Songs About Football – American Style

american-football-helmetWith the seasonal change just about a month away (at least by calendar standards), high school and collegiate football is now underway and the NFL preseason has just kicked into high gear. That means that the actual NFL Football season is just around the corner. And that usually conjures up images of BBQ’s, ice cold beer, tailgate parties, football pools, and Monday Night Football. To assist in your party plans, here are a few songs to check out, download to your ipod or burn to disc to enjoy pre-game, post game or on the way to the game (or pub). A number of these maybe tough to find as they were regional songs during playoff runs of a few of the teams listed below. These are strictly (American) football songs and not the crowd pump-up songs that are played during pregames, timeouts and halftimes.


Songs About Football – American Style

  1. All My Rowdy Friends Are Here On Monday Night (ABC Monday Night Football Theme)are-you-ready-for-some-football-Hank-JrHank Williams Jr.
  2. Are You Ready For Some Football – Hank Williams Jr.
  3. The Art of America Football – Funeral For A Friend
  4. Blind Man In The Bleachers – Kenny Starr
  5. Drop Kick Me Jesus (Through The Goal Posts of Life) – Bobby Bare
  6. Fear Da Tiger – Cincinnati Bengals (2005)
  7. F.O.O.T.B.A.L.L. – T-Spoon
  8. Football Card – Glenn Sutton
  9. Football Fight – Queen
  10. Football Tonite – Rugburnsgame-plan-to-beat-miami-45-label
  11. The Game Plan To Beat Miami (The Twelve Days of Christmas) – Monday Morning Quarterback With The Grossmont High School Pep Band (1972)
  12. High School Football Hero – AFI
  13. Last Game of The Season (Blind Man In The Bleachers) – David Geddes
  14. Let’s Ram In – Los Angeles Rams (1986)
  15. Mud Football – Jack Johnson
  16. San Dimas High School Football Rules – The Ataris
  17. The Silver & Black Attack – Los Angeles Raiders (1986)49ers-song
  18. Superbowl Shuffle – Chicago Bears Shufflin’ Crew (1985)
  19. Uh Oh, The Jaguars Super Bowl Song – Jacksonville Jaguars (1999)
  20. Walk Like A Giant – New York Giants (released after winning Super Bowl XXI)
  21. We Are The 49ers – San Francisco 49ers (1984)

Any other songs that I may have missed?

Let me know and I’ll post them here soon.


UPDATE:  June/2013

Geez, I completely forgot an age-old “Big Band” radio classic from the 1930’s. I vividly remember this being performed as song-and-dance routines on various TV variety shows in the 60’s & 70’s such as Bob Hope specials, Texaco Star Theater and Carol Burnett.

“You Gotta Be a Football Hero” is a song written in 1933 by by Al Sherman, Buddy Fields & Al Lewis – Probably one of the most widely recorded and performed American football anthems of all time. Also used at one time by colleges & universities such as Notre Dame as crowd motivators.

Fred Waring & His Pennsylvanians, Ben Bernie & All The Lads, Harry Reser & His Eskimos, The Crew Cuts, Dick Haymes & Tuxedo Junction were all known for performming this recording also.


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  1. Love this list, quite a few pump up songs among them!

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