year. New lists are being added as well as updated frequently. Check out the massive compilation of song lists linked below by subject, theme or reference.

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9/11: Songs of Remembrance & Tribute For Patriot’s Day

American Pride & Patriotic Songs

Back To School Days: Songs About School

101 Break Up Songs To Stew Over

Christmas Novelty Songs: A Large Collection

Drinking Songs – I’ll Drink To That!

Father’s Day Songs – A Tribute To Dad & Grandpa

Halloween Themed Songs: The Ultimate Playlist

Islands In The Sun – Songs With A Tropical Theme

Labor Day Songs About Work

Love Songs For Valentine’s Day & More

Memorial Day Songs As A Tribute

Mother’s Day Songs For Mom

New Years Eve Songs

Song List of Irish Favorites For St. Patrick’s Day

Songs About Airplanes & Flying

Songs About Animals & Pets

Songs About Autumn & Fall

Songs About Baseball

Songs About Boats & Ships & Sailing

Songs About Cars & Driving

Songs About Children

Songs About Cities & States

Songs About Colors

Songs About Days of The Week

Songs About Dreams

Songs About Fire

Songs About Food

Songs About Football – American Style

Songs About Gambling & Luck

Songs About Grief & Loss of A Loved One

Songs About Magic & Mystery

Songs About Money & Riches

Songs About The Moon

Songs About Rain & Storms

Songs About Spring & Springtime

Songs About Summer & Summertime

Songs About Sun & Sunshine

Songs About Trains – All Aboard!

Songs About Winter & Wintertime

Songs For Dad

Songs For Easter

Songs For Graduation

Songs For Thanksgiving

Songs To Celebrate America’s 4th of July

Songs With A Mardi Gras Theme

Songs With Girl’s/Women’s Names In The Title

Sports Anthems: 100 Songs That Get Fans Pumped Up

Veterans Day Tribute: Songs Honoring Soldiers & Veterans


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