Fed Up With eBay? Look Where Else You Can Sell Online!

no-ebayFed up with the exorbitant (highly excessive) fees you’re paying on eBay?

Tired of being dinged for every conceivable move you make with your  listings  as well as displaying your merchandise?

Have you had enough of being overcharged for items that don’t even sell and paying again to have them relisted?

Sick of the constant fee increases, feedback system and policy changes?

There are alternatives — 100’s of them!

ALL of them are CHEAPER than eBay — Many are even FREE!!!

There are a number of “specialty” sites listed for those specializing in antiques, collectibles,  fine art, media, electronics, toys, children’s merchandise,  jewelry, home-made crafts and more. Another trend are sites that are set-up as “reverse auctions” where buyers attract sellers. Also more and more sites are including social networking, live chat and open forums for instant communication.

Majority of the sites listed are based in the United States but there are several listings from sites based in  Australia and the United Kingdom – also a growing number of “Global” site listings from Canada, France, Germany, India, Mexico, New Zealand and  elsewhere.


* Freshly Updated on 9/18/09 – Now over 200 Listings! – Includes many new listings – Includes omissions from my previous posts – Sites that have been found to have shut down have been crossed out – Most listings have direct links to their websites – Simply click on their name and you will be taken to them – Keep in mind also that there is constant change or turnover in this particular business

More new listings added on 12/19/2009

New listings added once again on 2/5/2010 – Almost 300 sites listed!!! + more usefull links at the bottom of this post


eBay Alternatives

For your convenience, most of the auction sites listed below are clickable. Simply click on the name and the link should take you directly to the website.

Take a look where else you can sell your stuff online …..

  1. 121Bid.com (UK based)
  2. 123Bidding.com
  3. 4Sale4Now.com
  4. 570Auctions.com
  5. 7Bids.com
  6. Addoway.com (social networking/marketplace)
  7. AdFlyer.co.uk (UK based)
  8. AlienBids.com
  9. AllBidders.com
  10. AllBids.com.au (Australia based)
  11. AlsoShop.com
  12. AltecTrader.com
  13. AlwaysAtAuction.com (collectibles, memorabilia, much more)
  14. Amazon.com
  15. AnueAuction.com
  16. AquaBid.com (Aquarium, Fish and fish related items)
  17. ArtFire.com (handmade items designed by artisans from around the globe)
  18. AtomicMall.com
  19. Auction-Warehouse.com
  20. Auction1.co.uk (UK based)
  21. AuctionAdCity.com (Auctions & Classifieds Online Marketplace)
  22. AuctionAddict.com
  23. AuctionBite.com
  24. AuctionBidz.com.au (Australia based)
  25. AuctionDawg.com (classified marketplace)
  26. AuctionFire.com
  27. AuctionJunkie.net
  28. AuctionLoot.com
  29. AuctionPage.com
  30. AuctionQuests.com
  31. Auctions8.com
  32. AuctionsWorldwide.net
  33. AuctivaCommerce.com
  34. Audiogon.com (High-End Audio Community)
  35. Aukro.cz (based in Czech Republic – also in Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine)
  36. AussieBid.com.au (Australia based)
  37. Bang4Bucks.com.au (Australia based)
  38. Bazaario.ca (based in Canada – serving USA, Algeria, France, Morocco, Pakistan, Tunisia, United Kingdom)
  39. Bid-2-Go.com (UK based – Global market)
  40. Bid2Trade.com.au (Australia based)
  41. Bid4Assets.com (luxury & high-value assets – buildings, historic cars, estates, yachts)
  42. BidAddict.biz
  43. Bid-ALot.com
  44. BidBunny.com
  45. BidCactus.com
  46. BidChief.com
  47. BidEuphoria.com
  48. Bidgogo.com
  49. BidMate.com.au (Australia based)
  50. BiddersNSellers.com
  51. BiddersSite.com
  52. BidEuphoria.com
  53. BidExcite.com
  54. BidFinal.com
  55. BidHopper.com
  56. Bidjit.com
  57. BidJunk.com
  58. BidLow.com (Reverse Auction site)
  59. BidNTrade.com
  60. BidOwl.com
  61. BidSell.com.au (Australia based)
  62. BidStart.com (“the collectible marketplace”)
  63. Bidtopia.com (specializes in liquidation, overstock, discontinued & surplus inventory)
  64. BidTunnel.com
  65. Bidville.com
  66. BidWerX.com
  67. Bidzinger.com
  68. BigTicketDepot (a new concept in selling with several added benefits)
  69. Bizium.com
  70. BlitzAuctions.com
  71. BluJay.com
  72. Bonanzle.com
  73. But-Y.com
  74. Buy.com
  75. BuyersChoiceAuctions.com
  76. BuyItSellIt.com [BISI]
  77. BuyNSellIt.com (antiques-toys-collectibles)
  78. BuyPeddlersMall.com
  79. BuySellCommunity.com
  80. CashBack-Auctions.co.uk (UK based)
  81. CDNauction.com (Canada based – Auctions & Classified Market)
  82. ChaseMe.com (Reverse Auction site)
  83. CheaperByTheDay.com
  84. CheekyOffer.com (UK based)
  85. ClickBuySell.com (Canada based)
  86. ClickIndia.com (India based – Classified Marketplace – in English)
  87. CollectorOnline.com (collectors marketplace)
  88. CozyBug.com
  89. CQout.com (UK based – Sites in UK/USA/Canada/Australia/Ireland)
  90. Craigslist.org (World’s largest classified marketplace site – Global scope)
  91. DaWanda.com (unique handmade products)  (France/Germany/UK)
  92. Dawdle.com (“For Games, By Gamers” – video games, consoles, accessories)
  93. DealTent.com
  94. Delcampe.net (international marketplace for collectors)
  95. DeRemate.com (Mexico/Latin America/South America)
  96. Diversetrade.com (Germany based)
  97. DormBay.com (college/student related merchandise)
  98. DoveAuctionSite.com.au (Australia based)
  99. e-Buy-Auction.co.uk (UK based)
  100. e-Duds.com
  101. e3Buy.com
  102. EasyMud.com
  103. eAuctions.com
  104. eBanza.com
  105. ebayWanted.com
  106. eBid.net
  107. eBidNBuy.com
  108. eCrater.com
  109. eFleaa.com
  110. Elfingo.com
  111. EnergyBook.co.uk (UK based – The Green Alternative)
  112. ePayAuction.com
  113. ePier.com
  114. eQuickBids.net
  115. eSyll.com
  116. Etsy.com (handmade & vintage items)
  117. Ewaey.com
  118. EzeAd.com
  119. Facebook.com/Marketplace
  120. FeverBid.com
  121. FindsIt.com
  122. FleaMarketGiant.com
  123. Flippid.com
  124. For24Hours.com
  125. FreeCycle.org (email based – non-profit – recycled)
  126. GBBay.co.uk (UK based)
  127. GEMM.com (global all-media related marketplace)
  128. GoAntiques.com (Antiques & Collectibles)
  129. GoBiddin.com
  130. Google.com/base
  131. GooleAuctions.com
  132. Gorage.com
  133. GoZBay.com
  134. GrannysAuction.biz
  135. GravityAuction.com (Where prices decrease until item sold)
  136. GumTree.com (UK based – Classified Marketplace – similar to Craigslist)
  137. GunBroker.com (Firearms & Accessories marketplace)
  138. HagglerHouse.com
  139. HappySheep.co.nz (New Zealand based – Classified Marketplace)
  140. HiBidder.com
  141. HighEndCrazy.com
  142. HighStreetSale.com (UK based)
  143. Hoobly.com (classified marketplace)
  144. Hood.de (Germany based -Auctions & Classified Marketplace)
  145. HopeIWin.com
  146. iBidFree.com
  147. iBuyCo.com
  148. InetFlea.com
  149. InterShopZone.com
  150. iOffer.com
  151. iSell.com (US & Canada classified marketplace)
  152. ItsGottaGo.com (overstocks, clearance, closeouts, bargains, collectibles, antiques, militaria)
  153. iWannaTrade.com
  154. JaxBids.com
  155. JCbid.com
  156. Job-Lot.com (UK based – classified marketplace)
  157. JoffeeAuctions.com
  158. Kidswap.ca (stuff geared towards children)
  159. Kijiji.com (online classified marketplace) (USA & Canada)
  160. Klonkers.com
  161. LDBidz.com
  162. LGGauctions.co.uk/auction (UK based)
  163. Listia.com (auctions for free stuff)
  164. ListItYourselfAuctions.com (An Online Collectibles Auction Alternative)
  165. Lixtor.co.nz (New Zealand based)
  166. MadeItMyself.com (“Think It, Make It, Sell It”)
  167. McBidz.com (Unique New All-in-One Marketplace)
  168. MercadoDeVentas.com (Global auction & marketplace – multi-lingual)
  169. MercadoLibre.com (Mexico/Latin America/South America)
  170. MGVliquidations.com
  171. MightyBids.com
  172. MilBid.com
  173. Mondro.com
  174. MonkeyBidz.com
  175. Multi-Sale.com
  176. MyAuctionPlanet.com
  177. MyBizArea.com (social networking marketplace)
  178. MyEAuctions.com
  179. MySale2.com
  180. MySellingSpace.com
  181. MyStore.com
  182. NeoLoch.com
  183. Njuskalo.hr (Crotia based)
  184. OfficeHax.com (everything electronics)
  185. Oltiby.com (reverse online auction site)
  186. OneWay-au.com (Australia based + New Zealand)
  187. OnlineAuction.com (OLA)
  188. OnlineAuctionExchange.com
  189. OnlineAuctioning.com
  190. Oodle.com (large classified marketplace site) (USA, Canada, UK, India, Ireland)
  191. OrBay.co.uk (UK based)
  192. OtherAuction.com
  193. OverNightAuctions.com
  194. Overstock.com (Auctions.Overstock.com)
  195. OZtion.com.au (Australia based)
  196. PCBidz.com
  197. PhiMart.com (specializes in consumer electronics)
  198. Playle.com (Vintage Postcards, Postage Stamps, Postal History, Antiques & Collectibles)
  199. PlunderHere.com
  200. PrestoMart.com
  201. PriceGrabber.com
  202. PublicSurplus.com (sell your agency’s surplusoffice supplies, machinery, electronics)
  203. QBon.com
  204. QuickBids.net
  205. QuicklySell.com
  206. QXBid.com
  207. QXL.dk (Denmark based – sites throughout Scandinavia, Europe, Russia, Ukraine)
  208. RandomPlaza.com
  209. RazorBid.com.au (Australia based)
  210. ReadyToBid.net (UK based)
  211. ReallySmartDeals.com
  212. RoboBomb.com/auctions
  213. RubyLane.com (Quality Antiques, Vintage Collectibles, Fine Art, Jewelry)
  214. SavyAuctions.com
  215. Sears – Sellers Marketplace At Sears (it’s true, you can actually sell thru Sears!)
  216. SeeAuctions.com (antiques, collectibles, fine art, jewelry, precious metals, coins, books)
  217. Sell.com (classified marketplace)
  218. Sell.uk.com (UK based)
  219. Sell2Help.com
  220. SellBidandBuy.com (Australia based)
  221. Seller-City.com (Canadian based)
  222. SellMyStuff.com.au (Australia based)
  223. SellStuff.cc
  224. ShopHandMade.com (handmade crafts)
  225. Silkfair.com
  226. SoAuctionIt.com
  227. SpecialistAuctions.com
  228. SpeedyBid.com
  229. SportsCollective.com (the sportscard marketplace)
  230. Squeagle.com
  231. Stootsi.com
  232. StormPay.com (Storm Pay Auctions)
  233. StuffEnuff.com
  234. SwapAce.com
  235. SwapItShop.com (UK based – targeting the younger consumers)
  236. SwapThing.com (trade for items & services)
  237. TagSaler.com
  238. TazBar.com (UK based)
  239. TGoSell.com
  240. TheAuctionBoard.com
  241. TheCollectorsBay.com (collectors alternative to auctioning)
  242. TheDeadSkunk.com
  243. TheFreeAuction.com
  244. TheHighBidder.com
  245. TheRummage.com
  246. TheShopNSwap.com
  247. TheSOCexchange.com
  248. ThriftyBidderAuctions.com
  249. TIAS.com (fine antiques & collectibles)
  250. TotalBids.co.uk (UK based)
  251. ToysAuction.com (toys & baby products)
  252. TradeMe.co.nz (New Zealand based)
  253. TripleClicks.com
  254. Trocadero.com (Antiques & Fine Art)
  255. TruBidders.com
  256. Turbo-Auction.com
  257. U-CanBidOnIt.com
  258. uBid.com
  259. uBid4it.org (“Auction By Choice” – USA/UK/Canada)
  260. uBidRight.com
  261. uBuySell.ca (Canada based)
  262. U-CanBidOnIt.com
  263. UflipIt.com
  264. UkBidsAway.co.uk (UK based)
  265. Underbid.com
  266. Up4Bidz.com
  267. UpperBid.com
  268. USAuctionsLive.com
  269. USFreeAds.com
  270. uSiff.com
  271. uSold.net
  272. uTrove.com
  273. VideoGameSwapper.com (video game related)
  274. VintageValue.net (OSCstores.com) (free online store)
  275. VirNetBid.com (international online marketplace)
  276. WagglePop.com
  277. WanderBy.com (pet related products)
  278. wBast.com
  279. WeBidz.com
  280. WebStore.com
  281. WeBuy.co.nz (New Zealand based)
  282. Wensy.com
  283. Wigix.com
  284. WinkElf.com (handmade arts & craft items)
  285. Winnit.co.uk (UK based)
  286. Xoobie.com
  287. Xoobie.websyte.com.au (Australia based)
  288. Yahoo!Auctions (Canadian based) (Not sure if it is still running??)
  289. YahzooShopping.com (Australia based)
  290. YourBid.com
  291. YourHighBid.com
  292. zBestOffer.com
  293. Ziing.com
  294. ZillaBid.com
  295. Zillion.co.nz (New Zealand based)
  296. Ziot.com
  297. Zobids.com
  298. ZooBid.com


Helpful Advice & Suggestions

After checking out or scanning this long exhaustive list, you can see that there are plenty of other eBay alternative sites available — HOWEVER — Before you decide to register with any of them, you should ask yourself the following 5 important questions:

  1. How much traffic does the site get?
  2. How long has the website been operating?
  3. How much do you have to pay in listing and final value fees?
  4. What types of payment methods do they accept?
  5. How secure is the site?

You should be aware that the vast majority of these sites have very low traffic compared to eBay. However, a number of them are very “niche specific”, so if you happen to be selling niche items in the related auction site, you may be able to gain a highly targeted group of customers searching for your specific items.

Remember — Registering and selling at a website just because it’s free or has extremely low fees, is practically useless if the traffic is non-existent and therefore no one will be be able to see what items you’re selling.


Statistics By The Numbers

► You can go HERE to check out the DAILY AUCTION SITE COUNT by the number of listings the top auction sites currently have – the statistics are updated hourly – courtesy of PowerSellersUnite.com


Additional Site Links:

Included here are Directories – Forums – Guides – Info – Organizations:


Alexa.comThe Web Information Company

You  can go here to check out website site traffic, analytics and demographics…


12 Responses

  1. Hmmm – I stopped looking very closely at your list when I got to Bidville – they have been closed for about a year, now – and just rapid-scanned the length of it (impressive). You might want to review your list with an eye to how current the info is. Nevertheless, kudos for posting a clickable list. 😀

    • Thanks for the update – You actually caught me in right before I updated my last post – please check it out once more if you have the serious interest – it has just been updated as mentioned below …..
      * Freshly Updated on 9/18/09 – Now over 200 Listings! – Includes many new listings – Includes omissions from my previous posts – Sites that have been found to have shut down have been crossed out – Most listings have direct links to their websites – Simply click on their name and you will be taken to them – Keep in mind also that there is constant change or turnover in this particular business

  2. wow… great list!! I got one more for you, listia.com. Get free stuff and sell stuff you don’t need anymore. No cash needed for this site.

  3. lots of good info here but if you waqnt it sold go to tgosell.com

  4. listia.com is a scam.

    I’ve been researching for an “great” ebay alternative for 3 months so far and really having a hard time of it.

    It would help to have a commentary under each of the links to see what people think about each site.

  5. There sure is a lot of information listed here about, well, listing sites. As Mr. Parsons notes, it would be quite helpful however if a brief summary (as opposed to a lengthy summary? — I might have to rethink that, but anyway . . .) were placed after each website listed. I imagine that that would entail a whole lot more effort though. Crawling through this list of sites and checking each one out is a frightening task, too. But, still, an excellent resource.

  6. There is one website that should be there and that’s http://www.mvptraders.com. They have free listing and the site is easy to navigate. They would be worth a look!

  7. I have been with Bidzinger for over 2 years now since it’s launch and have had great success with my online shop as far as sales go. I also list on other various sites too, but I truly have to say I have had a great experience there.

  8. There is a lot of online auctions out there. Have you ever tried auctions with the lowest unique bid? Like this one http://www.bidbeat.com ?

  9. Dear Sir or Madam,

    We would like to offer you a free store on our new UK based online website. Betubid.com will launch this coming Monday 21 of May, we will be on local and national radio so why not take advantage of our offer and be seen by thousands of visitors:

    http://www.betubid.com, just say NO to FEE’s ……

    Online store = £0.00
    Listing Fee’s= £0.00
    Photo Fee’s = £0.00
    Media Fee’s= £0.00
    Homepage featured , Bold item, Auction featured, BUY NOW, Customised start date & “Wanted ad”Advertising……. Yes, it’s all for FREE.

    How do you get this offer?
    Go to betubid.com and register & upload. Just leave the rest to us.

    We are aware that technology is a key factor to attracting visitors to the site, yor presence will help us as much as it does you.

    Follow facebook.com/betubid
    Twitter @betubid

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