100+ Songs About Cars & Driving

2005-Ford-Mustang-GT-ConvertibleAmericans have had a love affair with their cars, among other things, for nearly a century now. It seems to transcend generation after generation and is generally passed on down the line from father to son. For some it’s a hobby, for others it’s an obsession. Could be classic sports cars, muscle cars, street racers, dune buggies other a vast array of  original concept vehicles, limited only by there imagination. Whatever the type, there is ablue_camaro euphoric feeling that is hard to explain once you get behind the wheel of that special car. The one you’ve been dreaming about since you were a young kid. So once you’re in that treasure on wheels, you just gotta have some tunes to go along with that road test or road trip, even if it is just around the block a few times to show it off. Wherever you go, you want some songs to go 60_gtoalong for the ride. With such a vast array of music that could be considered driving music, songs that get you pumped up for the open road, or songs with street vibes for cruising, I wanted to narrow down the subject matter here in this post. The feature here is mainly songs about cars or songs specifically about driving. Great songs for road trips I’ll leave for another post in the future. Again, I was trying to focus on songs with mention of a certain type or make of car such as a Trans-Am, Mustang, etc. either in the title or referred to in the lyrics. There are probably a few exceptions to the rule included here, but none-the-less, you should find a nice selection here to choose from for your next mp3 playlist or compilation cd.

As always, this is a work in progress. Songs will be added from time to time based upon suggestions from viewers as well as others that I discovered that I had unintentionally omitted — ENJOY!

Songs About Cars & Driving

  1. ’41 Ford – Grand Prix
  2. ’54 Corvette – The Customs
  3. ’57 Chevrolet – Billie Jo Spears
  4. 92 Subaru – Fountains Of Wayne (2007)
  5. 409 – Beach Boys (1962)
  6. All I Wanted Was A Car – Brad Paisley
  7. American Pie – Don McLean (1971)
  8. The Automobile Song – Benny Bell
  9. Beep Beep (Little Nash Rambler) – The Playmates (1958)
  10. Behind The Wheel – Depeche Mode (1988)
  11. Bitchin’ Camero – Dead Milkmen (1985)
  12. Black Sunshine – White Zombie (1992)
  13. Cab Of My Truck – Dierks Bentley (2005)
  14. Cadillac Assembly Line – Albert King
  15. Cadillac Boogie – Jimmy Liggins (1947)
  16. Cadillac Ranch – Bruce Springsteen (1981)
  17. Cadillac Ranch – Chris LeDoux (1993)
  18. Cadillac Style – Sammy Kershaw (1991)
  19. Camaro – Kings Of Leon (2007)
  20. The Car – Jeff Carson
  21. Cars – Gary Numan (1980)
  22. Cars – Fear Factory (1999)
  23. Chevrolet – The Black Crowes
  24. Chevrolet – Foghat
  25. Chevrolet – ZZ Top
  26. Chevy Van – Sammy Johns (1975)
  27. Coupe DeVille – Neil Young (1988)
  28. Dead Man’s Curve – Jan & Dean (1964)
  29. The Distance – Cake (1996)
  30. Dodge Dart – Patty Larkin
  31. Drag City – Jan & Dean
  32. Drive – The Cars (1984)
  33. Drive – REM (1992)
  34. Drive (For Daddy Gene) – Alan Jackson (2002)
  35. Drive My Car – The Beatles (1966)
  36. El Camino – Ween (1990)
  37. Fast Car – Tracy Chapman (1988)
  38. Ford Econoline – Nanci Griffith
  39. Freeway Of Love – Aretha Franklin (1985)
  40. Fun Fun Fun – Beach Boys (1964)
  41. Get Your Kicks On Route 66 – Nat King Cole (1946)
  42. Get Your Kicks On Route 66 – Bing Crosby & The Andrew Sisters (1946)
  43. Get Your Kicks On Route 66 – Perry Como (1959)
  44. Go Lil’ Camaro Go – The Ramones
  45. Greased Lightnin’ – John Travolta (1978) [Grease soundtrack]
  46. G.T.O. – Ronny & The Daytonas (1964)
  47. Helen Wheels – Paul McCartney & Wings (1973)
  48. Hey Little Cobra – The Rip Chords (1963)
  49. Highway Star – Deep Purple (1972)
  50. Hot Rod City – Ronny & The Daytonas
  51. Hot Rod Lincoln – Johnny Bond (1960)
  52. Hot Rod Lincoln – Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen (1972)
  53. I Can’t Drive 55 – Sammy Hagar (1984)
  54. I Get Around – Beach Boys (1964)
  55. I’m In Love With My Car – Queen (1975)
  56. Jaguar – The Who (1967)
  57. Jeepster – T-Rex (1971)
  58. Keep It Between The Lines – Ricky Van Shelton (1991)
  59. Little Deuce Coupe – Beach Boys (1963)
  60. Little Honda – The Hondells (1964)
  61. Little Old Lady From Pasadena – Jan & Dean (1964)
  62. Little Red Corvette – Prince (1983)
  63. Long May You Run – Neil Young (1976)
  64. Low Rider – War (1975)
  65. Making Love In A Subaru – Damaskas
  66. Maybellene – Chuck Berry (1955)
  67. Mercury Blues – Ry Cooder & David Lindley
  68. Mercury Blues – Steve Miller
  69. Mercury Blues – Alan Jackson (1993)
  70. Mercury Boogie – KC Douglas (1949)
  71. Mercedes Benz – Janis Joplin (1971)
  72. Mustang Sally – Wilson Pickett (1966)
  73. My Chevrolet – Phil Vassar
  74. My Hooptie – Sir Mix-A-Lot
  75. My Mighty GTO – Jan & Dean
  76. No Particular Place To Go – Chuck Berry (1964)
  77. Nothin’ But The Tailights – Clint Black (1997)
  78. Ol’ ’55 – Tom Waits
  79. Ol’ 55 – Eagles
  80. The One I Loved Back Then (The Corvette Song) – George Jones (1985)
  81. One Piece At A Time – Johnny Cash (1976)
  82. Paradise By The Dashboard Light – Meat Loaf (1978)
  83. Pink Cadillac – Bruce Springsteen (1984)
  84. Pink Cadillac – Natalie Cole (1988)
  85. Pontiac Blues – Sonny Boy Williamson
  86. Racing In The Street – Bruce Springsteen (1978)
  87. Radar Love – Golden Earring (1974)
  88. Red Barchetta – Rush (1981)
  89. Riding With Private Malone – David Ball (2001)
  90. Rocket 88 – Ike Turner (1951)
  91. Rocket 88 – Bill Haley & The Saddlemen (1951)
  92. Rockin’ Down The Highway – Doobie Brothers (1972)
  93. Roll On Down The Highway – Bachman Turner Overdrive (1975)
  94. Route 66 – Depeche Mode (1988)
  95. Route 66 – John Mayer
  96. Rusty Chevrolet – Da Yoopers
  97. Sausalito Summer Night – Diesel
  98. Shut Down – Beach Boys
  99. Six Days On The Road – Dave Dudley (1963)
  100. Six Days On The Road – Sawyer Brown (1997)
  101. Speed – Montgomery Gentry
  102. SS 396 – Paul Revere & The Raiders
  103. Stick Shifts & Safety Belts – Cake
  104. Still Cruisin’ – Beach Boys
  105. Sweet Little ’66 – Steve Earle
  106. Three Window Coupe – Jan & Dean
  107. Trans Am (Highway Wonderland) – Sammy Hagar (1979)

45 Responses

  1. another for your list (perhaps at the top, imho!) transfusion by nervous norvus. i grew up in the late50s/early60s listing to that 45 over and over and over! dean

  2. Thanks for the list. Here are a couple more.

    ’65 Mustang – Five for Fighting
    Mud on the Tires – Brad Paisley

  3. Oh, and Good Ole Boys by Waylon Jennings. It’s the theme from the Dukes of Hazzard. “Straightening the curves.Flatting the hills.”

  4. Motor City – Neil Young 1981

  5. “Somethin’ Else” – Eddie Cochran – 1959

  6. Nice Collection of Car Songs!

    Advanced Driver Improvement Course

  7. a great list of fantastic songs!
    another one to add:
    455 Rocket
    a funny little forgotten country song by Kathy Mattea (did i spell her last name right?)
    “…I’m telling you and I ain’t ashamed
    I cried when that wrecker came
    As we skid I thought I heard angels sing
    (Sounded like the Beach Boys)
    We hit the curve and began to sail
    Took out most the safety rail
    Even the cop asked me,
    ‘Man what’d you have in that thing?’…”

    • Dana, yes you spelled her Kathy Mattea’s name correctly and you named a great song.
      Thank you – I couldn’t remember the right title – I’ve been searching.
      Love this list and appreciate that you took the time to point out that 455 Rocket should be included if the list were to expand..

  8. Jerry Lee Lewis – Crown Victoria Custom ’51 is another good one

  9. Does anybody know what this song is called or who sings it? I just caught half of it on the radio. It is an older country song about a 47 and a 56 chevy racing? Thanks!

  10. Last Kiss most recently covered by Pearl Jam

  11. Animals Nickelback
    Got It Made Theory of a Deadman
    Start the Car Travis Tritt
    Take Me to the Backseat The Donnas
    Fuel Metallica
    Rental Car Beck
    Jump in My Car Ted Mulry Gang
    Kiss Me In The Car John Berry
    I’ll probably think of others later. I don’t have my ipod with me I dock it at carshows I’m in my 50’s but too many oldies at carshows for me.

  12. don’t forget:

    brand new car :Rolling stones

    Wheels: AC/DC

  13. Elvis’ Rolls Royce – Was (Not Was) with Leonard Cohen
    Album Are You OK?

    iTunes store has it. A must for the car songs.

  14. […] Rusty Chevrolet – Da coolrain44.wordpress.com […]

  15. You left out a great one. “Lord, Mr. Ford” by Jerry Reed, mid-seventies.

  16. Barracuda by Heart
    My My Racecar by Bosco Delrey

  17. Another great song you missed is Jesus Built My Hotrod by Ministry.

    And… FYI little Honda by the Hondells is definitely about motorcycles not cars.

  18. Heavens in the backseat of my cadillac – Hot Chocolate
    My 98 Oldsmobile (You gonna get yours) – Public Enemy
    Get out of my dreams, get into my car – Billy Ocean
    You drive me crazy – Fine Young Cannibals
    I drove all night – Cyndi Lauper
    Autobahn – Kraftwerk

  19. Truckin’ – Grateful Dead
    Politician – Cream
    Keep On Truckin’ – Eddie Kendricks (after leaving the Temptations)
    Alphabet Street – Prince
    Black Limousine, Petrol Blues and many more – Rolling Stones

    … and while I’m thinking Stones, I had to re-check before noticing that one of the best “car” songs ever has been excluded…

    Start Me Up – pure, down-and-dirty Jagger metaphor at it’s finest, and that’s what makes it such a good choice. Check out the lyrics if you don’t know them.

  20. Just found:
    Elizabeth Cook – El Camino (I don’t think it’s a cover)

  21. […] Reflections of Pop Culture | 100+ Songs About Cars & Driving […]

  22. And here is one more….
    Nothin’ But A Driver by The Bottle Rockets

    Am I happier than you are?
    No way for me to know.
    I know I love to drive your cars
    And see how fast they go.

    March’s Monthly Motoring Song cuts straight
    to the chase – it ain’t about the money.

    -Get Spotify
    posted by: /thedrivingguy.wordpress.com/

  23. Vehicle by the Ides of March!

  24. 455 Rocket by Kathy Mattea!

  25. […] considering this blog entry, I found a listing of over 100 songs about cars and driving. For fun, listen to poem Joan Joffee Hall reading her poem Driver’s License, one of many […]

  26. I can’t see Roy Orbison – “I Drove All Night” 🙂

  27. good list so far but i do not think i saw one of the best out there” lilywhite” by cat stevens hey if peeps are going to throw those other songs that just metion cars then here you go

  28. Nice Collection of Songs!

  29. Making Thunderbirds, Get Out of Denver, Highway Song by Bob Seger
    Body and Fender Man By Johnny Adams
    Gas Station Women by Phil Ochs
    Keys to Her Ferrari by Thomas Dolby
    8 miles Per Gallon, Freedom’s a Stranger by Scott Miller & the Commonwealth
    Tennessee Plates, Drive South by John Hiatt
    My Old Car by Lee Dorsey
    Gallon of Gas by The Kinks
    Hard Drivin’ Mama by Diane Shuur
    Hard Drivin’ Man by J. Geils
    Speed Trap Boogie by Greg Brown
    High Gas Prices by Big Bill Morganfield
    Cherokee Chief by Jerry Harrison
    Drivin’ by Richie Havens
    Limousine Mama,Just For Kicks by Savoy Brown
    Dead Skunk by Loudon Wainwright III
    Blues Theme by Davey Allan & the Arrows
    Driving Towards the Daylight by Joe Bonnamassa
    Fill Her Up by Sting
    90 Miles Per Hour (Down a Deadend Road) by Bob Dylan
    Leader of the Pack by the Shangri-Las
    The Race by Yello
    The Car Song by Woody Guthrie
    Car Wheels on a Gravel Road by Lucinda Williams
    Harley Davidson Blues by Canned Heat

    plus I’ve got a few more

  30. little feat – let it roll tonight – the live long (8+min) version
    and thanks for mentioning lord mr ford by jerry reed – great!

  31. Dirty Back Road & Devil in My Car by the B52s
    Petrol by the Vibrators

  32. great list!
    here’s a few more:
    Daddy’s Oldsmobile – Hal Ketchum
    Rapid Roy (That Stock Car Boy) – Jim Croce
    Texas Plates – Kellie Coffey
    Lime Green Pacer – Lisa Brokop
    The Day That She Left Tulsa (In a Chevy) – Wade Hayes

  33. Sister Christian (Motorin)- Night Ranger

  34. Thanks for super-perfect list!

  35. […] And because I love music, I want to share with you a website with a list of more than 100 “car songs” just for fun. I loved looking through the list and recongnizing some of my favorites. […]

  36. How about “Brand New Cadillac” (pick your version…mine’s by The Clash”)

  37. What about “No Money Down” by Chuck Berry or John Hammond Jnr has a great version too. And an Australian artist named Dan Sultan called “A Cadillac and a Mustang” rockets along.

  38. Oh yeah, and a favourite line from the Eagles “Life in the Fast Lane”….. “My Maserati does 185, I lost my license, now I don’t drive.”

    • Actually that’s a classic line or 2 from Joe Walsh’s “Life’s Been Good”, before he joined The Eagles, but I still appreciate your input just the same……thanks!

  39. love shack B~52’s

  40. Great list, another to add
    Detroit 442 ~ Blondie

  41. Cherokee chief by jerry harrison

  42. Los Twangers has a great Oldsmobile song called “Vista Cruiser 69”— the video is fun and surreal, too

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