What’s In Your Snack Stash? – Healthier Alternatives

What’s in your snack stash?

snackingIn an independent poll conducted by a major national magazine a little while back, average Americans volunteered to answer questions about their snacking habits. They were told to be as honest as possible (as they would remain anonymous) with their answers and this is how they responded.

You will also find below each response suggestions on how to change or at least improve upon your snacking habits (little by little) with healthier alternatives. After all, snacking is natural – but there are smart and healthier ways to go about doing it.

See how many of these you can relate to. snacking-chip-pile

  • Almost 25% say they reach for cookies, candy, pretzels or chips.

Suggestion >> Practice portion control by picking up 100-calorie packs of these items.

  • More than 35% say they can’t resist junk food.

Suggestion >> Go for lighter versions of your faves… such as baked chips instead of fried.

  • More than 50% say that they keep “little bites” on hand when the “munchie” urge strikes.

Suggestion >> Try making your next grab a healthy one. Try to keep fresh fruits and veggies on hand that don’t spoil easily (such as apples, oranges, cherries, grapes, celery, miniature carrots).

  • Almost 60% claim that they don’t count drinks as snacks.

Suggestion >> Track your intake for a day. You may be surprised. Try keeping bottled water in the fridge as well as natural or green teas , maybe even flavored water (but check the sugar content first on the label)

  • About two thirds or 66% say that their snacks are NOT planned – In other words, as the hunger urge hits or spur of the moment.

Suggestion >> Stock a drawer and/or compartment in the fridge with healthy options to keep calories in check.

  • A whopping 88% of responders stated that they’d prefer to eat more nutritious nibbles.

Suggestion >> Go for foods that are portable and won’t spoil easily, like whole fruit and lowfat string cheese.


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