8 Common Grammar & Spelling Mistakes

Just a quick post here this time. Below you will find 8 simple yet very common grammar and/or spelling mistakes that many of us make when writing or typing on a somewhat frequent basis. See if any of these apply to you…..

(1) – YOU’RE and YOUR

If you are not sure when to use which word, you are not alone. This is one of the most common mistakes made by many folks.

The difference is actually quite simple…..

* You’re – is used as a substitute or contraction (shorter form) for the words “you are”

* Your – is used when referring to something that belongs to the person that you are speaking to.

(2) – IT’S and ITS

* It’s (with an apostrophe) – replaces “It is” or “It has.” (It’s easy to remember!)

* Its (with no apostrophe) – refers to something that belongs to “it.” (Its meaning is clear!)


* They’re – is short for “They are.”

* Their – refers to something that belongs to “them.”

* There – is simply “not here.”

(4) – TO and TOO

* When you mean “overly,” add the extra O.

(5) – LOOSE and LOSE

* Lose – When what you want to say is the “opposite of find” — then lose the extra O.

* Loose – is the “opposite of tight”.


Tons of people use this word but the truth is — it doesn’t exist!

The real word is regardless.

(7) – ALOT

Anyone who thinks this is a word is mistaken (wrong).

If you’ve ever written this word, what you probably meant to say was either a lot (meaning “many”) or allot (to ration or allocate).

(8) – AHOLD

That word should actually be split in two.

It should actually be — “a hold.