Most Underrated Rock Bands of All Time

wings_logoThis can be a highly opinionated and debated list – however – I think they all fit into the definition of the word ….. underrated …..interpreted as ….. “Not given enough recognition for the quality of their work in their “prime years” or “hey day”. I originally started to put these in order from most underrated down, but as the list grew, I kind of lost tract numbers. The focus was mainly placed on those groups or bands that were major players back in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.

    1. Wingselo_logo
    2. Chicago
    3. Genesis (early stuff)
    4. Queen
    5. Electric Light Orchestra
    6. Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
    7. Boston
    8. Bad Company
    9. Foreigner
    10. The Carschicago_logo
    11. Cheap Trick
    12. Styx
    13. REO Speedwagon
    14. Rush
    15. Heart
    16. Deep Purple
    17. Yesgenesis_logo
    18. Supertramp
    19. Little River Band
    20. Jethro Tull
    21. Three Dog Nightqueen_logo
    22. Grand Funk Railroad
    23. The Kinks
    24. The Animals
    25. Cream
    26. Blood Sweat & Tears
    27. The Band
    28. Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention
    29. Blue Oyster Cult
    30. Alice Cooper
    31. 38 SpecialBoston_logo
    32. Foghat
    33. The Scorpions
    34. Kansas
    35. Bread
    36. Traffic
    37. Poco
    38. The Sweet
    39. J. Geils Band
    40. T-Rex (in the US – They were big in Britian & Europe)
    41. Thin Lizzy (in the US – They were big in Britian & Europe)
    42. Slade (in the US – They were big in Britian & Europe)reo_speedwagon_logo
    43. Iron Maiden
    44. Uriah Heep
    45. Wishbone Ash
    46. The Tubes
    47. Dream Theatre
    48. Fates Warningfoghat_logo2
    49. Savoy Brown
    50. Y & T

    Yes_logojpgGrand Funk Railroad logo

    In your opinion, are there any other bands or groups that you would include on this list (or any that do NOT belong here) that were in their prime between the years — 1960 through 1990 that didn’t really get the recognition that they deserved?

    Drop me a comment below and let me know.

    2 Responses

    1. LOVE
      THE MOVE
      THE JAM

    2. THE RAMONES! They are the first punk rock band. Without them there wouldn’t have even been The Sex Pistols. Three Dog Night is another overlooked band. Simon and Garfunkel also.

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